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flag football football is simplified and safer version, while retaining the football tactics, team core value and charm, to tear the flag instead of collision to avoid physical contact, to maximize the protection of participants is a gender, age, location and other factors, suitable for all people participation in sports and happiness within. Starting in 2015, all Chinese olive fans over the age of 9 will have the chance to participate in the NFL flag football game this year. Teams from all age groups can compete for the champions of their own cities. The University team's city champion will also qualify for the seventh session of the University bowl. Shanghai competition area , No. 135, Jianguo West Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai; competition time 8 29, 30 - first cup 9 19, 20 - second cup matches 10 month 31, November 1st - the University team city final & primary school group, junior high school group, high school group, open group third cup 11 14, 15 - primary school, junior high school, high school, open group city final & seventh session of the University Bowl Final age group primary school - 9 - 12 - year - old junior high school - 13 - 15 - year - old high school - 16 - 18 - year - old University Group - 18 - 22 - year - old open group - 18 and above * note: players who meet the age or age group can sign up for the age before August 1, 2015. team mode players who meet the requirements of age and school status may be able to sign up for team team or free team tea cheap nfl jerseys free shipping m in addition to the university group, all the other age groups accepted and welcomed the female players to sign up for only accepts the team as a unit, and does not accept the individual sign up each team has at least 8 players, up to 10 people, and can sign up for up to 2 coaches or team leaders, enrolment competition adopts the form of online registration of free team team, and the team leader enrolment and registration. The opening time is August 17th. Please pay attention to the latest information from the official website of NFL and the public account of micro-blog and WeChat. competition cost The team must pay 1000 yuan as the cost of the competition, including NFL waist flag, rugby match qualification, NFL waist flag football match dress 10, waist flag 10 pairs, rugby 10, rule manual, training manual and coach POLO shirt 2 pieces. The cost of competition must be paid online at the time of registration. If you need an invoice, please indicate at the time of registration and provide the receipt of the invoice.NFL's official website, DeMarcus's hand pass Mustang shock is about to return to training in football nest noticed, Denver Mustang: the helper is coming. despite the fierce competition of the quarterback in the Mustang offensive team, there is no sign of ending. One of the best passing players in the League will return to the training ground to help the defending team. according to the local media in Denver, DeMarcus - DeMarcus (DeMarcus Ware) will return to training. Since the team won the Super Bowl in February, he has never been in team training because of his back injury. Although will not immediately return to the Mustang -- he may not bring victory in the preseason game and may be in the next two weeks and slowly increase the amount of training to participate in training until completely Regression -- a good veteran almost always can help the atmosphere in the dressing room. Especially for the wild horses, they realized that the defensive team was unprecedented. To help the team win the super bowl and give the same excellent performances to help the defensive team of the new season return to the playoffs, the return of vill means that there is another excellent player in the defensive team. , currently the ninth ranked NFL in the history of killing, has made many wonderful performances. He also has many things to strive for in the wild horse.NFL????|??????????????????????????|????? , because Geno Smith failed to deliver the ball to her teammates, but to the opponent's hand, Bill played only 20 minutes to control the New York jet team's competition. and Bill quarterback Kell Orton (Kyle Orton) this should have third touchdowns -- if their rookie receiver Sami Watkins (Sammy Watkins) is busy in early not into the region before the celebration was scoring jets defensive players from behind the grapple. this is the 10 yard line in Orton came the ball, Watkins out of defense after the jets in the region, 20 yards began to slow down and stretched out his right hand show score, the jets defender and running on the 10 yard line around he holds down. Watkins got up after the ball smashed on the ground, regret. luckily, Brown scored the 2 - wave attack in the next 12 minutes and took a 21 - 7 lead in the half.Bowling | "Uncle" staged bowling nirvana! I can't see the bowling bottle but it can be connected to the whole 03-19 12:14:14 handheld Wenzhou client covers the line of sight with the baffle, and can not see the bowling bottle in the distance, but it can throw in the whole center. The afternoon of March 17th, the Wenzhou amateur master Bai Xixiang in the downtown European City Jiaxin bowling show "tough" action, playing on the edge of people have said, "the uncle can really play." had 3 shots in the 5 shield, and he said he had been short of recently. has 10 Lane bowling alley Jiaxin, in order to facilitate the photographer, specially take the 4 road. Bai Xixiang put the beforehand barrier on the front end of the fairway (Figure), and adjusted the position of the baffle. The final baffle completely blocked his bowling line, so that he could not see 10 balls outside 16 meters. "This is equivalent to." Bai Xixiang said that if you cover your eyes, it can easily cause physical injury to the athletes, such as smashing the middle of the foot. The reporter, standing at Bai Xixiang's pitching position repeatedly, did not see the bowling bottle at the end of the ball, and the test was officially started. "ready, I'm going to throw the ball." I saw Bai Xixiang take the ball slowly, and after a few steps, he flung out a flying saucer ball. Not waiting for everyone to respond, "bang" a sound, 16 meters out of the 10 ball bottles have all fallen. The crowd of people amazed, "true cow!" Then, Bai Xixiang threw 4 shots in a row, 2 all, and the 2 left. "I have been practicing less recently, and the results are general today." "it's not amazing for professional players." Bai Xixiang said that when he used to take part in training, he often used this way to train. The main purpose is to keep the players' movements and positions in a very stable state. you might not expect the 47 year old amateur to practice bowling at the age of 26. "In 1996, a Taiwan boss opened the lion lion bowling hall at dawn Road in downtown. I just went there to work, watching the guests playing ball, and gradually becoming interested in playing golf skills in the spare time. Bai Xixiang said that he had been a soldier and had a good physical quality. After a long period of training, the ball skills grew increasingly and gradually went to the road of bowling. amateur was elected to the national team, and he created the Wenzhou record is difficult to hit the ball in the left hand relative to the other movements. "Like most sports that need to be played by hand, most athletes use their right hands. Most of them are left-handed. I usually practise just for fun." When Bai Xixiang left his left hand, he used his right hand to protect the insurance.

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