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Handball | Samaranch off |: silently thanks to this lifetime contribution | hand Association , a 89 year old man who died, was an ordinary news. But he was Samaranch, and his death was enough to shake the whole world of sports, enough to mourn every corner of the world in which the Olympic movement was touched. two months ago, the old Samaranch quivering came to the Vancouver Winter Olympics figure skating stands. For the last time, he enjoyed the Olympic spirit that he had fought and guarded for his life. We love Juan Antonio Samaranch, he is the Savior of the modern Olympic movement. under his leadership, the Olympic Games has become the world big party, the highest halls of the world's athletes dream, the most intense media battle stage, entrepreneurs and advertisers crazy gold, billions of television viewers hard inspirational reality show, the most attractive city for global target...... The Olympic movement may not be such a big and beautiful scene we saw today, if there is no Samaranch. in July 15, 1980, when the brilliant Spaniard was ele cheap nfl jerseys free shipping cted chairman of International Olympic Committee, he probably sat on the top of the most vulnerable and poorest organizations in the world, and even had to be ready to face the death of the Olympic movement. when more and more people gradually lose confidence when doubt and controversy has hit Samaranch with the most firm Olympic ideal, with strategists long-term vision, with charisma leader, succeeded in bringing the Olympic ideal and commercialization, occupation of combined, can keep the lasting vitality of the Olympic Games, but also to defend the essence of the Olympic movement. The modern Olympic movement, from a small party of an amateur athlete, goes to the sports, culture, commerce and science and technology shared by all human beings. We admire Juan Antonio Samaranch, he is the modern Olympic movement reformers and escort. ????1998???????????????????????????????|????????????????????????????????????????|2?????????????????????????????? The 78 year old Samaranch face another show of extraordinary wisdom An important juncture of life and death, and the diplomatic, reform, lead the Olympic ship around the reef, towards the more stable the vast sea. in fact, in the 21 years as the president of the International Olympic Committee, Samaranch has been explaining and enriching the spiritual core of the Olympic movement. We should regain the spirit of holy truce in the ancient Olympic Games. We should use celebrate humanity as a label of Olympic Games, so that we can make peace, friendship, solidarity, sharing Olympic ideal and faster, higher and stronger Olympic spirit.The official website of NFL | crow played for the franchise tag rugby player Tucker | In to Justin Tucker (Justin Tucker) provides a new contract, Baltimore crow found another way to retain their reliable kicker. , according to Tucker's agent, revealed that the team gave Tucker a privileged player on Friday. general manager in crow Ouqi (Ozzie Newsome) - Newsom Ying interview outlined the progress of negotiations after the crow this decision in the NFL testing is not surprising, then said: Newsom we had some discussion, but if we are unable to sign a new contract we will give up the franchise tag. Even if we label him, we will continue to negotiate a new contract. currently, the privileged player tag, worth about $4 million 500 thousand, makes both sides satisfied. Tucker made a lot of money for the kicker's position, but the crow kept one of the league's best kicker. In his fifth season Tucker finished with 29 touchdowns additional points in every shot and his 7 free kick shoots in 6 times is 50 yards to any ball. still has plenty of time to negotiate a long case, looking forward to Tucker and to the rest of the crow offseason spent in contract negotiation.The official website of NFL | Andre - Johnson: willing to play the dolphins, but not popular | football ??????????????-??????Andre Johnson????1????????????12????????????????????????????????3????????????????????1???????? Johnson was born in Miami, grew up in Miami, and joined the hurricane team at University of Miami. He told Miami media that dolphin playing is the choice I have considered, . I always dream of playing in my hometown. I'm a super fan of dolphins. But they never called me, Johnson said. Johnson said he was not surprised to move the dolphins dolphins in this offseason, put a lot of money in other places, there is no room to sign him. And he was very happy in the pony. I understand business in this area. I was in a very good condition in the pony, he said. if Johnson wants to get beautiful data and win a championship, it may be better for the pony to be more effective than a dolphin.tiger news July 12th and a lot of players in the NFL, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz (Carson Wentz) recently set up his own non-profit organization AO1 Audience of One. "". According to Wentz said, the organization aims to provide help for people of all ages, especially the poor young people and soldiers. Wentz in 11 daily his twitter released a AO1 promotional video, their goal is to "deliver God's love to the poor people who need help to provide opportunities and support." is currently on the AO1 website Wentz sell Bible printed shoes, if you want to help the people to contribute their strength that can go to buy.

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