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The Oakland Raider announced on Friday that it would sign a contract with the quarterback Christian Pound (Christian Ponder) for a year, and the amount was not disclosed. Pound will be rejoined with the offensive coordinator, Bill Musgrave (Bill Musgrave). Pound was selected by the Vikings in the first round of the first round of 2011 by the Vikings, and since then, Pound has worked with Musgrave for three seasons. 2013 after the second half of the season Pound had lost his starting position in the team, although last season was due to Matt - Cassell (Matt Cassel) and Teddy - Bridgewater (Teddy Bridgewater) of the injured and lucky get the opportunity to play, but have poor performance, which makes the management of the Vikings, he completely lost confidence. The Raiders had previously cut off the Matt Schaub of quarterback Matt, saving 5 million 500 thousand dollars in the salary space, so that Pound would compete with Matt Meg Lorne (Matt McGloin) in the position of the 24 sub guard.The official website of NFL | Davis will return to the line or Pax patriot | Rugby al cheap nfl jerseys free shipping though the new England patriots are still bothered by the deflation, the team will not stop the footsteps of the strengthening. Local time Wednesday, NFL official website reporter, is a free agent linebacker Brandon sparks (Brandon Spikes) plans to visit his old club this week. The first 4 spparks occupation career season has been played for the Patriots, through his efforts during the period proved to be an excellent - run type linebacker. Last season, sparks briefly joined buffalo Bill, his performance just passable in there, the final part company each going his own way with the team. Sparks is a very pure second defender, but the Patriots know how to motivate his full capacity. now, no other team expressed interest in spparks. Patriot squad, Jerrod Mayo linebacker position at present (Jerod Mayo) - Collins, Zhan Mei (Jamie Collins) and Tangta - Hajto Hua (Dont 'a Hightower). This offseason, the Patriots in the second premise weakened will shift attention to the construction of a powerful front group of 7 people. If the sparks can join, he will further deepen the team's the end of yesterday in the National League finals, the Green Bay Packers the dominant encounter "black three minutes" at the end of the game, and in overtime by the Seahawks seckill, Super Bowl tickets will give up dramatically. Such a way of losing is also difficult for the whole packers to accept it. Aaron, Rodgers, a team quarterback, is frustrated after the match, "better team is not able to win." However, their star guard Josh Heaton (Josh Sitton) then it is a voice said he was disappointed that such as did not lose it in the playoffs. said: "the hand of Sidon has the ducks fly, for any people who are very hard to let go. Especially in the NBA Finals, you will feel that the efforts of the first half of the year have been wasted. What is the significance of our promotion to this step? What's the difference between the playoffs and the playoffs? To tell the truth, I don't think it's better to simply not get into the playoffs, so the disappointment is a little smaller. " also added that he would rather face Sidon defeat did not want to see the collapse of the team, at the last moment, he said: "we all take the initiative, there is no reason to lose. We have wasted at least 10 chances, and 10 times a chance to hold it to the end of the game. We were a better team, better on the field, and at the end of the game, it was so hard to lose. It is obvious Sidon pique with composition, but that the game will become the long-term pain packers fans and the team.The official website of NFL | Minnesota Vikings determined Cassell as starting quarterback | football at the moment of the renewal of the contract, Matt Cassell (Matt Cassel) was considered to be the first quarterback of Minnesota Vikings in the first week of the regular season. On Monday morning, local time, we finally got the exact news. according to FOX sports station reporter Jay Glazer (Jay Glazer) news, coach Mike Zimmer (Mike Zimmer) told the team at the conference that Cassell beat the new year quarterback, teddy Bridge Voight got the first job. When Cleveland Brown faced the worst situation of quarterback competition this month, the two quarterback did not perform well. The Vikings actually faced the best situation. Cassell quickly adapted to the offensive system of offensive coordinator Norv Turner. In the three pre-season games, he averaged 9.4 yards each time, and his passing rate reached 66.7%. Bridge Voight, who was in regular training, had a bad performance in the first pre - season. But the rookie was quick to rebound, playing well in two consecutive games, including a 2 - minute victory in second pre - season games. compares with other transition quarterback, such as Chad Henne of Jaguar, Brown Blaine Heuer (Brian Hoyer) of Chad, and Matt Matt (Matt Schaub) of the Raiders. Cassell is underestimated, Chad. He was not afraid of passing the ball forward and having a good attacking player in the team with him around him. In addition to the defense team directed by Zimmer, the Vikings may become the black horse in the northern part of the country this year. but don't make a mistake: Cassell's position is not steady. If the Vikings lost the ball, winning less than 50%, so we will probably see Bridgewater took over the starting position.

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