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As a supplement to the home court Jersey, the design of the traditional all white field Jersey reflects the club's nickname, the eagle, and for the first time in the history of the club, the badge of the shirt is designed to be black and white. This design is inspired by the club's mascot hawk. It appears in the club badge, and the banners held by fans at the main commercial bank arena stand.The official website of NFL | Payton - Manning - chapter second: growth path | Rugby Author: Fang Ling, NFL Chinese official network columnist speaks of the name of Payton. More people will think of Payton. Chicago Xiong Weida's running guard Walter Payton (Walter Payton) and NBA Seattle supersonic famous guard Gary Payton (Gary Payton) are all the surnames. This is Payton Payton, the reason why the Public opinions are divergent. the name Peyton, that is the most reliable, then the Manning boss has a son, and a daughter Olivia wanted, she was particularly love coincides with a TV series in the world "" the well-being of the heroine named Peyton, so in before Payton was born that name has been set, but unfortunately it didn't work. may be the early death of his father let Archie cherish and children get a cheap nfl jerseys free shipping long time, so when Cooper and Payton were very little, Archie was willing to accompany them to play in the living room. He is always willing to bend, playing football and the children living room, while Cooper and Payton are always the same as a defensive player who swooped to archie. Archie said: when children are very young I have been quietly to their video. I bought a variety of sports equipment and Olivia to them, I tried to make them love fishing, but they have no interest in. I have never deliberately made them touch rugby, but they are very excited about it. New Orleans, Loyola street, not all families were like Manning's house this condition or fighting, looting, shooting, even murder, not only to protect the family It is often seen., Archie's safety, also to the maximum extent to avoid their children learn bad, go the wrong, not only Cooper and Payton what kind of friends or do they want to go out to play what Archie, are very concerned, virtually, football became Cooper and Payton only for love. Payton said, "there was a video at my family at the age of three, and dad always said I was in touch with rugby too early." In fact, Archie does not allow children and neighborhood children playing rugby tackle, Archie's worry is a reason for the nature, engaged in football career for many years, well aware of the danger of Archie grapple style, hudu heart can only be forbidden. But the young curious Payton and Cooper always secretly carrying his father playing tackle, at that time at home to Archie cop to accompany the children to play, but also play the bad strict discipline. When Payton grew older, Archie and Olivia have added a new worry, because these guys really love slapstick, even really started a fight, living room, kitchen, bedroom, can let the home whenever and wherever possible into the WWE arena. Payton confessed: in fact, in that little time, we knew it was wrong to fight.The official website of NFL | hope and surprise from the coexistence of new season there are 10 days | football The 2013 season is full of unexpected surprises, but it's not surprising, because the accident itself is part of today's NFL. The team got a record high score, new teams broke into the playoffs, strong teams were still strong, or no longer young players left their imprints on the court. in NFL, surprises every week, the new England patriots legendary quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brandy) said, you look at the scoreboard, doubt their own eyes: "what?". NFL never lacks surprises, and the 2013 season is no exception. The total score of the season has reached 11.985 points, averaging 46.8 points per field, which is the most NFL history, and the total number is 1338, which is 41 higher than that of history second. last season, a total of 11 teams to score more than 400, respectively is the Denver Broncos (606), Chicago bears (445), the new England Patriots (444), Philadelphia (442), the Dallas cowboys (439), Cincinnati tigers (430), the Kansas City Chiefs (430), the Green Bay Packers (417), Seattle Seahawks (417), New Orleans Saints (414) and San Francisco 49 (406). The 11 teams, nearly 7 winning percentage, 9 of them go into the playoffs. in addition to some of the traditional powers, on the season there were 5 teams in the playoffs from shortly after the return to the battlefield, which is the Kansas City Chiefs, Carolina Panthers, New Orleans saints, Philadelphia eagles and San Diego dianguang. Due to the 12 team system introduced in 1990, there will be at least 4 teams who did not enter the playoffs last season, but the actual number would be close to 6 per year. so, there will be some long - lost faces in the 2014 season that will return to the playoffs, and every team is hopeful. and even more dramatic to NFL, the 11 consecutive season has a strong rebound from the bottom of the last season, becoming the leader of the division.The official website of NFL | news: Sean - Payton will not go to Miami | football Sean - Payton (Sean Payton) may be leaving the saints in New Orleans. has recently heard that Payton is intending to travel to Indianapolis pony or a team in Losangeles, and there are also reports that he will go to New York giants. but it seems there are certainly not a place him back, that is the Miami dolphins, professional sports reporter recently broke the news that dolphins do not have to Payton put forward the requirements of coach, and said the most likely to invite Payton's team is 49 people in San Francisco and the pony, and the giant and the Dallas cowboys with low probability. Payton coached the saints in 2006. He took the lead in the playoffs 9 times in 5 years, including winning a Super Bowl trophy. The offensive team he took 5 times won the honor of the first attack group and never dropped out of the top 6 of the League offensive team.

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