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Chris Ballard (Chris Ballard), the new general manager of Indianapolis's pony, continues to strengthen the defensive team that is urgently needed to change blood. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to the informed sources reported that the pony has agreed to 2 year contract signed before the defensive end Ma Hunter (Margus Hunt) - gus. came from Estonia, and Hunter, who was once dedicated to the HBO "hard man training camp", did not reach his expectations. However, the 2013 two - round show did show a steady runaway level as a rotation. in addition to Hunter, Ballard in the free agent market opened the first week at a reasonable price to sign outside linebacker Jabbar kald (Jabaal Sheard), John Simon (John Simon) and buckwing UZ - Mingo (Barkevious Mingo). The ponies are still chasing defensive spike - East Tower (Dontari Poe) and the inside slope guard Kevin Minter (Kevin Minter). in the past 5 years, has experienced a series of bad luck, bad money signings and wasted after the draft, the defense has been decrepit pony. Ballard had a good head in the process of updating.NFL official website, NFL regular season four power rankings, football nest London competition is undoubtedly the biggest selling point this week. Especially for the fans who are in the distressed time of live broadcast, this National D cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ay holiday is absolutely fine. The Seahawks in the absence of opportune conditions with jet, and Hu anger a mission was considered Marshall Sherman's new model ghost sword; the Panthers defense became the background plate Ryan and Julio iceman, Anderson Newton made a return to the sidelines wipe cloth; the Patriots home court after a lapse of 23 years by zero letter, Ryan also opened in Boston premeditated carnival; last season, another National League final team also exposed weakness, RAM after the move is still the same killer; Steelers by an eagle to appreciate the training of many new moves in the last week, to learn to use in the Kansas City Chiefs who. is next to the end of the fourth week of the strength of the ranking: First ( = 1) (4-0) Mustang would have to put back on the horse really justified. How did the three quarterback of the Patriot be home to zero, and to see how the three quarterback at the beginning of the wild horse season won the game. Gary Kubiak's team is at the top of the list. 1/4 of the season passed. In the past, the quarterback team was the best team -- the whole defensive group, C.J. Anderson and special service team. So the center behind the butt is not guilty, even facing the top teams. Kubiak said on Monday that Trevor Siemian (a non - habitual hand sprain) was observed daily. ???Siemian???????????????????????????????????Paxton Lynch????????? Who knows, but the child for his arm but full of confidence. Second ( = 1) the Vikings (4-0) Sam Bradford is more and more love, even the narrator is with the Zhao Zhongxiang teacher's tone on the new Vikings quarterback make eyes at a man. The defensive team continued to leave the mess in the attack group - when it was unstable. In addition, the focus is: This is still the Mike Zimmer team. He was the side of the team, the Viking performance of which mapped all the ideas he had instilled. This is a group of undead strong, still don't think? third (down 2) Aigo (3-1) not sure if this is in the Lawyer Milloy era, the Patriots against Bill at the worst. History: the season before Bill Belichick cut the Shenyong safetys, then watched him and Bill signed and completed in the first week of zero closure 31-0. That's Belic〉The official website of NFL | Titans cornerback knee injury this week is expected to return to | football Tennessee Titans cornerback Coty Christensen Fort (Coty Sensabaugh) due to a knee ligament injury out of the last three weeks of the season, but it seems he is expected to return this weekend to play for the team. The Royal Fort this week to participate in all team training, the team was marked as likely to play. Titan coach Ken Whisenhunt (Ken Whisenhunt) said it would be necessary to continue to see that sacharbor was really well to make him play. He said: only ssssburger's 100 percent recovery will make him play, after all, he has not played a lot of time. Sen SA fort is the main second player Titan rotation, after he was injured by George Werwilson Titan (George Wilson) and rookie Marquez (Marqueston Huff) - a huff to fill his vacancy. In the interview, he didn't disclose how many defensive tasks he would take this week. He said, "I've changed a lot during my injury, but that's not what I can decide. In any case, we need to support each other.Handball | Beijing Olympic Games Olympic Village opens | each delegation will continue to enter the village | hand Association Click to see the wonderful group map Cleveland Beijing on 27 July, (reporter Li Yiming high into Li Lei Xiao Han) 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Olympic Village opens this morning at the Beijing Olympic Games Olympic Village flag plaza. The village of the Olympic Games in Beijing is officially opened. early nine, the opening ceremony of the village was officially opened by Liu Jingmin, the executive vice president of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee. The ceremony was first addressed by the mayor of Beijing and the executive chairman of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee, Guo Jinlong. Liu Qi, the Secretary of the Beijing municipal Party committee and the executive chairman of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee, handed over the Olympic Village keys to the village head of the Olympic Village and Chen Zhili, vice chairman of the Beijing organizing committee. is a citizen of Beijing family on behalf of the people of Beijing, together with Chen Zhili for a Chinese traditional crafts and best opening, on behalf of the people of Beijing in the Olympic Village and all the villagers offer a blessing. Then the red door opened slowly, and the scene played a lively and lively music. Hundreds of colorful children run to the stage, fly the color balloons in their hands, and send the Fuwa and flowers to the guests. The audience burst into applause, flags, streamers everywhere. The official village of Olympic Village represents the official start of the Olympic Games in Beijing, and the Olympic Village will also usher in more than 16000 athletes and delegation officials in over 200 countries and regions. The Olympic village is the largest Olympic non competition venues, and is equipped for athletes playing the most excellent rear security, but also for the athletes in the arena to compete, create success and provide Houguwuyou home. After the opening ceremony of the village, will also welcome the welcome ceremony of the Chinese sports delegation to the village. (finished)

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