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According to tradition, the new Adidas will use the 2015-16 Jersey Flamengo home court striped sweater design. Before and after the New Jersey will each have four red stripes and three black stripes. Flamengo is printed on the chest badge with a black stripe. JJ- Watt, the full name Justin James Watt, is now playing for the NFL Houston Dezhou team, the defensive end of the Department. At the University of Wisconsin at JJ- Walt University, the first round of the 2011 draft conference was selected by the Dezhou people at the first round of the 2011 draft conference. Watt was born i cheap nfl jerseys free shipping n March 22, 1989 in a Scotland immigrant family in Wisconsin. My father is a fireman and his mother is the director of the building company. When graduated from high school, Watt joined the University of Michigan, where he was playing the near end. Then the coach advised him to play offensive tackle, Watt rejected the proposal, choose to become a sparring player at the University of wisconsin. It was here that Watt began to touch the position of the defensive end. His two brothers, Derek and TJ, were later studied and served at the University of Wisconsin. during the University of Wisconsin, Watt JJ- was in the 2008 season all year round by the red shirt (for reasons not allowed to play), but he was selected as the best player of the year for the reserve team. In the 2009 season, Watt appeared 13 times as defensive frontline. The data of the season were 32 single player tackles, 12 combined tackles, 4.5 escaping and 15.5 tackles. Watt was awarded a number of honors, including the first team in the United States, the first team of the Big Ten League, the team MVP, etc. during the University. In the 2011 conference, JJ- Watt was selected by Houston Dezhou in the first round of eleventh. In his five year career, JJ- watts won the league's best defensive player of the year three times. Although the main position is the defensive end, Watt is occasionally on the back of the defense. In recent years, Watt has also tried to play his own energy in the offensive team, with 3 passes in the 2014 season. In the 2014 season, Walter became the first player in NFL's history to get more than 20 escapement in the first two seasons. At the same time, he also kept the record of the history of the Dezhou people's capture and making the ball.Our football equipment network a few months ago, AC Milan club and Adidas announced the termination of the contract jersey. The contract contract signed until 2023 will end in advance of the season. It is reported that Puma is likely to pick up the plate. Let's enjoy the classic Milan robes in the history of the long river.even-even soccer equipment network the German Football League will enter the 2017-18 season with a new look. The bundesflag was launched in 2003, and this time it will be modified to make it easier to digitize. The Second Division League will get its own mark for the first time.

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