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in a successful rookie season he became the offensive rookie of the year that after the Losangeles rams running back Todd Karli (Todd Gurley) spent a miserable season in the second grade. Gly in the two grade season and the entire ram attack team as a big performance decline, he averaged each time to push the ball can only advance 3.2 yards, in all punching balls more than 150 times of the runner in the bottom. on Tuesday, Gly was asked how to evaluate his 2016 season when he was on the NFL website. "like a nightmare. I still can't believe the performance of the season, "Gly said. "It must be a difficult year, and it's a learning process for me. The record is only 4 to 12. I don't want to feel like that again. " Gly said in December the rams offensive group described as "high school team", then rams consecutive games suffered defeat, which led coach Geoff - Fisher (Jeff Fisher) fired. But now the Karli explanation says he just evaluating players rather than coaching. in the first four career starts every punch ball code number more than 125 yards, Karli used by everyone and Hall of famer. But then he had only one hundred in 24 games. Since 1970 the country United Union and has not played running back season and averaged so many times Karli punches the ball (17.4) but did not have cheap nfl jerseys free shipping a red ball number 100. rams have now been replaced by the coaching staff. Gly is still talented, but can the new coaching team inspire his potential in the 2017 season?The official website of NFL | outside to the team by the Jaguars took over too much attention to | football Jacksonville Jaguars in the past two seasons through the draft and signed a series of operations to build up a group of talented offensive team, but this offseason they ho throw daughter reinforcing multiple weak position defense group, is expected to next season dark horse Deus ex. However, for the team's widespread interest, Jaguar Allen Hurns is not happy. Allen told ESPN interview: "I don't like the fact that my team has been overconcerned. I like low-key." is interesting that Hearns just released a week ago that he and his teammates, Allen Robinson (Allen Robinson), are the best external combination of the league. Now he also says he likes low key, and the two statements are inevitably contradictory. now has the Jaguar is continuing in the progress of young quarterback Black Bo (Blake Bortles), Tolstoy and Robinson Hearns took over the big two, excellent running backs combined TJ- Elton (T.J.Yeldon) and Chris Avery (Chris Ivory), and near end Julius - Thomas (Julius Thomas), the offensive team is so strong it is difficult to keep a low profile. While the defense group, introduced the team defensive tackle Malik Jackson (Malik Jackson) this year and Sean Gibson - Safety Wei Tai (Tashaun Gipson), at the same time because of injury last season did not hit a third Xiutang pedicle (Donte Fowler.Jr) - Fleur will return to the new season, Jaguar will almost certainly have record increased significantly. Hearns also understand the team's paper strength have enhanced a lot, he just doesn't want to be what he said: last year, almost no one can afford us, results of this year everyone began to say we broke out. Loved by the people and respect is certainly a good thing, but these people are not supporting our team, as long as we do well, they will be away from us.Seattle Seahawks cornerback Jamie Lynn (Jeremy Lane) to help the team completed the first shots in the super bowl, he steals in the end region of the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) pass, the team refused to lose points. , however, Lynn was hit by the Patriot player in the process of the return attack, and he fell heavily on the right side line. His elbow landing was very painful, and he didn't get up for a long time. He finally pulled out of the court by a battery car after receiving a simple fixation. The team later claimed that Lynn was doubtful. This is the first time steals Lynn occupation career, but had been hit by injuries the Seahawks defensive line adds a member, this is not what good news, substitute Lynn debut cornerback Sara de Simon (Tharold Simon) and no good defense, Julian Edelman patriot receivers (Julian Edelman) seize the opportunity to complete the long distance gear conversion, the Seahawks reached the red zone.In the base of | third "Zhou City Cup Kunshan softball Grand Prix China Taiwan network April 28th Kunshan news April 28th April 25 to 26, the third weekly City Cup Kunshan slow softball Grand Prix was held in Kunshan, Jiangsu. There are 20 teams from across the Taiwan Strait and more than 400 athletes and coaches in this grand prix. Among them, there are 5 teams from Taiwan Island, 9 from mainland China, 9 from mainland, and 6 from mainland universities and other teams. After two days of fierce competition, from Taiwan to enjoy the slow softball team won the public competition champion, most valuable player, home run award, Best Coach Award, and was awarded the triple crown trophy, becoming the biggest race winner. slow softball, derived from baseball and softball, is one of the most popular mass movements in Taiwan. Sports itself is characterized by solidarity, cooperation, courage and wisdom, and simplicity and learning. It is a recreational sport suitable for all social groups and age groups, which can not only keep fit, but also enjoy physical and mental activities. After many years of development, the Zhou Shi cup slow barrier Grand Prix has become an important activity for Kunshan to build a continental spiritual home for Taiwanese businessmen. It has become an important platform to promote exchanges and exchanges between Kunming and Taiwan and enhance mutual understanding between the two peoples. Through the traditional event driven, slow softball in Kunshan has been rapid development, now has more than 40 softball team, at the same time, baseball and softball are full to the campus of Kunshan middle school, summer camp, summer happy Baseball Softball competition activities of pupils loved by students, more than 20 primary and secondary schools to become the softball movement to promote the pilot school, laid a good foundation for the baseball and softball in the rapid development of Kunshan health. , the State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center bangleiqiu hand song talks Orioles deputy director of cross all the guests attended the Grand Prix opening ceremony. (Taiwan Kunshan Taiwan Taiwan office correspondent Chen Wei)

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