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play the game will be lost to the Carolina Panthers Ma Sean - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) the last battle effectiveness of the Seattle Seahawks? Lynch will be 30 years old next season, and this season he has had a tough year. He missed more games than he played, and only had one hundred yards. the Seahawks cut Lynch can save $6 million 500 thousand in salary cap space and the running back position to give more young running back Thomas Rawls (Thomas Rawls), the performance of the season is better than Lynch. "I don't know how things will go," said Pete Carroll, the manager of Lynch Carroll. "I don't know the future of any one of the team. I don't know. " It's not a good sign for one of the most popular players in the history of the team. Lynch, of course, will not return to a $9 million contract return. Considering his unpleasant history and the past two seasons he made threats and retired team management, he seems unlikely to accept a substantial pay cut to stay in the sea. had the Seahawks offensive group rely on Lynch's strength to punch the ball cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ball in the attack, and now Russell Werwilson 2015 in the second half of the season completely control the team, made one of the most outstanding performance of two months in NFL history. To illustrate the problem is this season when Lynch misses Werwilson quarterback to score Bilinqi played to be higher than 33.7. The Seahawks coach group and the personnel department will study the video game this month in the rest of the squad ready to make a decision in March at the beginning of the new year league. In addition to the question of salary, they have to figure out whether they will have a better chance of winning next season with Rawls instead of Lynch.Dallas cowboys in local time on Tuesday to make a formal decision, the team quarterback Toni injured clavicle (Tony Romo) - Romo included in the injured reserve list, which means he will miss at least 8 weeks. Official reports, he is expected in eleventh weeks with the Miami dolphins game back. broke the clavicle in the impact during the second half of the second - week cowboy competition with the Philadelphia hawk. When the cowboy 20-10 lead, the team finally saved victory for him. Local time Monday, Romo determined without injury surgery. The 2010 season, Romo was the clavicle was injured for the season, but this time is not the end of his 2015 season injured. lost the cowboy Romo will use the Blanton - Weedon (Brandon Weeden) as the starting quarterback. He was a substitute in the game last week, 7 times a 7 pass, and 73 yards to get one. The Romo included in the injured reserve list, also means that the receiver (Dez Bryant) - Bryant Hernandez's injury maybe better than expected.patriots were forced to adjust their offensive front line combinations in the final of the US League, because the Bryan Bryan, the first center, would not play because of a knee injury. Blaine, , the four round of this year's show from Florida University, has launched 12 consecutive games, but the knee was injured in the Raven's semi-finals, and missed all training this week. Wendell Ryan Wendall is expected to take the place of Storck's first place. Wendell is the first centre of patriots in the past two seasons. I believe this position will not be strange to him. The location of 's first right-wing front will be Josh Colin (Josh Kline) or Cameron Fleming (Cameron Fleming).originally Tampa Bay pirates should make progress this season, but the team of coach Dirk Kurt (Dirk Koetter) did not perform well. 's disappointment with the failure season has caused problems in the team. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported four Wei Jie, Winston Meese (Jamies Winston) and the relationship between "Kurt is not good." Rapoport said the differences between the two men from Winston at the beginning of the season with a feeling of war has not been properly supported. He also had a lot of good players in the attack team but was dissatisfied with the difficulty of scoring. Rapoport said Winston was especially frustrated that the offensive tactics were easily predicted by their opponents. if the pirate in the remaining games is not satisfactory if the generals discord may make Kurt's job instability. Just two years ago the pirates fired coach Smith Lowe (Lovie Smith), Fuzheng Kurt emphasizes the training of Winston. the current 4 - 8 - negative pirates have retreated at both ends of the attack and defense, and they all get only 20.3 points, allowing the opponent to get 24 points. The offensive team was flat in most of the games, while the defensive team was troubled by injuries. Winston's unstable performance was also a major cause of the team's poor performance. This season he's passing success rate of only 61.9% (ranked twenty-first), scored 12 touchdowns 6 steals (touchdown pass was intercepted seventeenth and 90.1 than the parallel alliance) quarterback rating (seventeenth in the League). Winston has at least one unimaginable pass in every game that affects the attacking team. , when the attack team has many excellent catchers, the pirates have enough talents to help them pass the ball -- the average number of passing yards is fifth. But their difficulty in scoring (league twenty-second) led to their disappointing performance this season.

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