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The official website of NFL, outside linebacker Robert colt Mathis will retire in the next race, football nest one of the greatest players in history will be in his last game. Indianapolis Robert Robert Robert announced that he plans to retire after the next battle against Jacksonville Jaguar. The maximum number of sacks active players, he behind Dwight - frini (Dwight Freeney) 0.5 sacks. In his 14 year career, Mathis made 122 escapement. I want to leave safely, not with injuries. The rest of my body wanted to stay with the children, Mathis told reporters. As the legend of the pony, is the only four player to spend 14 years in a pony. Mathis will no doubt be the most captured player in team history when he retires. He is also a player in the history of the pony team that has forced the most to drop the ball (53 times). can think of Mathis and frank as the best defender in the histo cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ry of a modern pony. Mathis announced the news of his retirement on his personal Instagram. The manager, Chuck Pagano, said Mathis told his teammates their plans to retire after training. 's 5 career bowl, Mathis, is the core of the pony defense team. He is one of the most daunting players in the league. Mathis has scored two figures in 5 seasons in 14 seasons and has 9.5 escapement in 3 seasons. Three years ago?? At the age of 32 he got the best 19.5 escapement of his career. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.although the life of Jielun - Strong (Jaelen Strong) has ended in Dezhou, he will continue to stay in the south of the United States. according to various reports, the Jaguar in Dezhou people laid off after strang claimed him one day. Strong, who did not attend the opening battle for the competition, did not finish the game last week for the tigers. He was the three round show in 2015. He finished 28 matches in the first two years, 292 yards and 3. The Jaguar had previously lost his home Allen Robinson (Allen Robinson), and Robinson ACL tearing up the season's reimbursement. Last week, the Jaguar also signed Marx Mika Free (Max McCaffrey) from the saints' training lineup. The defense Michael Bennet (Michael Bennett) was put in the injury reserve list to make room for it.The official website of NFL | Baer injured his knee and absence of fear | weeks of football Pittsburgh Steelers running Weile viand - Baer (Le Veon Bell) once again suffered injuries. In his team's 10-16 defeat to the Cincinnati tigers, he left his right knee injury in the second quarter. Baer was caught in a flush near the border and a violent knee bump made him unable to continue the game. 's injury reminiscent of the injuries in the seventeenth week of last season. Baer knee ligament stretching, resulting in the absence of his wild card game, also ruined the Steelers promotion hopes. Before the injury, Baer held the ball 12 times in a quarter and a half, pushing 58 yards, which was the core of the team's offensive tactics. this week to welcome back the Steelers - Ross Lys Berg (Ben Roethlisberger), but this season he and Baer, Antonio - Brown (Antonio Brown), Weiss - Bryant Mata (Martavis Bryant) attack the terrorist coalition group of 4 people, with only 20 minutes. The injury has become the biggest problem facing the steelers. Veteran Dean Gu Luo - Williams (DeAngelo Williams) substitute.the Denver Broncos tight end Julius - Thomas (Julius Thomas) this season with 9 games took down 12 touchdowns, but the ankle to work two months after he had made. Thomas knows that people are questioning his willpower, especially when he was a basketball player in college. He was compared with the willpower of NFL players. , however, Thomas said he didn't know that he was going through this dangerous situation: "someone didn't know me and didn't know my recovery." he would say that I played basketball and was very weak in overcoming injuries, but that's their view. I know myself very well. People often ask me how I feel about NFL. I think when everything is going on, they feel the injury is coming back, and then they feel that I am almost injured. I should return. "but in fact, basketball and rugby are different." Thomas added, "the basketball season is very long, so there is plenty of time to recover." But rugby is different, that is to say, I have to play with injuries like some of the players. But it doesn't care if the injury will affect them all their lives. "

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