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even-even soccer equipment network early in January this year by the German Football Association's official website officially announced, decided to bid for the 2024 European cup. Grindal, the president of the German Football Association, said: "the European Cup in 2024 is an important undertaking for German football. We will provide the first class conditions for the bid and hope that the European Cup will be held in Germany again since 1988. here are some has submitted works. how the selection of the winners? by the jovoto community and the German Football Association (DFB) before the 25 selected proposals will be sent to the professional jury review, they will select the top five. Then, the first five plans will be published online for the public to vote, and the final vote is the most elected European Cup mark in Germany in 2024. you will participate in the 2024 European Cup bid logo Germany's game? Please make your comments and comments in the comments below.NFL's official website announced | Raiders sacked receiver James Jones | Rugby Oakland Raiders announced James Jones (James Jones). The former Green B cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ay Packer took over only a season in Oakland and had to try to find a new host. last season, Jones became a goal 112 times, completed the ball 73 times, the team is a stable goal. However, the number of codes and the number of arrays made Jones finally abandoned by the team. The main reason why the 31 year old Jones left the Raiders wide receiver position is for continuous reinforcement. The team first from the free market to sign Michael - Clubb Terry (Michael Crabtree), then in the draft pick Cooper Amari (Amari Cooper). After 's disarmament Jones, the Raiders will make up about $3 million 500 thousand in salary space before he is the highest pay outside of the team. For the veteran, he will not stay in the free market for a long time. Last season's performance has proved that he is still an excellent player who can contribute to the team.Seattle Seahawks running back Sean Lynch MA (Marshawn Lynch) recently and the media together is not how. For the first time in his 8 career, Lynch began trying not to say a word to reporters, so he received a $100000 ticket from the league. Sunday morning Lynch was interviewed, he said that he and the media Hall of fame from far away, he said: "you know, what people vote in the hall of fame, they are now and I haven't even eye exchange, if I do not, I will survive." if Lynch felt he was qualified to enter the hall of fame, he was really intoxicated in his own world. Lynch has a very good career, 6 seasons more than 1000 yards of running, 67 array. The 4 selected occupation bowl, last year the Seahawks win a super bowl champions. but at the moment, Lynch ran the ball in the NFL list only ranked 39, in front of him is Aumann - Green (Ahman Green), Wells Mike Guy F (Willis McGahee), Sean Alexander (Shaun Alexander) and Fred Taylor (Fred Taylor). So wake up, most of them don't vote for a hall of fame.The official website of NFL | pony second half collapse patriots keep winning | football Beijing time 8:30 on October 19th, the Indianapolis Colts home court against the new England patriots. If the original ban gas door effect, this is the Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) the first day of the season, but the fact is the pony quarterback Andrew (Andrew Luck) of the Iraq war injury. In the end, the pony was 27-34 against the Patriots. The pony opening in the face of their own initiative, the patriot, fearless, a road run with rapidly advancing to the patriot red zone, the last 4 stalls 1 yards, a touchdown distance is 5 yards, pony choice storm, dantay Mon Cliff (Donte Moncrief), passing touchdowns after completion. The Patriots offense is still sharp, short and ground push approximate non combination attack solutions, finally the Brady Road direct receiver Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman) completed a 12 yard touchdown, but at the right hand little finger was injured. The game came to the second quarter, Brady threw a rare long pass, Sean - Martin external grams (Keshawn Martin) 39 yard ball directly to the other half scored 35 yards, the Patriots shot 3 points ahead. Again against the pony after the attack, the Patriots continued to attack, but in the red zone, Brady short Edelman, the latter is defender Mike sell pony Adams (Mike Adams) steals, then return touchdown, pony ahead score, Brady season 0 steals the gold was broken. A touchdown after the Colts kickoff, unexpectedly took a gamble to play, grab the ball almost. Escaped the Patriot mind a little, to promote the pace of the game on the ground, ran Wei Garrett Blount (LeGarrette Blount) suddenly angry, break through the layers of defense to complete the 38 yards pony ball touchdown, the Patriots again counter ultra score. The pony attack group did not continue to silence, they learn the Patriots last 3 yards in advance step by step, Clark compression under the condition of road passing T.Y. Hilton (T.Y. Hilton) touchdown, the score counter ultra. The Patriots today attack another Brady uncharacteristically long pass found wide receiver Danny Oman (Danny Amendola), Dora 35 yards, and scored the first half horse. The last 2 minutes of the first half, the Patriots attacked the whole way, the 3 - and 4 - gear conversions were successful, and the final goal was to catch the score to 20-21. in the second half of the first half patriots offensive, has not played rob Kowski (Rob Gronkowski) Gelon finally exposed fangs, 2 catches for the first time to help the team win the first attack, second times the ball 25 yards to help the team ahead score touchdowns. fourth, the pony attack has been covered, and the coach also wants to use the proud center form at special service.

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