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After the launch at the end of last year Real Madrid and Bayern Munich two of the club's "Adidas x Parley" the success of the North American Soccer Jersey home court, as the "Adidas x Parley" series of new partners, Jersey based on Parley marine plastic, using water and environmental protection printing technology for marine plastic materials manufacturing Jersey all from Parley to intercept clean up recycling plastic garbage on the coast of Maldives ocean.recently Milwaukee sentinel newspaper published an article entitled "the packers bad tactics ruined the game" article, criticized the quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) the lack of professional and childish style tactics. fans wrote this article: "I hope this season's Green Bay Packers can suspend their tactics which are not professional enough before, because such tactics make me feel childish, just lik cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e children's matches, which is not a professional team. When the packer is three to 5 yards, Rodgers (Rogers) did not follow the quarterback do call tactics, but cheat the opponent a line foul, so we get the first file, it is a great tactician not? Then he saw an opponent's defender trying to leave the court, so he called a quick kick, and we won another 5 yards. It was a great tactic! waking up the packers, are you going to continue to play these tactics? Can we win these 5 yards without deception tactics? It's American football. Are all of our young players taught to play this way? I have to say this is what the child will do. " Rodgers looked back at Twitter: "obviously this is Rogers." , in fact, Rodgers is a master of this kind of tactics. He is very good at finishing some free tactics, and has finished passing the ball after cheating the defenders. Obviously, this is nothing wrong with itself.The official website of NFL | teams interested in trading with the Seahawks safetys money Eisner | football The plan in the absence of safety. The Seahawks star Kam - money Eisner (Kam Chancellor) under the condition for the new season. Other teams are starting to ask whether intentionally shot the Seahawks safety. NFL website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the giants and other teams have been in contact with the Seahawks to express their desire to get money Eisner by trading. But Rapoport also said the Seahawks to open any trade talks. ??????????|?????????????쨢???????????o???? Rapoport reported that there was no progress in the negotiations between the two sides. The Seahawks have been a tough stance, rather than in money Eisner 3 years left on his contract with the case he renegotiated contract. He just signed a new contract in 2013. at the same time, the hawk is preparing to cope with the lack of chakle. On Saturday they used a fifth round pick traded to the Kansas City Chiefs safety Kelsey Mccrea (Kelcie McCray), he will strengthen the position of the depth. sounds the Seahawks will test the money Eisner determination. It is more difficult to choose continuing training when the team does not pay the salary of the regular season.The official website of NFL | Carol praised the Patriot stability, will support Sherman's choice of | football Seattle Seahawks coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) this week reiterated his very respect for new England patriots coach Bill Biliqieke (Bill Belichick). In the interview, Carol said that patriots had been stable for many years and remained highly competitive. This is closely related to the efforts of Billy Cheik and Kraft (Kraft) family. Carol said, as I've always said, it's really hard to keep such a competitive edge for a long time to imagine the Patriots. The players had to come, and the only thing that did not change was that Bill had been their leader. He works well with his coaching team, always longing for victory. This is Bill's ability, and his existence ensures that patriots are always a championship - class team. then Carol talked about Richard Sherman and his children, Richard Sherman. Carol says Sherman needs to make a decision on his own: maybe Richard needs to face the most important decision of his life. Between the team and the family, I also think that the family should be the first. Richard will make the best decision he thinks, and we will always support him. We'll see what will happen next, and wish him good luck. I can't wait to meet his children.

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