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Hue Jackson, who has recently become the Cleveland Brown manager, has found his defensive coordinator. Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), a NFL official, reported on Wednesday that Brown had signed the post of Ray Horton. The team officially announced the decision on Friday. Rapoport also reported that former Bill assistant coach Colby Wilson (Kirby Wilson) will be the new running coordinator of the team. The former Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator pep Hamilton (Pep Hamilton) will be the quarterback coach. Horton will reunite with many of the players he has taught in the only year of the 2013 Brown defense coordinator. At that time Brown fired coach rob Shinseki (Rob Chudzinski) - check shortly after he left. 's last two seasons as defensive coordinator Tennessee Titan, but the Titans in the appointed Mike - mularkey (Mike Mularkey) become the new coach after the team allowed him to accept Brown interview invitation. Horton last season was legendary defensive coach Dick Loeb (Dick LeBeau) light cover, but he still has to help the Titan did better than expected defense. saw a defensive coordinator returning to the team that he recently left. It's very rare. But Brown has hired an assistant coach since he returned to NFL in 1999. good on the one hand, Horton was in Pittsburgh Steelers after serving Midland north to understand. He also learned a lot of Brown players, but he will be asked to know some new faces, including defensive tackle Danny Sheldon (Danny Shelton) and elusive cornerback Justin Gilbert (Justin Gilbert) if they leave him. Maybe second times a good result?NFL 27-6 Dezhou patriots win! Re - occupy the top of the United States League patriots are easy to win Beijing time of December 14th, the new England patriots came to Houston to m cheap nfl jerseys free shipping eet the Dezhou people. The four quarter, Dezhou almost no strength to fight back, the Patriots in the away team easily won a victory, returning to the top of the American league. The score of the whole game is 27:6. In the first quarter of , after a brief trial, the Patriots took the lead and completed the 2 yard catch from Sean Keshawn (Keshawn Martin). Then the Dezhou people returned a 37 - yard free kick. The first section of Harding Park, the road ahead of the Dezhou patriots team to 7:3. second games, the first two rounds of attack, each side completed a free kick of more than 40 yards. Then it went into the battle of the saw. Until the second quarter ended, Tom Brady (Tom Brady) and rob Kowski (Rob Gronkowski) Gelon line appeared again, this time with a 1 yard touchdown pass. At the end of the half, the Patriots expanded the difference to 11 points. 17:6. third, the first attacking patriots continued to widen the difference with a free kick. And the Dezhou people came to the red area of the Patriots, despite the mistakes made by the Patriot team. But the 4 consecutive offense failed to get the first attack or the array, in vain to return the ball to the patriot. Then the two sides abandoned each other until the end of the festival. The Patriot entered the fourth section with the score of 20:6. fourth competition, Blaine - Hoyle (Brian Hoyer) in the red area of the side appeared to lose the ball error. James - White (James White) easily reaped a running ball. Since then, the two sides have not been able to build a tree. The Patriots took a victory on the road with a 27:6 score.Author: Fang Ling, NFL Chinese columnist 3 24, Manning's birthday. Impartial, just at the end of every season, the beginning of the new season. So birthday wish in addition to physical health, family happiness and peace in the world, Manning will silently make a wish, hope in the new season, he will enter the occupation bowl, scored MVP, and won the super bowl, for any one occupation football player, Payton Manning has put all the personal honor and the highest the team's honor in my arms, the rest of the career will begin to enjoy the game, decided the fate of Manning but is not materialistic character, he did not slow down the pace, but to face the future, become more greedy". greedy people, easy to achieve success, but not easy to get happiness, because they are not satisfied. in fact "greed" for the football player is a good quality, it is the size of all people are divided into various grades and ranks, and in Rugby World Pyramid spire minority, in the face of the future is not greed, desire to become more excellent. At the beginning of , he joined the professional bowl and was selected for the best lineup of the season, dubbing the animated Simpson family. In March 24, 2009, Payton Manning's thirty-third birthday, he made a wish that he chose the professional bowl tenth times, won the 4 regular season MVP trophy, and won the 2 Super Bowl champion. is willing to be infinite, but the reality is still cruel after all, the departure of old friends added a bit of sentimentality. 