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Michael - Clubb Terry (Michael Crabtree) came to another team in the Bay Area - the Oakland Raider. The contract is only 1 years and 3 million 200 thousand, and there is a bonus of up to $1 million 800 thousand. is considered to be the big fish season Crabtree Hugh the free agent market, but has no team gave him a big contract, eventually signing this term with the Raiders, to prove his contract. When 49 people are selected in the first round of the 2009 Crabtree, for the team for 6 years has made 347 catches for 4327 yards and 26 touchdowns. In 2013 a marked decline in the state after Achilles tendon surgery, but the 27 year old Crabtree is still likely to bring more surprises. raid other foreign competitors including James Jones took over the array (James Jones), Rhodes (Rod Streater), Streeter Andre - Holmes (Andre Holmes) et al., signed on the second grade Crabtree their quarterback Derek Carle (Derek Carr) to provide st cheap nfl jerseys free shipping rong support.The official website of NFL | ram show champion Goff to his football quarterback from | This year's show champion quarterback Jared gove (Jared Goff) will usher in his first NFL season, show champion status and living in a big city like Losangeles, let him feel the pressure of nature. In order to relieve his pressure, he began to contact the young quarterback of other teams in order to seek experience and guidance. Goff revealed in an interview that he had Mario Kobita and Marcus - Tennessee Titans and the Jacksonville Jaguars (Marcus Mariota) - Blake bottos (Blake Bortles) had private exchanges. Goff said in the interview, "they are very helpful. When I ask them for help, they say to me," I will be glad to ask you any questions. So I had a lot of fun chatting with them. In particular, Mario Kobita, he has given me a lot of people's experience, such as what the difference between University and NFL and how to adapt to this transition period. When I was in University, I played almost the same attacking system, so I needed the adjustment and adjustment as well. I felt that what he said was very useful. is not only the active quarterback, also played with Gough rams quarterback former who made contact, he was chosen in second days with Vince - Ferla Garmo (Vince Ferragamo) and Jim Everett (Jim Everett) met to Kurt Warner (Kurt Warner) of SMS communication. now Gove, is not willing to go to the ram in order to choose a huge price paid by him, just want to mind on football. He said, "it's a great honor for me to choose me at such a cost." But at the same time, I am just part of this team, so I try to do my part well every day, and I will not manage anything else. I'm just a quarterback playing rugby, that's all.The official website of NFL, the lightning coach is uncertain whether to participate in the new season, Williams took over the football nest tiger news August 1st first round pick Losangeles lightning receiver Mike Williams (Mike Williams) recently received back epidural anesthesia after treatment response is good, which makes the general manager Tom Telaisike (Tom Telesco) for Williams to avoid surgical optimism. but lightning manager Anthony Lynn (Anthony Lynn) is still uncertain whether Williams will be in the 2017 season. I hope this injury won't end his season, but who knows? Lynn said. This may lead to his season's reimbursement. No, I had no idea. You want him to play, but luckily we have excellent substitutes in this position and we will spend it smoothly. Lynn's confessed remarks continued his tenet at the beginning of his appointment. Lynn has made it clear that he is concerned about players' performance in the field and does not want to be troubled by continuing injuries. In Williams's back injury is considered serious injuries before, Lynn suspected that Williams missed the off-season training will not lead to him behind schedule. obviously lost a big catcher and the impact of the first round of the team is hard to eliminate. Williams would have solved the focus of the lightning pass and help the team to play in the red area. But Lynn was not alarmed, and he was trying to use the situation to motivate health players in the array. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The main body of the new logo is very similar to that of last year, but the new one is more rounder. armband from the design point of view, the new season will be very similar and before. But because of the Spanish bank BBVA will no longer sponsor from next season, the Spanish Ligue 1 and 2, so the name of the BBVA has been removed from the armband. the original link:

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