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The Swiss team will be the two round of the playoffs and Northern Ireland, decide a quota for next year's World Cup in russia. Under theThe official website of NFL | Dezhou city to spend 62 million 800 thousand dollars to build a high school football field | football , on Saturday, Mckinney, Dezhou, through a vote, they will allow the construction of a high school football field worth 62 million 800 thousand US dollars and more than 12000 seats. according to the United States today, if the stadium is built, it will be the most expensive cheap nfl jerseys free shipping high school American football field in the United States. 's vote on Saturday confirmed that the city will spend 50 million 300 thousand dollars on the latest 220 million dollar bond as a stadium expense, and the remaining 12 million 500 thousand dollars has already been spent in the city's local debt expenses in 2000. although Mckinney is the most expensive stadium, but only 5 miles away from it, there is a stadium worth 60 million dollars and 18000 seats. At present, according to the construction condition, the Mckinney stadium will open to the public in 2017. thanks the construction of the stadium for a total of 51 million 400 thousand dollars in donations and refurbishment for the 6 schools in the region.In Europe and all over the world, the women's Football League is rising. Now the men's and women's team also enjoy his team from Olympia to Manchester City to Florence. They all have world-class spectator fans. The team was founded in 2015, in just two seasons, after 2 to 0 victory over the Udine team, boarded the scudetto. Although the foundation is relatively weak, but that is the environment created a top European team. This photo capturesBrown of Cleveland to Mccann in the absence of quarterback Josh (Josh McCown) under the condition of eighth weeks against the Arizona Cardinals. The veteran quarterback was injured in the shoulder during a game that was lost to Saint Louis rams on Sunday and did not take part in Wednesday's training. Coach Brown Mike - Si (Mike Pettine) had told reporters now Mccann has made it very difficult for him to continue to participate in training. Mccann's injury, means that the substitutes for the quarterback Jonny - Manzel (Johnny Manziel) became the starting of the training. However in Manzel to be ready for the next start at the same time, his off the storm not Ping Xie, who broke the news NFL Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that Manzel on October 12th on the highway and girlfriend accident on Wednesday met with investigators NFL. Rapoport also said that despite the accident, it was almost impossible for Cleveland to keep Manzel from playing. Brown has gone through two consecutive defeats, 2 to 5, third in the north of the United States.

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