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Beijing time in December 22nd, NFL fifteenth weeks ushered in the last match, the male lion challenge the Emirates. The lions began to grasp the initiative in the game from the game, leading the way to win this game of no importance. The score of the whole game is 35:27. In the first section of , after a trial, the lion took advantage of the saints' mistake of abandoning the kicks to get the opportunity to start the attack at the 40 yard of the saints. Matthew Stafford (Matthew Stafford) a cross to Gordon Tate (Golden Tate) won the 1 yard touchdowns. Before the end of this section, the saints set the score of the first section on 7:3 with a free kick. the second quarter, just the beginning, Staffordshire is a cross with 4 yards passing touchdowns, the ball is Michael Bolden (Michael Burton). Saints punt, lion's Staffordshire and continue to follow up a victory with hot pursuit, connect again, with the lion, 5 yard touchdowns for a 21:3 lead. Although the saints came to the 1 yards of the lion before the end of the half, the 4 - gear and 1 - yard attack did not succeed. Unfortunately, it was 18 points behind in the half. In the third quarter of , the lion who took the lead in attack was expanded to 28:3 with the 15 yard touchdown of Amir Abdullah Ameer Abdullah. The saints did not finish the first battle in the middle of this section until the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping middle of this section. Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) long wing Brandon Cousteau (Brandin Cooks) got 27 yard touchdowns. Three zhanba, the lion is still leading 28:13 to the saints. fourth, the saints opened with a free kick, followed by Bracey's second touchdown and reduced the difference to a round. The catch was Marquez - Kirsten (Marques Colston). Fortunately, the lion promptly responded, Joe - Baer (Joique Bell) and Ike midway suddenly finished 1 yards rushing touchdowns. In less than 2 minutes in the game, Bracey got another one, and Benjamin Watson (Benjamin Watson) received the pass. But the saints play gambling is not successful, can only swallow the defeat. The final score of the final match was 35:27.Jacksonville Jaguar has signed a long-term contract renewal with Alan Hearns (Allen Hurns). NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Thursday, according to people familiar with the matter, that Jaguar and Hearns agreed to sign a contract worth more than 40 million dollars for 4 years. He has a contract in the next 5 seasons. Rapoport also said the contract includes $20 million in guaranteed income, plus a bonus that he can make up to $11 million a year. Hearns received a hernia operation in a month. He was only absent from one match in spite of many injuries last season. as an undrafted Jaguar joined Hearns last season the ball 1031 yards and 10 touchdowns in 2014. He scored an average of 14.9 yards of data each time in the team history of second.Raiders will again leave Oakland, the future of Las Vegas to the scene of debauchery. , the proposal was ridiculous not long ago, but on Monday's NFL team meeting, the owners of the team passed the proposal of a 31 to 1 vote for the Raiders to move to Las Vegas. Mark Davies, the owner of the raider, has been trying to build a new ball hall in Oakland, but it has never been a wish. Conception of establishing a new arena by Mark - Davies's father Eyre Davies proposed, Eyre - Davies on the team's own, so he has been in Losangeles and Las Vegas to find a better place. Nevada executives agreed to raise 750 million public funds to build new clubs. The Raiders are going to move into a gymnasium with a 1 billion 700 million - value, roof - roof, and the autumn wind will no longer be blown away from the court. however, the Raiders will not move away from Oakland immediately, and the new Las Vegas hall will not be completed until 2020. Davies said: "the Raiders plan to stay in Alameda County Stadium in the 2017 and 2018 season, the 2019 season may also stay in Oakland." But Roger Goodall, the president of the NFL alliance, says the alliance will help them find a transition club in the 2019 season. In the meantime, the Raiders were still the Oakland team. Davies said, "the attacker will achieve greater success in the future. Building a world-class stadium in the entertainment capital of the world is the first step to achieve great cause." Despite the popularity of the NFL team, the most insurgent teams in the league are now involved in the wave. "Leaving the Raiders is bound to make the local people feel sad," Godell said in an interview. In the past 14 months, rams, lightning and Raiders have issued a statement of the team's relocation. On Friday, local officials in Oakland put forward 1 billion 300 million plans to set up a new ball hall and spent 11 hours trying to convince the boss. Local fans and a newspaper editorial department in San Francisco launched a petition. The Raiders have a profound tradition in Oakland, and the fans market is also increasing. Oakland needs the Raiders. Godell replied to the officials that the proposal is not detailed and has no definite and feasible schedule. There are still some obvious obstacles. Although both sides have made great efforts, this is not a complete and feasible plan. is worth mentioning that the only objection is from the Miami dolphin. Stephen Ross, the boss of the team, was very disappointed that the Raiders had lost their tradition. He also reminded the league that the relocation of the team would affect the loyalty of local fans. The Raiders team has a history of 57 years, and has won 3 Super Bowl. Their fans are called "Silver Black Legion". The fans are not only in Oakland, but also throughout California. The team owner wants the fans to follow the team to any place. However, fans in Oakland have been waiting for the sudden rise of the Raiders for too long.The official website of NFL | ray - Rice is still seeking to return the chance of NFL | football in the past 2 years, Ray - Rice (Ray Rice) are not in the field of NFL, but the former Baltimore crow ran Wei refused to give up the end of their occupation career. last week, Rice gave a speech to the rookies rookie, about how to get a better life. He also appeared at the University of West Michigan as a speech guest, so that people thought he was going to finish his career and do something else. but TMZ's reporter reported that Rice was in a state of madness and was hoping for a chance in the 2016 season. , a close friend of Rice, told reporters that although Rice is more focused on family relations and educating others, he is still ready to continue his career. Rice ruled out the problem of domestic violence, the running back has been 29 years old, NFL's few running backs can still keep in good condition at the age of 30, this is also the most teams dare not signing him.

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