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According to the occupation football interview (PFT) column reported that the Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) on Tuesday has completed plea agreement on child abuse cases. Multiple sources confirmed that Peterson had reached a plea agreement and would not be sentenced to jail. Peterson, who is familiar with the situation, said that did not plead guilty to the crime of reckless invasion, and he directly pleaded guilty. The charge does not include family violence or violence against minors. According to reports, if the charges and through Peterson, will face fines of $2000 and 80 hours of community service suspended. Peterson Montgomerie appeared Tuesday in the local court in Texas, he was the legal problems after the incident, from mid September was included in the union / president approved the list of exemptions. And NFL spokesman Grieg Ellero (Greg Aiello) released by mail, "when to make a decision on Peterson's punishment, there is no specific timetable yet."The official website of NFL | Brown defensive end Bryant | football season for fear of pectoral muscle tear Cleveland Brown was hit at the start of the camp less than two weeks. team defensive end forward Desmond - Bryant (Desmond Bryant) suffered a chest tear while lifting weight at the gym on Tuesday and was treated with surgery. He may not be back in the new season. we feel sad for Deus, and Brown manager cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Hue Jackson said in the team statement. This is a very hard in this offseason training for the 2016 season of the young people. He really understands our coaching, our team is more important than the personal idea and is willing to be the leader of the team. ranked the first team in 6 seasons last season. In the past three seasons of Brown, he played 41 games for the team and started all of them in 41 games. He played at the Harvard University in the University and entered the league in 2009 as a rookie and joined the Oakland Raider.The fiftieth Super Bowl Rugby war! Full contrast of Black Panther wild horses Black Panther road attack VS wild horse road defense The star network on 1769, the Spanish for expanding its territory to explore the world, found the American West Coast, which he named "St. Francesco". In the middle of nineteenth Century, the US launched a gold rush. The holy city was pregnant with huge gold resources. A large number of Chinese laborers moved here. They called it "Jinshan", and later differentiated Melbourne into San Francisco. In this city full of exploration and gold, the fiftieth Super Bowl will be scrambling here for the fiftieth city. Spanish descendants of Ron Rivera's Carolina Panthers will explore the team history first Super Bowl champion, and from the "gold city" Denver miners, effort for the Payton Manning occupation career last gold mining. The following are the comparative analysis of the various dimensions: as everyone knows, often through the road into the Panther attack, this is not surprising, after the column has written many times, the offensive team panther, from running back, quarterback to full health and are extremely over can to create code number through the ball, in addition to the two proximal winger and Zuo Jiefeng Michael Orr, other the front players are also quite accomplished in pavement cover, Andrew Norvell, Ryan Khalil and Trey Turner called the strongest alliance inside the pavement cover combination, Panther pavement is solid strong convincing. Just start, once the opponent in a stage to guard the Panther Panther will pass away the road forward, pike, brazenly road storm, with the highest League regular season Panthers pavement attack frequency, kill the Alliance High rushing yardage and touchdowns at the highest League ball. The side of the Mustang anti running data, nineteenth in the League high washed ball frequency, third little balls a few yards, tenth less rushing touchdowns, and ran 3.3 yards against all the League minimum, anti run, too visible Mustang, often referred to above four master credit pass rush, but early in fact the Mustang file anti run often send rush Silvestre -- 142 kg and 134 kg of Williams defensive end Walker Vance full-time anti run, two rookie outside linebacker Shaquille Barrett and Sean ray will also play dirty work at the beginning of running gear, anti skill you also not ignore Derek Wolf and von Miller star. ???????????????-?????????????-?????????????7???13???????????????????? ????????????????????5?|??????????????????????-???????T.J?? Ward's run - off rate is sixth and twelfth in the league, and the internal running efficiency of the back field of the wild horse is equally impressive. tactically speaking, the attack coordinator Mike Sula makes the black leopard almost cover all the professional and university system's pavement routines, such as the front guard pull, the running to change direction, the sweeping shot, the jet to sweep, the outer hand to run away, the two-way counter 〉NetEase sports September 20th report: In the new season, the NFL goats moved back to Losangeles, and the Losangeles media, the Lakers country, thought it would have an impact on the Lakers' market. Yi Jianlian has a media interview with in the past 20 years, the Lakers have few competitors in the sports market in southern California. From 2000 to 2010, the Lakers scored the finals of the NBA 7 times, and won numerous fans. But now, their "money path" may be hit. rams in the home court from 1946 to 1980 in Losangeles, then moved to Anaheim, where for 14 seasons, so the Lakers have not NFL opponent. But at the beginning of this year, NFL had passed the application of the goats back to Losangeles. The ram team still has a fan camp in Losangeles, and South California still has a lot of their dead loyalty, and they have a generation of history to recall. In public, the bass family support the rams back to Losangeles, but privately, they really want to know what the NFL team's return to Losangeles means to the Lakers. Jerry buzz is not there, and the Lakers are at the bottom of the team's history. Their performances last season were tortured. They only won 17 games, creating a new history of the team. But because of Kobe, the Lakers still have a very high popularity, but now, Kobe is retiring, what is the Lakers? If they do not begin to make rapid progress, their popularity will probably start to fall soon. of course, hope the Lakers, based on rams in week debut performance this season, they will not seem too successful, and very likely they will be worse than the lakers. If that's the case, the Lakers can breathe a sigh of relief. Yi Jianlian changed to No. 11 Lakers shirt. Yi Jianlian shows No. 11 shirt Yi Jianlian shows No. 11 shirt Yi Jianlian smiles Yi Jianlian practice shooting Yi Jianlian training Yi Jianlian practice shooting Yi Jianlian training Yi Jianlian has a media interview with Yi Jianlian has a media interview with Yi Jianlian has a media interview with many field media many field media Yi Jianlian shooting Yi Jianlian practice three minutes Yi Jianlian at the training hall 〉

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