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After 's fiftieth super bowl, people were wondering whether Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) would choose to retire. recently announced that Manning will announce his retirement decision after the end of this week, according to the Denver post. in fact this is not a surprise, Manning knew that the Denver Broncos need him to make the right decision in March 9th, the team needs to renew the Super Bowl MVP von Miller (Von Miller) if the negotiation success team will need to give Miller the privilege of using the label, so Manning's contract will become a burden. although the Losangeles rams expressed interest in Manning, but it cheap nfl jerseys free shipping is the premise of Manning's choice of one more year. but according to the news, Manning has not yet told the Mustang's own decision to retire.The official website of NFL | patriots receiver Edelman return to training | football new England Patriots will be able to become the most dreadful attack group in the alliance one or two weeks. The proximal front Robert (Rob Gronkowski) - Marcus' Thursday morning to return to training and wear kneepads took part in training. On Friday, wide receiver Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman) also return to training. Since the Edelman since mid November against the New York Giants game sidelined midfoot fracture. as a quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) the most reliable passing target, play well in Edelman slot allows the offensive team to keep running. The absence of Edelman was a big blow to the Patriots. but it's not all good news. According to Boston media reports, Edelman looks a little limp, he may still need a week or two weeks to return to the game. the patriots have lost a lot of important members this season, but they are able to return to their return before the playoffs. And Edelman may be the most important one of them.The official website of NFL | packers Coach: Rodgers is at the peak of | football last month since the Green Bay Packers can be said to be a trend which cannot be halted, they are currently in the League of Nations has tied the record to the Arizona Cardinals, a Super Bowl champion for this trend, and in stark contrast to the downturn at the beginning of the season. The main reason why the packers are hot is no doubt the excellent performance of Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers), but now the support for Rodgers to win the most valuable player in the regular season is also increasing. Packaging Manager Mike Mccarthy (Mike McCarthy) also has no secret of love for AI. He said in an interview: I have never seen a quarterback reach Rodgers's current level. Many people say that Rodgers is the top 15 player in the 2011 season of the regular season, who is 15 and 1. In my view, he has more leadership than he did at that time. His performance on the field is unprecedented. Rodgers has finished 15 times more than 40 yards this season, which is the first in the league. Since November 9th, 16:0 Rodgers's touchdowns than is amazing, from the end of October since the quarterback had score less than 109 points. Now Rodgers is really in the top state of his own, and I believe that such a Rodgers should not replay the one round trip of the 2011 playoffs.

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