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even-even soccer equipment network thirty-seventh Serie A, Juventus home court 3-0 crotone. Like last season, this season and Juve are still get ahead of a Champions League, Serie A Championship total has accumulated to 33 times (if deprived of plus two times to 35 times), became the first 6 consecutive Serie A teams in 5 leagues in Europe only at 7 consecutive leon. the Juve stunning 6 consecutive Serie A, Serie A this is for the first time in 6 consecutive Albert, had only 3 teams to achieve 5 consecutive. Juventus can takeSean - Taylor (Sean Taylor) has been dead for 10 years. It's hard to believe that time has gone so fast, but the fans have not forgotten him. death is what everyone has to face, but Taylor's death makes everyone very sad. The April 1st year is a special day for Taylor's fans. Not to celebrate April Fool's day, but to miss Taylor's birthday. If eve cheap nfl jerseys free shipping rything did not happen the Washington Redskins safetys is 33 years old. although Taylor's career is very short, he has reaped a large number of fans, because he can always get into trouble in the offensive. In his four season, he completed 299 grabs, 12 copies, 8 balls, 2 quarterback and 2 times. In November 30th 2008, red skin announced Taylor's entry into the hall of fame.The official website of NFL | pirates with virtual reality technology to help Winston | football pirates will use every way to help Winston Winston Jameis develop better, including virtual reality technology (VR). pirate's offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter (Dirk Koetter) said: this will be good for Winston's learning tactics, so we will try to use this technology. And Winston himself said: I have never used this technology before, and I know that the cowboy has been used before, which will help me get a better grasp of the tactical idea. but the biggest problem at the moment is that the pirates haven't found the right system. Curt said: the staff told me that it would take some time to debug. I said, no, I need jemis to be able to use it right away. It is believed that this technology will be used by more NFL teams in the near future.Bowling | Longmarch bowling tournament 7 / 2016 Series tournament will be held in late July 16th 19:30 start welcome friends to come to attend the ball! 2016 open Longmarch bowling series competition aim: to promote bowling and provide a platform for Chinese and foreign bowling enthusiasts to compete and communicate. Game time: week: every Friday night at 19:30 month: third Saturday night, 19:30 Finals: 19:30, December 17, 2016 (Saturday) 1 16 February 20th March 19th April 16th May 21st June 18th 7 16 August 20th September 17th October 15th November 19th December 17th Venue: , 288 Minhang gymnasium, Minhang District New Town Road, Shanghai qualification and registration fee: week: 60 yuan / person time. Anyone can participate in. month: 150 yuan / person time. Anyone can participate in. Finals: 300 yuan / person time. Anyone can compete in. outside competition: 120 yuan / person time. The enrolment fee of the outer competition is all as a bonus for the meeting. Each competitor of the month and the annual finals will participate in the. voluntarily competition rules: 1) contestants sign up and leave the contact way. A bonus player needs to produce a valid identity card. 2) the switch wheel is used to open the foul. Draw a draw to determine the race track. If the ball is displaced, reset the bottle. The ball is not valid after the ball has gone out of the ball. The bottle is not valid when the machine is touched by the machine. Other rules refer to FIQ competition rules. 3) week by 3 weeks. Packet elimination game three innings. The first Council: all players play a game rankings. Second: the first Bureau of the highest score against the lowest score, second against second in the countdown, followed by analogy. Group A included in the second game winners losers included in B. Group. Third Bureau: A group and B group while playing a game, A group and B group. group ranked according to their scores 4) the 3 game total score system is adopted in the month. The annual final adopts the 4 game total score system. 5) the registration fee of the week is 60 yuan per person. (of which 20 yuan is used as the competition organization and the charge for oil, and the other 40 yuan is assigned as the bonus of the tournament). 6) women and men are full.

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