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Jamie Collins (Jamie Collins) is officially listed as being unable to confirm whether he can play because of back injury, but it sounds that he will be ready to play in the Denver United's championship. according to local media in Boston, Collins was "able to play" even though he was listed as unsure. in a large battle might not be able to determine the new England patriots players, including his defense team mate Chandler Jones (Chandler Jones) and Haitawa (Dont'a Hightower) - East Tower, in the whole week are restricted in training, Collins originally played in May is not optimistic. the line guard suffered a back injury in the second half of the patriot's victory over Kansas City chieftain. He hit another file after his injury and then stayed on the side of the field. In a total of 89 defenses, he only played 43. Collins missed the twelfth - week defeat of patriots to the Denver Mustang. If he can recover completely and fight for most of the time, he will be able to attac cheap nfl jerseys free shipping k Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) in the next match, which is a great addition to the Patriots. Collins has only played in 12 games this season, and he has made 89 escapement, the largest team in the team.The official website of NFL | the next Super Bowl ads 30 seconds 6 million dollars | football The average price of forty-ninth Super Bowl TV ads is close to 30 seconds, 4 million dollars, but this is not the highest point. According to CBS TV, they predict that the Super Bowl advertising will reach 30 seconds and 6 million dollars in February next year. The chief executive of CBS said: there is no doubt that 30 seconds of advertising is close to $500-600 million, and our ads are absolutely sold out. But you need to know that in the first three years and 30 seconds in the first three years of the Super Bowl advertising, the ad was just $3 million 800 thousand. data show that this super bowl attracted 114 million 400 thousand viewers. The past five super bowl is regarded as the most worth watching Series in the history of American TV. In fact, it's all about the needs of the fans, at least for now, American football has reached the highest demand in the United States since its history.all right, it's getting funnier. according to the "New York Daily News" Seth - Wade (Seth Walder) reported Wednesday at the New York jets training ground, a drone, the tail of the aircraft under the banner of "fire Yi Qi Ke" banner was free. clearly, this is the two brothers to create "the sacking of John Yi Qi Ke" masterpiece, they are on the site to raise funds, advertising to fire general manager Johnny Qi Ke published the advertisement to buy outside the stadium. , which made the scene more embarrassing, was the presence of the jet fleet owner Woody John (Woody Johnson) and had been talking to Iran Qi Ke. The UAV and banners hovering in the training ground, floating in front of Qi Ke from Iraq, I do not know what to think of Itzik at this time. indeed, it's time for the boss to rethink his plans for the next season.The official website of NFL | Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Smith Lowe fired | Rugby - Smith Lowe (Lovie Smith) in charge of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for two years after being fired. co chairman Joel - Glazer Pirates (Joel Glazer) said in a statement late Wednesday announced the dismissal of Smith: after careful consideration, we have decided to make a change we notice ". I want to thank Lowe during his hard work and devotion to the team. This decision is difficult in many ways. I'm very disappointed that in the past few seasons, we haven't been more successful, but we are committed to doing the necessary things to bring the fans to the championship team they deserve. In future work, general manager Jason Richter (Jason Licht) will be responsible for finding the next manager work. is obviously one of the most surprising changes of all NFL team coaches this week. only a month ago, the pirate fans also thought Smith would be a black horse in the competition for the best coach of the year in NFL. In the four rookie quarterback Jay Winston (Jameis Winston) - "under the leadership of Smith, but also to let the pirates 6 wins and 6 losses in the wild card playoff competition. is the pirates in the last month of collapse, they record four successive defeats so that they become the League of nations, the first five consecutive season ranked division teams at the bottom. Smith eventually left the team 8 to 24 in the two season of the pirates. because of the pirate attack showed a lot of potential, but they are unlikely to let Winston again in a new offensive system, coupled with the team's offensive coordinator Dirk Cote (Dirk Koetter) is the other team pursuit, this makes it natural doubt let Richter make this decision may lose kurt. Richter has opened a thorough search for the chief manager and will have a number of chief candidates coming out next week. ?????????????????????????????????????????

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