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The New Balance Oporto 2015-16 stadium shirt, with a brown color and a blue and green detail, is absolutely unusual. This dark brown jersey chest just slightly embedded a blue green stripe, the effect is very eye-catching. And the blue and green cuffs on both sides are impressive. The shirt has a light brown cross stripe under the collar, and the lower part of the shirt has several light brown cross stripes.had a copy of Fowles (Nick Foles) during the Washington Red competition with the Philadelphia hawks last week. In the process of the red leather back attack, the defensive frontline Chris Becker (Chris Baker) completed a powerful impact on Fowles. This also directly caused the collision dispute, both sides of shoving abuse. Becker was also the left Ji cheap nfl jerseys free shipping efeng Jason Pitts (Jason Peters) hit the ground. Although Becker was then given a foul for the unguarded quarterback, he would not be allowed to ban the competition. "Becker did not make any mistakes in the impact," the NFL spokesman said. When we look at the rules, we find that his movements are perfectly reasonable. People will think that this collision is meaningless and even violates sportsmanship. But when you look at the rules carefully and analyze the collision, you'll find that Becker didn't hit each other's head and did not hit the neck. It's very close, but there's no foul. So there was no ban and no fines. " Becker's impact itself has no problem, and the subsequent conflict will not cause anyone to be banned. Becker said he would still do the same if the same situation happened again.The (Cam Newton) - cam Newton's win is to dance. the Carolina Panthers quarterback on Thursday in the third day war Thanksgiving found the opportunity to reach the end zone complete with 33 touchdowns, helping Panther 14 victory over the Dallas cowboys, then he completed the one we don't know how to describe the dance in the end zone. in fact, before the game, the outside world of questioning inside and outside the Newton is quite violent, apparently Newton wanted to prove his own way. With the victory the Panthers finished with 11 wins and 0 losses feat, basically locked in the southern top contact position, while the completion of the Panther's first-ever Thanksgiving victory. this game Newton finished 183 yards of pass, 12 yards of the ball and a flush ball.The second grade NFL website | running back for the Jaguar to bring new weather | football ground offensive two weeks of competition, the Jacksonville Jaguar's two grade run dner Robinson (Dennard Robinson) blossomed, making a bright eye. In the seventh week against Cleveland Brown, he rushed down 127 yards and 1 to reach the goal. Eighth weeks ago, the Miami dolphins, who were facing ten of the anti runners, did well too. They took 108 yards. The last time the Jaguar had a player running out of 100 yards and more than 100 yards back to the 2011 Maurice Jones Drew (Maurice Jones-Drew). Jaguar coach Garth Bradley (Gus Bradley) said Robinson is an aggressive offensive weapon in the post match interview. The team is trying to build a strategy around him so as to tap all his strong points. and Jaguar first half of the season's first run sluggish performance guard Tobey - Gerhard (Toby Gerhart) lost in the injured during their absolute main position, the only game against the dolphins to punch the ball 4 times and scored 10 yards, another running back Jordan - Todman (Jordan Todman) to punch the ball two times and scored 10 code. Bradley didn't directly say Robinson would be the main runner of the team in the future, but he also admitted that Robinson's excellent performance would increase his offensive proportion even more. The Jaguar may continue to sink this season, but at least they have found a good enough weapon on the ground attack.

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