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The official website of NFL | Panther main defensive end | football season due to injury. recently described the Carolina Panthers is bad news again and again, there had been the first show including wide receiver Calvin Benjamin (Kelvin Benjamin), more than the main rotation players suffered serious injuries, and in the local time Saturday's preseason game in the second round, the main squad defensive end Frank - Alexander (Frank Alexander) misfortune of Achilles tendon the new season on the reimbursement fracture. Panther boss Ron Rivera (Ron Rivera) said in an interview after the match: "I feel disappointed for Alexander, and it is very hard for people to accept such a serious injury. Alexander originally wanted to take the responsibility of the main defensive side of the team with Charles Johnson (Charles Johnson). He missed 14 matches last season because of the League ban. Alexander said on the team's official website after that: I thought I had returned to the right track, but it looks like I am going to experience a return to the blood again. I still have confidence, never give up, I want to do now is to keep optimistic and devoted to recovery. The injury was just another obstacle that I had to cross in my life. hole (Kony Ealy), Yili will fill the vacancy left when Alexander was injured, also said Rivera Weiss - Holton (Wes Horton) is also expected to get more opportunities to play.Houston Dezhou of the second grade main receiver cheap nfl jerseys free shipping deandre Hopki (DeAndre Hopkins) in last week's game has staged a single hand ball 53 yards of wonderful performances, but the ball has been cancelled due to the foul, or single game ball number last week Hopki will be a staggering 169 yards. Dezhou manager Bill Obrien (Bill O 'Brien) on the team's official website said: "this is a wonderful relay. Hopki's performance this year is quite good. It is often a great number of yards to serve us. It is also a kind of enjoyment for me to teach the player. He is really a very, very good young man, with a broad future. So we need to do more games to get him to catch the ball. Obrien is right. Hopki's current catch number is ranked fifteenth in the league, but his passing number is only forty-third, and the team obviously needs to increase his offensive percentage. In the last season before the coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) of the offense, Hopki was the number of passes than the proximal frontal Garrett Graham (Garrett Graham) twice more, which to some extent hindered the growth of the genius took over, if the people of Dezhou to retake the AFC South title from the Indianapolis Colts hand, let Hopki more the ball should be the first step. The official website of NFL | Tom Coughlin is likely to remain a giant | football coach the New York giants almost certainly coach Tom Coughlin (Tom Coughlin) will remain in the 2015 season, but the coach may have to thank the rookie wide receiver Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham) help. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) in the NFL official website shows that the team boss John Mara (John Mara), who is satisfied with the direction of the development of the team, sounded more and more likely to keep her coaching team intact. However, in the season ending defeat to Philadelphia after the war, NFL's official website that Coughlin may have 1 to 2 assistant coach to leave in return at the same time. Although hasn't made certain decisions, but also to Coughlin at the end of the season and the senior team to discuss the team the next direction, he may be a dream come true, be in charge of a season in the giants. He has maintained a desire to continue coaching. He began his career as a coach at the age of about 50, and although he was 68 years old, he often said he was still young in this line. After failing to enter the playoffs in 5 seasons in the past 6 seasons, he has never been more eager to change the team's fate and make his coach career successful. , if the giants didn't pick out the most explosive newcomer in the new season of short season because of their incredible catch and speed, who knows what will happen?| huge bowl screen | Shandong handball Games opening ceremony ten momentum -- Interpretation of | hand Association Ji'nan October 16th sports news (reporter Zhao Renwei Liu Weihong) over a huge bowl screen hanging in the center of the field, has become the focus of the performance; Taishan, Confucius, the Yellow River, Olympic sailing, the unique elements of Shandong interlocking Pumianerlai; thousands of ordinary elderly, youth, enjoy the show sports passion, happy fitness...... On the evening of 16, the ten games opening ceremony in time and again in a veil, with a very visual language and distinctive theme of dedication of a visual feast, many highlights to lead a person to endless aftertastes. big bowl screen: stereoscopic language leading technology innovation The opening ceremony of modern big games can not be separated from high tech means. Bowl screen 50 meters in diameter is ten games opening ceremony is one of the biggest creative, the night sky, form two crystal ring and the Ji'nan Olympic Sports Center Stadium Xiliu, suddenly let the stadium over the huge space lively. The video screen bowl screen play, the audience can see at any angle, the screen bowl screen also plays a role in the performance of transforms. the opening ceremony of the creative team responsible person told the reporter, including games, various types of square performances so far, mostly Chen Erxian plane covered with elevation plane display applications, has achieved the ultimate. This time we try to find a way to expand the performance space in the facade, so in the center for the performing area erected above the projection screen in the bowl. There are two functions: first, it can be used as an extension of the plane performance space, for example, to create a towering image of Taishan; secondly, we can put the detailed pictures in the plane performance into the audience, giving the audience the same feeling of seeing the outdoor movie. was bright, flying dove of peace, the height of the Zhang Fan sea, the actors sing high...... These high specific highlights, mainly due to the opening ceremony of the complex and high precision wire system. According to reports, the number of the opening ceremony of high-altitude WIA reached 98, in addition to the number, the opening ceremony of previous domestic large-scale games were more than in all dimensions, scale etc.. The ground of 20 thousand square meters of the stadium is the bottom pattern of the PG lamp, and it is another bright spot in the high technology of the opening ceremony. The combination of PG lights, lighting effects and actors' dance movements greatly improves the effect of group performance, and brings viewers a new experience of performing arts and performances. Liu Guanlin, executive director of the opening ceremony, said: because the lighting effect is widely used, the power consumption of the opening ceremony is close to the electricity consumption of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games. The lighting control system has surpassed the Athens Olympic Games. Qilu spirit: Shandong momentum gushing out of How lets the National Games held in Shandong be remembered 〉

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