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this year is still the game hall of fame kicked off the new season, the game was held in Ohio, the city of canton. Pittsburgh Steelers became both to participate in this year's preseason opener, the team Hall of Fame Game, and participate in the new season opener for the team, and their opponents were the Minnesota Vikings last season and Super Bowl champion new England patriots. The game attitude of both sides holding training to participate in, the Steelers players such as quarterback Ben Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger), Antonio - Brown (Antonio over Brown) were not playing, Vikings ace running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) nor array, starting quarterback is the second grade players Teddy - Bridge Voight (Teddy Bridgewater). After four sides second, third team battle, the final Viking team 14 to 3 victory over the steelers. the first day after the start of the game, the Vikings rookie quarterback Bridgewater data most outstanding under the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping leadership of last season, played a wave of smooth attack and successfully scored the Steelers before the end of 10 yards, but fourth strong offensive without success. Bridgewater did a good job in the attack, 5 times the 6 pass and 44 yards. DELHI - the Steelers substitute Janice M. Vidal four Jones (Landry Jones) into the state of slow first quarter goalless. second the Steelers first attack, Landry Jones by running back the Delhi - Archer (Dri Archer) the speed of the screen and short effective attack, and by the kicker Shaun Han (Shaun Suisham) - Suez completed a 36 yard shot to 3 than 0 lead. Vikings quarterback Mike Kafka substitute (Mike Kafka) also followed by complete not resigned to playing second fiddle, a 34 yard pass from the proximal end and front maykor Puruite (Mycole Pruitt) - complete touchdowns, help the Vikings 7 more than 3 counter ultra score. in the second half of the two sides are still in shock on the pavement and scramble, few achievements. Till the end of the third quarter and 4 minutes when the Vikings players return to the unit ball end before the Steelers 1 yards, and running back Joey banyard from the bench (Joe Banyard) rushing touchdowns, helping the Vikings team 14 than 3 extended the lead. Just before the end of the third quarter, the Steelers passing by Vikings linebacker Brian Pitts (Brian Peters) steals. And the last section of the scene is more and more intense, but only both sides have no more. eventually, the Vikings won 14 to 3. Vikings backup quarterback Kafka 10 pass 66 yards and scored 1 touchdowns in 7, Steelers quarterback Jones 32 only completed 16 times, with 135 yards. Bowling | 2015 Beijing famous enterprises and institutions of the bowling competition ended 2015 Beijing well-known enterprises and institutions bowling competition successfully completed , sponsored by Beijing evening news reader club and Beijing Bowling Association, "2015 Beijing famous enterprises and institutions Bowling Competition" ended successfully in December 26th in Beijing East environmental protection arena. A total of 50 teams participated, the competition adopted the Beck style three team competition system, each team played four points in the top twelve of the award. The end of the top twelve are: 1, ronshine sports teams, three teams, 2 voyage bowling, 3, East 3D team, 4, 5, Yong ice band, and his club team, 6, 7, 50 after Changying team, team 8 wins, Hondar team, 9, most of the new three team 10, Beijing diplomatic service bureau personnel, team 11, team 12, Huatai Zijin City, security forces.The official website of NFL | Gelon Khodorkovsky 15 seconds | football return address American time on Friday, rob glenkovsky (Rob Gronkowski) made a brief speech at the training press conference. is reported to have been speaking in the new England patriot dressing room. he said that: I'm trying to do what I can do, I'm recovering every day, and I feel great back to the group. It's really good to train with you on the court. As for other issues you ask the coach Bill - Bailey (Bill Belichick), nozick. Thank you G Ron koves Ki sprained his knee in the twelfth week battle against the Denver Mustang. After that, he missed 4 training sessions. It is reported that he will take off again in the team's fourteenth week match against Houston and Dezhou.even-even soccer equipment network England Tottenham Hotspur FC and Under Armour today launched a joint team in the 2014-15 season of new home court and away jersey. The theme of the New Jersey is #SeizeGlory, which is the greatest person in the history of the club. Bill · and Nicholson (Bill Nicholson) died 10th anniversary. The new shirt from Bill new shirt collar and cuffs with a bright yellow, inject new vitality into the traditional white and Navy blue. The same yellow stripes also appear in shorts and socks.

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