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The official website of NFL | gesite Khodorkovsky for the first time in ten years missed extra points | football The new play rules NFL affected hands play a whole season, but after the new England patriots kicker Stephen Khodorkovsky gesite (Stephen Gostkowski) has been outstanding until just the end of the American League finals so far. , the patriotic stable kicker has completed 523 additional shots before the match against Denver Mustang, but Stephen lost the additional point after running a full yard touchdown. , which is the first time that Stephen has lost the additional points since 2006. The last time he lost the additional points, he still played against Tennessee Titan in December 31, 2006. lost the extra distance from this game to 33 yards. This season, Stephen performed well, finished 52 additional points cheap nfl jerseys free shipping shots, and scored 17 goals in 3 points, including a 40 yard shot. eventually the Patriot lost 18 to 20 to the wild horse.The official website of NFL | Saint Graham admits he still shoulder injury | football although the injury reports of the New Orleans saints showed that the shoulder injury of Jimmy Graham near the front end had healed, he himself confessed that Jimmy had not yet done so. The day before he said in fifth weeks of shoulder injury continues to bother him. When was interviewed by reporters, Graham said he was still in the midst of a shoulder injury every day. On Friday he said in an interview: this season really often shoulder to affect me, sometimes I can endure the pain to participate in the competition, so I'm afraid I will continue to play with. also said that the shoulder injury also affected his cover. added: I just want to play in the game and make a contribution to the team. In addition to win, I don't really care about what my own data, even take 15 times to catch 4 touchdowns but lost the game again have what meaning. saints in Pittsburgh for thirteenth weeks without a victory, but Graham did not pass the ball to his ball at a time.Oakland Raiders running back, Weiyousi - Murray young (Latavius Murray). In the twelfth week home court against the Kansas City Chiefs in the game, only 4 red ball scored 112 yards and two rushing touchdowns, but then in a back attack hits received after concussion problems exit the game and missed thirteenth weeks of the game. But by this Wednesday, Murray has begun to resume training for a match against San Francisco's 49 people this week. Raiders coach Toni sparano (Tony Sparano) said in an interview "Bay Area News": "Murray's run performance makes me very satisfied, I also know that this season he made only 14 balls, so I will try to let him get the ball, to tell the truth I'm good Chimu Lei how will the play, I believe the fans are looking forward to." ????????14?|??????????????????????????????????????????90?????????????|???????|?13?|???????????5.85???????????????????????????-???????Darren McFadden????????-???-??3??Maurice Jones-Drew????????????????????? , at present, the Raiders are only 1 wins and 11 defeats. I believe that in the remaining four games, the Raiders will let Murray take lots of balls to add some highlights to her and save some faces. After all, Mcfadden and Jones Drew are really unacceptable.[Photo] report 2014 "Tiancheng HongRi" Cup National Bowling Championships (four) | Bowling Hubei team before the game to prepare Guangxi women's doubles players Zhuhai women's doubles players Hubei women's doubles players Beijing women's doubles players Hunan women's doubles players Shenzhen women's doubles players Liaoning women's doubles players Jiangsu women's doubles players Xiamen women's doubles players Dalian women's doubles players Anhui women's doubles players of the Hubei University women's doubles players Guangxi men's doubles player The Beijing women's team player Sichuan Zigong women's doubles player Jiangsu contestant Shenzhen female contestant player and referee Guangxi, Zhuhai, Hunan, Guangxi, Shanghai player Anhui female contestant Yancheng female contestant The Hunan women's team

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