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The official website of NFL | group interview revealed: why the Seahawks coach is outstanding cornerback? | football Author: all lustre strong recently Haiying OTA (organized training team activities, voluntary), has just joined the Seahawks before the eagles cornerback Cary Williams in an interview, revealed some interesting topics. (coach) they always told me to be more patient, Williams said that there are a lot of very complex requirements, with the other teams I've had a lot of different, they focus more on the details, not in that every hour and moment of these details, and confirm that you want in each file are concerned about these details. now the sea eagles is best known for their defensive backs (commonly known as the second tier), and in the past two seasons, they pass defense can be regarded as the best ever NFL. They have three All Pro second-line players - Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas. And they choose cornerback figure standard led the entire alliance current, higher, stronger and longer a cheap nfl jerseys free shipping rm, we can see this trend in the two session of the draft; and in the free agent market, origin of the Clemson University cornerback Byron Maxwell 6 round pick from the sea eagle away after one of the League salary one of the top cornerback. Figure standard can be learned, but no team in the League to duplicate the Seahawks second-line another success: in the past few years they can always make cornerback new tune complete transformation rapidly, almost done the plug. I think this is because coach Pete Carroll and his team have strong abilities in developing and training players so that they can quickly integrate into the team system. As long as we find players who are physically and mentally consistent with the requirements of the team (long legs, fast speed, aggressiveness, and high confidence), we quickly train them to adapt to the team system and succeed. so, what Cary Williams said in an interview with the Seahawks coach are concerned, those small details for each file, completely validated my thoughts. I think the Seahawks coach group's attention to detail, even to a certain pace to tune the player's hand with, to ask accurate placement of every one of the basic skills of the players have trained with clear requirements, to meet the needs of the team system perfect operation. Cary and Williams also proved that the Seahawks requirements on these details to much more than the other team, after all, before Williams played for three different teams. like last year, widely known as sea hawk 〉 escapementAccording to news recently President Obama rejected the Washington Redskins from Maryland moved to the Columbia area's request, unless they change the name. a report from the National Park Service was directly sent to the politicians in Washington, D.C., who didn't allow red skin to build a new stadium in the capital unless it changed its name. now looks like the name of the new stadium in Washington will not be red if the big agencies decide to change. Let us look at the United States Secretary of the interior in 2014 on the red name said: "I think we should not allow this is similar to the" black "and" Brown "and" white "these names appear in any team name, I personally surprised me this name." , with the idea of landing in Washington, the best choice for the team is the old RFK stadium.Seattle Seahawks cornerback Shaquille Griffin (Shaquill Griffin) suffered a concussion on Monday against Atlanta falcons in the game, it may not be able to play this week with 49 people in San Francisco's game. Griffin was running back Coleman and Falcon Thai (Tevin Coleman) at the injured. Pete Carroll, the coach, said: "he's taking the inspection process. It's still a bit of a trouble and it's not easy to get back," Carol said. Griffin is the team's third round show this year, starting six games, this season a total of 35 capture and 10 destruction of the pass. if Griffin can not play, Maxwell Barron (Byron Maxwell) is most likely to become the first player. Last week he went to the 59 of the 62 defenders. Richard - Sherman Griffin's absence, (Richard Sherman) under the condition of Achilles tendon tear season, Maxwell, Jeremy Ryan (Jeremy Lane), Justin Coleman (Justin Coleman) and Sorpe (Neiko Thorpe) - NYCO will take up the second beam.according to NFL media Eyre Bert Brill (Albert Breer) reported that Houston Dezhou people's team and Blaine Hoyer (Brian Hoyer) have reached an agreement, and will sign a contract worth 10 million 500 thousand dollars for a period of 2 years, which guarantees the salary of 4 million 750 thousand dollars. Before that, Heuer had twice with New York's Jet opportunity. Heuer will compete with Ryan Malotle (Ryan Mallett) and Tom Savage (Tom Savage) to qualify for the first quarterback. The Dezhou team traded Ryan Fitzpatrick to the jet fleet to make room for Heuer. Heuer was familiar with the attack system of commander Bill Obrien (Bill O'Brien) when he was in the new England patriots. He also won 10 and 6 losses in Brown's team. however, the people of Dezhou still hope Marlott can grow as a starter, therefore may only temporarily Hoyer as the No. 2 quarterback appeared.

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