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NFL's strongest running back is officially back. The Alliance announced on Thursday that Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) will resume the qualification of NFL players on Friday, and can participate in all the scheduled training of Minnesota Vikings. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), according to people familiar with the news, said Peterson will not face further ban after resuming qualification. The district judge will decide in October how many games will be paid for the Viking star player. According to Rapoport, it could be as many as 3 or 1 without penalty. The Vikings issued a statement Thursday that they "expect Adrian to rejoin the Vikings." now that Peterson has been able to go back to the stadium, the next step is to find the winner in his dispute with the Vikings. In the last year is not to return soon after the Vikings feel uncomfortable Peterson clear through their brokers said they wanted a new team in 2015 to begin a new journey. Viking general manager Rick Spielman and coach Mike Zimmer (Mike Zimmer) have repeatedly expressed their intention to leave Peterson in the team. (Spielman Mike) Rapoport recently reported that Peterson wanted to end the stalemate before this year's draft. If the Peterson team cannot succeed with such as the Arizona Cardinals and Dallas Cowboys team in the draft be cheap nfl jerseys free shipping fore the end of the deal, he will have no choice but to obey what, to rejoin the team, the vikings.The official website of NFL | Payton Manning to return to the training ground, good physical condition | football The Denver Broncos quarterback Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) a thigh injury last week against San Diego lightning game, he is also in this Thursday's training in early treatment. But the Mustang fans can now breathe a sigh of relief. Manning took part in the training of the team on Friday. According to the Denver Post reporter Mike Chris (Mike Klise), Manning did not have any mobile problems in personal training, he was in good physical condition. More than media have expressed optimism for Manning's injury. Manning is basically no problem in this week's battle against Cincinnati tigers. The team doesn't need to consider the battle force of the backup quarterback Bullock Aus Ville (Brock Osweiler) for the time being. , at the moment, the biggest doubt for wild horses is whether they will continue to insist on the way of attacking the ground in the past few weeks. After all, Manning has been injured. In addition, the tigers can only run in the twenty-fourth place in the league.too, either on the battlefield or on the field are established. The NFL alliance, star players and senior coach's strength is different, but the salary cap rules strictly to the overall strength of the difference between the 32 teams is not so big, in addition to the players and coaches to command scheduling, occasionally need to play a little smart, for a little advantage myself. Each season will have a team to design some startling trick tactics (trick play beyond all expectations), if used properly, can immediately reverse the unfavorable situation, it can instantly lit up the enthusiasm of the fans, a game called football game "". Let's look back at the 5 impressive tricks of the next 2014 season. fifth: Cleveland Brown Johnny Manziel creative border connection for third weeks, Cleveland Brown played against Baltimore crows. In the middle of the second quarter, Brown pushed forward to 39 yards in her half court. Manziel played a first game as a quarterback, and handed the ball to Isaiah Crowell, which resulted in a negative 1 yards. Brown's attack coordinator Kyle Shanahan then switched the quarterback Brain Hoyer into the field and summoned Manziel to the edge of the field, like a lesson to be given to him. It's all right here. at this time, Brown offensive team set up a single runner I character array, the crows defense group also adjusted their positions, but they didn't notice that Brown had only 10 players in the formation. The Johnny Manziel feet, standing on the sidelines and talking to the coaching team, did not go out of the field. In the instant of kick-off, the televised camera captured such a scene: Kyle Shanahan seemed to be learning Manziel for the first second, the next time he saw a wink with a "GO" mouth shape, and Manziel suddenly turned to the back of the crow. But there Brian Hoyer threw the ball to his direction in his pocket, Manziel ran the 55 yard line after a turn around and catch the ball, along the sidelines kept running until 23 yards before being crow cornerback forced a sideline. the people a chance to react the 39 yards forward, Brown fans applauded each other's home court, but they soon recovered the smile, when the original on the Manziel has not received the ball, the referee from the line and is still a yellow ball. But once again, surprisingly, this is not to throw yellow Manziel, the referee Brown said running back Terrance West stations did not do a good job at kickoff, and therefore sentenced a illegal formation (illegal shift), concurrent translocation of Brown 5 yards. A few minutes later, former vice president of Mike Pereira NFL the referee in the televised claims the Hoyer passes to Manziel the trick attack is a "illegal possession into 〉The second grade NFL website | running back for the Jaguar to bring new weather | football ground offensive two weeks of competition, the Jacksonville Jaguar's two grade run dner Robinson (Dennard Robinson) blossomed, making a bright eye. In the seventh week against Cleveland Brown, he rushed down 127 yards and 1 to reach the goal. Eighth weeks ago, the Miami dolphins, who were facing ten of the anti runners, did well too. They took 108 yards. The last time the Jaguar had a player running out of 100 yards and more than 100 yards back to the 2011 Maurice Jones Drew (Maurice Jones-Drew). Jaguar coach Garth Bradley (Gus Bradley) said Robinson is an aggressive offensive weapon in the post match interview. The team is trying to build a strategy around him so as to tap all his strong points. and Jaguar first half of the season's first run sluggish performance guard Tobey - Gerhard (Toby Gerhart) lost in the injured during their absolute main position, the only game against the dolphins to punch the ball 4 times and scored 10 yards, another running back Jordan - Todman (Jordan Todman) to punch the ball two times and scored 10 code. Bradley didn't directly say Robinson would be the main runner of the team in the future, but he also admitted that Robinson's excellent performance would increase his offensive proportion even more. The Jaguar may continue to sink this season, but at least they have found a good enough weapon on the ground attack.

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