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Olives: Super Bowl America will eat 1 billion 300 million chicken wings! A total weight of more than 16 million 250 thousand pounds chicken wings are the most favorite when Americans look at the Super Bowl in the United States, whether or not it is a fan or not, it has long been a tradition of the United States to enjoy the super bowl. According to the U. S. retail alliance, more than 180 million of the Americans will watch the fiftieth NFL Super Bowl in the morning of February 8th Beijing time. is a very exciting match, so how do Americans spend the day on the super bowl? party If you are in the United States , whether you will host a Super Bowl party like the other 43 million 300 thousand people? If not, you can also participate in a party like the other 70 million people (data from the US retail Union's in-depth analysis and Research on Super Bowl consumption). With the rapid development of digital media, the televised video of fans has been more and more clear. The sales volume of TV in cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the US is very impressive on the eve of Super Bowl. About 8 million 700 thousand new TVs will find their buyers in the near future. statistics show that the total spending of Americans in the super bowl can even reach a double 11 level -- 15 billion 500 million dollars, and on average, everyone will spend 82.19 dollars on food, decoration and team costumes. The meaning of the super bowl has been far more than one entertainment, and it is a great stimulus to the economy. drink Nelson of the US market survey company has 2000 to 21 year old (legal drinking age) the drinking habits of Americans over the Super Bowl conducted a poll, the results It is as expected: 53% of respondents said they would drink beer and watch the game, choose to drink wine and spirits of the people accounted for 27%, and 8% respectively and 12% of the respondents chose the wine and flavored malt beverage. food is the same as Thanksgiving Day. Most people will suspend their diet plan and ignore the calories on the table. Very few people will care about how much potato chips or chicken wings they have eaten. Food has always been a popular topic on the Super Bowl day. Especially after losing a game by a supporting team, they turn their attention to all kinds of snacks, which can definitely forget the distress of losing. Below is food related statistics: - the whole American Hotel will receive 48 million takeout orders on the day of Super Bowl --1200 million Americans will go to a restaurant or bar to watch the game 〉has been the worst for Philadelphia hawks in recent weeks. the past 2 games opponents scored 90 points, then all the finger pointing their coach. Kelly (Chip Kelly) in order to obtain a high priority of giving up too much in the talent team. at the same time rumours that University of Southern Calif has been in contact with Kelly in an attempt to invite Kelly to coach the team for the next season. "I've never been trying to find a coach position in a university," Kelly said in an interview recently. "This is where I want to stay." 's team is 4 - 7 and is about to face a strong new England patriot next week, and we can't be sure how long Kelly's Philadelphia time will be.According to the NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the lion from the Panther claim at the quarterback Brad - Kaya (Brad Kaaya). This year the draft males took Chaya, but finally cut him, leaving only 2 quarterbacks in the list of 53 people. The Panther took after him, but on Tuesday announced to abandon callao. 's male quarterback quarterback Matthew Matthew Matthew's performance is somewhat unstable. The male lion chooses another quarterback, just in case, it is understandable.The official website of NFL | Panthers coach has not sure this week starting quarterback for | football the Carolina Panthers quarterback Newton Kamm (Cam Newton) last week suffered a serious accident caused a back injury and missed the last week. But Newton has an amazing physical fitness, and the speed of recovery is also very rapid, and this Wednesday he has begun to pass the ball training. at present, the panther was ranked second in the South District of the National League with 5 - 8, 1 - draw, and the competition division champion was expected to qualify for the playoffs. In the face of such a critical moment, still unable to decide whether the Panthers coach let Newton played with the injury last two battle of life and death, according to Sherlock "the observer" reported that Newton this week could play against Cleveland Brown, the Panthers coach Ron - Rivera (Ron Rivera) said he was unsure, he said: tomorrow is very important. Because tomorrow morning Newton will accept the check, to see if he will not feel pain or discomfort. Today we are just careful to let him exercise a little adaptive training to see how his body reacts. two quarterback Derek Anderson (Derek Anderson) revealed that he and Newton had led the first lineup training respectively, whether the initiation is still unknown.

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