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NFL????|????????????????4??1400??????|????? United States time on Sunday, Minnesota Vikings announced the completion of a renewal with kicker Blair Walsh (Blair Walsh). is reported to have a total value of $14 million for 4 years, of which $5 million 250 thousand is a guarantee. The contract made Walsh the fifth top wage kicker in the league. Walsh said: I'm very grateful to be a member of the Vikings. I'm proud to be with the team. It's a place to pick me up and give me the future. Walsh graduated from University of Georgia in the sixth round of 2012.The new England patriots (New England Patriots) is a Massachusetts Boston football team, the Gillette stadium in Foxborough home court (Foxborough). is the Patriots of the American Football League (AFL) is one of the founding members of the team was founded in 1959, in 1970 the League of nations and the United States and joined the National Football League (NFL), and will be moved to Fort Dix and home court in the following year, the name "Boston Patriot" to now. The Patriots always belong to the NFL's United States east of the United States. Bill · Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) in 2000, in charge of the team, the Patriots has gradually become one of the most successful team in the history of the NFL, 2001, 2003, 2004 and 2015 the team won four super bowl, and played 16-0 season in the regular season cheap nfl jerseys free shipping in 2007, still have the longest winning streak in the regular season NFL - 21 (October 2003 -2004 October). The patriots had been owned by Robert · and Kraft (Robert Kraft) since 1994, with the value of Forbes estimated to be as high as 2 billion 600 million dollars (2014) 2015 in February 2nd, the Patriots in the forty-ninth Super Bowl 28-24 beat defending champion Seattle Seahawks, won fourth super bowl.after 9 years of long Viking career, AP28 became a free player for the first time at the end of the season. Considering that his contract next season will be as high as 18M -- far beyond the 8.9M of Sean Mccoy, the second highest runner in the league, his future will be confusing. league teams have potential home Peterson, but his contract must be carefully let the team GM. After the 2014 season for meniscus injury and 2016 of the season, we see the former king before the three season only played 19 games, although during this period, he was in the 2015 season to re climb the League to punch the ball mawang. last season, only 37 red ball, 1.9 of the code may not explain what the problem, especially in regard to help him advance is a lower than the league average line. After a season of resurrection with blood resurrection, if he still can bear the baptism of the union, if he still can bear his knee, he will still return to the peak and continue to lead the League at the age of 32. however, there are three cross on his way to revival. - according to the statistics of the league, since the 70s of last century, the running age of 28-30 years old has been rapidly declining: a total of 10 running guards have been over the Millennium yard at the age of 32. - has been a bit out of the age as a I form for the ball running guard in the AP28 first alliance. When he entered the league, the league has a team playing shotgun formation using more than half of the opportunity to attack. Last season, the 63.6% attack files with long kick-off, 80.4% pass file array shotgun. For AP28, his whole career was used to stand behind the quarterback and wait for the delivery, lacking the ability to catch the short pass himself. - 2017 first round draft full of talent type running backs, including other fournet (Leonard Fournette), Darwin Cook (Dalvin Cook), Kristen Mike Cafu Lee (Christian McCaffrey) and Alvin Kamala (Alvin Kamara). AP28 is likely to meet the many disadvantages of the contract when he enters the free agent market. then let's take a look at his potential home. 1, Viking if the Vikings can improve the attacking front, AP28 has made it clear that it would consider staying in the Vikings. And staying in the mother team is likely to maximize the value of his contract. 2, giant AP28's own list of destinations includes giants, pirates and Dezhou people. Big blue has cut Rashard - Jennings, AP28 and McManaman in Du eyebrow eyes. Although the giant's attack is extremely reliant on the 3 outside the full guard, AP28 will not be able to return to the giant.The official website of NFL | jets quarterback on Saturday before the meeting | football team is absent New York - keno Smith experienced a tragic week in the New York jet fleet. This struggling quarterback, was fined for swearing fans last week, and this week in San Diego after the defeat, he was benched in the game midway, however it is reported that the meeting arranged in the game in the team last night he was absent. The team said on Monday that Smith's absence on Saturday night was an honest mistake. Smith because the wrong time, at the end of the meeting after 5-10 minutes to reach the scene, but only review the offensive coordinator Marty mourning Ludwig and quarterbacks coach David Lee on record. It was Smith's first absent meeting, but he did not know what punishment would be punished by the team. New York daily first reported Smith's absence on Monday. ESPN New York station reported that Smith and some teammates were absent from the meeting because they did not return to the movie in time. Smith in answer to a question, from time to time appear restless, last week two even three things bothering him, his starting position is threatened, some of the fans and the media shouted Vic to replace him. And after losing 17 to 24 last week to the lions team in Detroit, when he walked down the court, he was returned to fight because of fans shouting at him. Although he apologized in time for the game, the League also punished him for $12000. Smith passed the ball 12 times in the first half of the match on Sunday. He succeeded 4 times, only got 27 yards and was copied once, but Vick didn't go anywhere. He passed 19 passes for 8 times, and got 47 yards successfully. The jet lost 4 games, and was the only one that didn't have a one - point team in the season. Though the coach about losing the game, but still mostly in the New York Smith Stadium against Payton next week will Manning and the Denver Broncos will start. He said, "this is not why he is alone." He was not a person on the court and was not a problem with someone else. If you want to blame someone, that's me. Keno is still our starter next week, and that's the case. Smith has started five games this season. He has been taken 6 times to get 4 passes, 2 passes and 2 passes. He continued to play sixteen games as a rookie last season. He said, "it was a very sad part of me, and I didn't do it in the game." So what I need to do next is to find myself in the mirror, and that's what everyone needs to do in the dressing room.

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