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The official website of NFL | von Miller won fiftieth Super Bowl football MVP| Denver wild horse's line guard von Miller (Von Miller) won the fiftieth session of the Super Bowl MVP. this game Miller finished 6 grappling, 2.5 quarterback captured and 2 forced the ball off, and tonight he was almost unstoppable. The first section of the game Miller successfully captured and killed the four Carolina Panthers quarterback cam - Newton (Cam Newton) to help defend the group completed a touchdown of the game to give the Panthers offensive line repeated pressure. Miller has also become the tenth defender in the history of the NFL super bowl to win MVP honors.The official website of NFL | pony main linebacker Mathis for the season | football Achille cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s tendon injuries Indianapolis little horse got a devastating bad news today. The best defensive star of the team is Robert Mathis, Robert Robert. The injury occurred in Mathis in Atlanta alone during the training, he was taking drugs because, in the 4 game suspension. for the pony, it is no doubt the frost. In the first game, the pony was 24-31 to the wild horse, which reflected that the team was particularly struggling in the past. Last season, Mathis led the league with 19.5 escapement. Today, the 34 year old defensive star to begin a lengthy rehabilitation, the little horse on the weak defense will also become more difficult. Andrew Luck (Andrew) needs to be at the offensive end, making more contributions than expected. , at present, the team will continue to focus on the 2013 season's first rookie Warner Bjoern Warner. He himself has said that the performance of the rookie season failed to meet his expectations, and there will be a breakthrough in the new season. In the first game, Warner finished 3 grappling, but still struggled in the flush.The official website of NFL |T.Y. Hilton yesterday surprised two external contract price | football Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Bryant Mendez (Dez Bryant) and the Denver Broncos wide receiver de Marius Thomas (Demaryius Thomas) in the United States Wednesday completed the renewal, which makes Indianapolis pony T.Y. Hilton (T.Y.Hilton) was very surprised. Hilton has also entered the contract year, and yesterday he tweeted the exclamation of yesterday's 2 big contracts. Hilton was 24 years old this year, finishing 82 times last year, pushing 1345 yards and 7. Apparently he's also a top player in the league, but who will put him in the first place? Obviously if Hilton wants to get a 5 - year - worth $70 million contract, he may not be in the pony. we are not against the fact that Bryant Hilton, then each season can get $14 million in guaranteed part of $45 million, which is very good for it over, and unless Hilton keeps on the season, but it was still not enough, he is not the kind of like Bryant will affect the outcome of the team players.finally, the Seahawks running back Chris Carson (Chris Carson) might be unable to return to the big list in this season. on Friday U.S. time, coach Pete Carol (Pete Carroll) said that Carson recently sprained her ankle. Some small "Chris in the process of recovery," Carol said, "before he recovered well, although a little twist to the feet...... It's just a little bit. But we still need to make sure that his injuries do not rebound. We were looking for the right time to get him back to the training ground, but this little accident did add some resistance. " Carson was injured in the 4th week after injury to ankle and leg. He was put into the injury reserve list by the team. The 7 round of the show showed 49 goals in the season, 208 yards, 7 times to catch the ball and get 59 yards. the Seahawks still has 4 games to play, one of the most powerful competitors is the wild card number.

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