12 season, 174 games, 971 passes, 13090 yards, 110 touchdowns, Manning Harrison left town on the combination of infinite memories, although reluctant, but Harrison said goodbye to the seal, the number 88 shirt, Harrison can embrace life after retirement. 7 season, 112 games, 85 wins and 27 losses, 1 super bowl, 53 years of age is still young, but Deng Ji has tired of rugby stadium, my heart miss only family and wife, finally at the end of the 07 quarter and 08 quarter two Luluwuwei season, announced to retire, when a sweet wild village, a few days of leisure. little horse has already found a successor, but this person is not a stranger. He started working with Manning in the 2002 quarter, and was named Jim Jim (Jim Caldwell) by "Manning" as a quarterback mentor. Starting with the pirates in the 2001 season, Caldwell followed the dungeon as his quarterback coach and then moved to the pony with Deng Ji. In fact, Caldwell Be Don Gio also a year older, he is similar to Dungi as a coach in the black leader, not tall, but very powerful, strange hengrou, but delicate thoughts such as dust. With Manning for seven seasons, Caldwell was a witness to Manning's takeoff, and Manning also witnessed Caldwell's daughter-in-law. Mike Shanahan's high.The official website of NFL |2015 the final round of the regular season the packers Vikings @ | Rugby 2015 season, the NFL regular season is coming to a close, and the last regular season of this year will be held between two playoffs in the North League of the League of nations. The Minnesota Vikings are away from the Green Bay Packers. This season the terrible packers home court Blue Salih stadium into a garden area with rivals, lions and bears successive victory here, and decided to top the League of nations North guanjianyizhan, both teams will go all out for home court advantage series. 10 - 5 in the Green Bay Packers in the three game winning streak after last week ushered in a wave of Zaiya Arizona Cardinals to be humiliated. The game, Aaron - Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) in the aggressive defense under the captured kill up to 9 times. Under such a strong impact, Rodgers was extremely bad, with only 151 yards and 1 passes in the game. This season the unstable packers offensive once again become the packaging cost reduced to fragments, injury season biggest enemy. Gradually into the running back Addie RESINES (Eddie Lacy) is a mediocre play this season, won only 724 yards and 3 touchdowns last season, he did not feel the road beast. As Jody Nelson (Jordy Nelson) for the entire season, coupled with the constant injuries, had all-powerful last season in the green bay group this season to play the ball change radically, if the game again as a lack of comprehensive misfiring, that Rodgers even avatar can recover defeat. By B.J. (B.J.Raji) and Raj reloy - Guem led the packers defensive line can inhibit Adrian (Adrian Pedersen Peterson) will become the key to the same packaging industry are also hot attention across the field and Rudolf Digis. The Minnesota victorious 10 - 5 - negative Minnesota Vikings also need a victory to win home advantage. Although the Vikings' attack team played a common role in the match against the New York giants last week, the defense team laid the foundation for a victory. The team quarterback Teddy jiwote (Teddy Bridgewater) - Bristol play is still mediocre, but the beast running back Adrian Peterson's strong back and young - Mackinnon (Jerick McKinnon) Jessica 's excellent play, from the road to help the Vikings opened a day. In the face of the packers with the same area as if fierce tigers this season to play well, rookie wide receiver Stefan diggis (Stefon Diggs) and near end Kell - Rudolf (Kyle Rudolph) needs to play a bigger role. If the road and pass can be opened, the Vikings will be a very dreadful team. The defensive team Harrison - Smith (Harrison Smith) has a strong return to the first game of the first game of pick6, which is a great benefit for the Vikings. Face Viking defense

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