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The official website of NFL | Hall of fame running back Ferguson, and appeared to help rebuild | football is not good for people in Ferguson, Missouri, for the last 48 hours. has not been charged with the arrest of Darren Wilson, a police officer who shot Michael Brown (Michael Brown). Thousands of angry people began to swim in the middle reaches of the city, and more than 400 people were arrested. NFL Hall of fame, Williams Aeneas Williams also came to this area of riots. But now in Saint Louis, he became a priest and he came to help Ferguson rebuild. He told reporters on Tuesday: there are so many people in need of help, such as some innocent merchant helplessly saw his tearful shops smashed glass, although the weather is very cold, but I and the volunteers do not care, because we can feel the warmth of heart. cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Williams in the first 10 seasons of his career at Arizona Cardinals occupation force, then the 4 season went to the Saint Louis rams, in August this year, Williams selected the NFL Hall of you think it's a new idea for the boss Mark Davies (Mark Davis) to relocate the raiders from Oakland to Las Vegas? In fact, in 1999, Davies had begun the dream. Andy - Abboud (Andy Abboud), vice chairman of the Las Vegas government relations and community development, told reporters: "the spring when Davies came here and talk to us, you can see these in the online publication of the video we see, and we are committed to the welfare of the community, Mark also revealed that he had bought Las Vegas Raiders in early 1999." This is really an advanced thinking. In 1999, the Internet was not very popular, and Davies thought of it. Andy also said he had heard Davies's desire to move the team about 2 years ago, when his goal was Las Vegas. wanted Davies to relocate the team because the Raiders couldn't get a new stadium in Oakland. In addition to the previous attempt to relocate Losangeles failed, Davies is bound to let the team go to Las Vegas.The official website of NFL | snopy - the dog wants Baer to participate in their own album | football leviant - Baer (Le'Veon Bell) injury affects Pittsburgh Steelers fans heart, if he is not fully recovered from the injury case, his super fans snopy - Dog (Snoop Dogg) gave him an alternative. recently snopy told TMZ: I will let it happen, I want to know his leg is not good, as a member of the Steelers he is one of my favorites, but considering he is 26 years old, maybe we can have cooperation in music, after the creation of the new album and I get back to the playoffs to win back. Baer replied, "you can hate everything you want, and you'll take it back, and I'll work with you." Obviously Baer is not only an excellent runner, but he will also be a rapper. casually mentioned that Baer's rap is Juice. Because coach Mike Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) said Baer reminded him of former O.J Simpson (O.J.Simpson).Handball |2014 National Women's handball championship contest | hand Technology CoAccording to hand curved rod base word [2014] No. 16 documents concerning the implementation of "national handball fitness testing and technical contest notice", also the 2014 National Women's Handball Championship held in Liaoning Shenyang Boye training base in March 25th. This is the China Handball Association for the first time in recent years with formal special technical features of the organization display contest, including: the first three steps after the three step shot, peripheral supporting shooting and goalkeeper handball throwing, to unify thinking, renew the idea, then learn to guide national coaches ball core technology opponent, recognition of basic technology standardization, reflections on innovative training methods and means. under the unity and cooperation of all the committees of the association, the organization and management of the technology match strictly and orderly, the judges scored fair and accurate, the referees were conscientious and conscientious, and the athletes' attitude was positive and serious, and achieved good expected results. The list and results of the top eight and top four athletes will be published as follows:

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