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The official website of NFL | Houston and Dallas police on twitter "war" | Rugby Houston and Dallas garrison development department seem to have prepared for the match between Houston and Dezhou cowboys on Sunday. Maybe fans and teams are not ready yet. do you know how we know it? Because the two departments began to fight on their twitter on Wednesday. The war started with a rather innocent message from twitter of Houston's police. They consulted the Dallas police and their star player JJ JJ (the Watt quarterback) on the weekend. The content is this: the victory of last week is great, so which quarterback will Dezhou people come to Dallas this week? @JJWATT@DallasPD do you know? unti cheap nfl jerseys free shipping l Houston police tweet the news: the losing side of the game changed his tweet's head to the other's team for 24 hours. Dallas answered, "look at your head so ugly, no one wants to change it." , we have seen many teams playing jokes and fighting before games, but such a twitter fight between Dallas and Houston police keeps everyone happy.The official website of NFL | Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson | football ankle surgery Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson (Patrick Peterson) began to recover after surgery. Peterson right in November 23rd against Cincinnati tigers game ankle surgery, he underwent surgery at the beginning of the week and may be able to return to some time in the offseason training team organization. Peterson posted a picture on his bed on Wednesday in twitter to thank his doctor, who said the operation was going well. His teammate , cornerback Justin Bethel (Justin Bethel) received surgical treatment left foot fracture. He won't take part in the team training.Green Bay Packers announced today that the team's attacking player Derek Xie Rhodes (Derek Sherrod) was cut off. The first round of the new show ended the 3 and a half years of packaging career. During the period, he made 20 appearances, including the first second weeks of the season to fight the New York jets. In the opening war, his struggles left a bad impression on the fans and the team, which allowed his opponents to kill the quarterback two times. in the 2011 draft, the packer brought him under thirty-second. The 2012 season, Sherrod missed the entire season because of a leg injury. This summer, the packers once expressed optimism for Rhodes's future. However, the team did not execute the team option for the 25 year old attacking team in the last year. According to , according to ESPN, Sherrod was involved in the number of offense of 28.1% of the packers this year. The media hold a reservation for his future, thinking that some teams who have a lack of depth in attacking frontier may have some contact with Rhodes. But the media also further pointed out that Sherrod's strength and history of injury will put some teams away.the closing time of the US time on Sunday is not only a return to the playoffs for 4 years, but also for the New Orleans saints. The defense of the saints in the last few seconds to completely block the Carolina Panthers four quarterback cam Newton (Cam Newton), to keep the team's victory. saints defeated Panthers three times in a row this season, which evidently proved that the team did well on the pitch. This is also the team victory celebration together, so in the locker room after the game, the team started the dance along with the music, to their surprise we saw coach Sean - Payton (Sean Peyton) of the figure, apparently his dancing is quite good.

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