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Washington Red Leather training camp has been officially launched on Wednesday. At the same time, the red skin announced on the same night that the team has reached a long-term contract with Ryan Kerrigan, the main line. Corrigan said in the official website: "red red in the original draft chose me, I love the club, I love this city, to have the opportunity to spend the rest of the NFL career here makes me very happy, I need to do is to use the excellent performance to return to the team now." NFL media Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that Corrigan is a 5 year contracts worth a total of $57 million 500 thousand, including a $16 million signing bonus. This year is the last year of his contract, the original salary in 7 million 30 thousand dollars, signed the new contract after he became the League salary third outside linebacker behind Justin, Houston - (Justin Houston) and Craig - Mathews (Clay Matthews) after. 's renewal negotiations in May have finally come to an end, and the red skin has also succeeded in leaving the best hand and the best line in the te cheap nfl jerseys free shipping am. The 26 year old Corrigan last season with occupation career high 13.5 sacks, according to occupation football focus website (Profootballfocus) statistics, a total of 51 times last season, Corrigan successfully forced the quarterback hasty hand, the data after Galston - Houston, in the league in all 3-4 outside linebacker second.NFL official website, 49 linebacker Smith due to the season, pectoral muscle tear football nest August 7th news of the seven people on the 49 front line in San Francisco lost a key member on Saturday. line guard Barkam Smith (Malcolm Smith) will be absent for the whole season because of a chest muscle tear. last season with the Oakland Raiders Smith in this offseason in 5 years to $26 million 500 thousand, including $13 million guaranteed income contract with 49 people. The former Super Bowl MVP in the first year of the new contract now had to sit on the sidelines. The absence of Smith in the crowded 49 person line defense position provided an opportunity for the rookie Reuben Forster (Reuben Foster). In the early training camp, the latter performed well. Forster is expected in the new season will replace Smith as a starter, and Nawoluo - Bauman (NaVorro Bowman) and Ahmad Brooks (Ahmad Brooks) as a partner. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Ryan, general manager of Indianapolis pony, Ryan Grigson hopes to be able to supplement her draft results with talents wherever they are found. can see from this sentence that he is looking for help from outside the United States. such as Indianapolis local media interpretation, Grieg senzheng became a pioneer for players in the global scope of the general manager in NFL. His recent trial includes players from Australia, weighing 380 pounds (172 kilograms) of the athletes, some from the Canadian Football League player and a rugby player from Kenya. "if you have an elite level of physical fitness, you can play rugby," Grigson said. "This is not a sport that requires professional talent, such as golf. If you have a certain degree of toughness, you have excellent mobile capabilities, you have intuition, if you have elite level in these areas, you can have opportunities. , he said, "Hey, this can be Africa, it can be the South Pacific, it can be Eastern Europe." local media to recruit linebacker Daniel Adongge (Daniel Adongo) as one of Grigson's successful experience. As a top English rugby player in Africa, he came to the pony and had an outstanding performance in the 2013 season. He missed the season because of injuries last season. This year he should have a good chance of competing in a training camp to stay in a team. at least, this is an exciting signal that the team is willing to expand the scope of the search talent. When NFL, especially the defensive team, is becoming more and more meticulous, the possibility of bringing skills from other sports is not changed so much.The official website of NFL | alliance data revisions: Gray run 201 yards | football congratulations to Jonas Gray (Jonas Gray), he and leviant - Baer (Le Veon Bell) to join the club 200 yards. After the record shows, the new England patriots running back in the team last week to 42-20 victory over the Indianapolis pony in the game, try to run 38 times, with 199 yards, and 4 touchdowns horrible. Today, the Alliance announced the revision of Gray's data, reducing the number of times to 37 times, and the number of codes was revised to 201 yards. 's revisions have made Gray the third player in the history of patriots who have shot more than 200 yards in a single game. The reason for the correction was that when the game remained 10 minutes and 31 seconds, Gray had an attempt to lose 2 yards of the ball. Subsequently, the referee sentenced the pony player to a foul, but the initial statistics erroneously recorded the run of the number of lost codes into Gray's data. in patriots history, Jim nance (Jim Nance) in 1966 to the Oakland Raiders game, rushed 208 yards by 38. In the 1983 New York jet competition, Toni Corinth (Tony Collins) only tried 23 shots and finished 212 yards. In addition, Curtiss Martin (Curtis Martin) in 1997, and the jet's 199 yards in the game.

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