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The official website of NFL | regular season fourteenth week review | rugby player injuries Cincinnati tiger quarterback Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton) thumb injury, near front Taylor Taylor Tyler suffered concussion, all left early. Carolina near end front Greg Olsen (Greg Olsen) left the knee injury ahead of time. ?????????-???????Jonathan Stewart????????????????-?????Graham Gano?????????????????????? Seattle Seahawks running back Thomas Rawls (Thomas Rawls) season, safety guard Kamm - money Eisner (Kan Chancellor) tailbone injury, early departure. Indianapolis pony quarterback Matt Hassel Beck (Matt Hasselbeck) was injured in the ribs, leaving the field ahead of time. Tampa Bay pirates take over Vincent Jackson (Vincent Jackson) knee injury. San Diego lightning tackle Kim - Dunlap (King Dunlap) an ankle injury. Buffalo Bill tight end Charles clay (Charles Clay) back. Detroit lions near end front Blanton - Patti Pettigrew (Brandon Pettigrew) knee injury. San Francisco 49 guard Arrakis - Boone (Alex Boone) - Gaisijinsi Kendall knee injury (Kendall Gaskins) head injuries, safety Jimmy Wald (Jimmy Ward) elbow injuries. New cheap nfl jerseys free shipping York jets took over German - Smith (Devin Smith) knee injury. Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Budd Dupree (Bud Dupree) tailbone injury. Tennessee weidar Titan safety Norris Searcy (Da 'Norris Searcy) a hamstring injury. Cleveland Brown took over the clavicle fracture of Bryan Hart blue (Brian Hartline) and reimbursed the season. Green Bay Packer Sam - Hilde (Sam Shields) suffered a concussion. Oakland Raider intercepts Austen Howard (Austin Howa〉)NFL website reported Thursday local time, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) for the Cleveland stampede Brown team punter Spencer Lan Ning (Spencer Lanning) of the mask and was fined $8200. In the Steelers 30-27 victory over Brown in the game, this bizarre scene in an abandoned section second of Brown's play. At that time, Antonio - Brown in the end zone near the ground 30 yards a punt, he held the ball straight out, making the opponent 5 times Miss grapple in from 30 yards in trying to skip Lan Ning, eventually playing on the other side of the mask. Antonio Brown is so slow, finally grabbed. Antonio - Brown was fined in the game for unnecessary violence and was fined after the game. Although Lan Ning denied Brown's explanation for the foul after the game, he remained unconcerned about the performance. The Union's fines can also be considered a warning. To warn some players to try to use Hooke Hogan (Hulk Hogan, US wrestler, multiple WWE champion) in the game. Lan Ning was also tweeting his own tweet.quarterback Jacoby Blissett Pony (Jacoby Brissett) in 12 days and the Steelers game suffered a concussion injury. After Hugh week, he remained in the injury report for some time, but the final injury report did not have his name, indicating that he could take part in the game. on Friday U.S. time, coach chuck ppagano's (Chuck Pagano) said Bulisaite will later in the day of an independent neurologist examination. Blissett this week to complete all training together with the starting lineup this week, they will visit titan. After Bulisaite played in all ten games, 2172 yards, 9 touchdowns, five interceptions. 3 shots are also harvested.NFL Brady ten ball video loading, please wait MVP Brady news agency, Houston, February, 7 (reporter Wang Huan) the fifty-first Football League (NFL) Super Bowl competition ended in Houston with the new England patriot team beating Atlanta falcons in overtime. U.S. media said that with the Patriots scored 31 points to achieve shaking reversal as mysterious, and most valuable player, star quarterback Tom · Brady match Jersey missing events. Houston police were still investigating the case on 7 days, and Texas Rangers announced assistance. fifth times, fourth times won the team won the Super Bowl MVP Tom · Brady, the Patriots won the annual championship on the tribute. At the end of the award, he returned to the NRG stadium's dressing room, but found his No. 12 shirt was lost. The security personnel of the field and the team equipment manager have been looking for unsuccessful results. "I put it in the bag, and I came out, and it was gone." The 6 day at the press conference said, "this is unfortunate, because the race suit is a good souvenir, if it appears in the eBay (online auction website), please follow and tell me." Ricky ·, an American football expert at ; Miller points out that the shirt is worth 400 thousand dollars or more. A landmark player wears it at a symbolic moment and determines the significance and value of the shirt. "We have been investigating this disappointing event and will continue to assist the law enforcement authorities," the NFL spokesman said. The Houston police department assistant director · George bouhnik; 7, responsible for the unique type of crime department is leading the investigation work, but there is still no progress, investigators are trying to determine what person when the robbery occurred in the locker room. Brunick points out that Houston's crime prevention institutions will reward the cue. "Texas hospitality, attaches great importance to rugby," Texas deputy governor Patrick said, "Dan · Tom · Brady Jersey has great historical value, has been called the most valuable collection of NFL, may one day will enter the hall of fame. It is important that history does not record it stolen in texas." deputy governor of Texas, announced the top law enforcement departments, belonging to the State Department of public safety, specializing in major criminal investigation of Texas Rangers, Houston will cooperate with the police investigation of the case. (finished)

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