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from the beginning of the first organized youth summer camp in New York, one hour NFL project has been in Chicago, Losangeles, Miami and other seven city started the project, every summer camp is expected to have 300 to 9 to 13 years without football experience of Hispanic teenagers. can have fifth years to continue to hold summer camp opportunities I feel very honored, "founder of the hall of fame foundation Caitlin Munoz said," these local summer camp for each ethnic children have a great impact, I am glad that I can be here every year to teach these children. When I was young, learning from my NFL idol is a very important thing, and these summer camps can help the children here get more help. " The main goal of the summer camp is the church youth football skills, get more exercise, and let the children recognize the importance of exercise in life, these seemingly grassroots activities will have a huge impact in the local community, and for the future of more beneficial activities to pave the way for. The project will work together with the Rugby Football Association and NFL flag football association to bring youth to the safe and contactless rugby game, so as to teach children the importance of teamwork and sports spirit. In the meantime, Anthony Caitlin Munoz foundation will also particip cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ate in the summer camp, promote their health fitness concept, and strive to make every child in America can exercise one hour a day.when we discuss rugby football, everyone's focus is always on offensive teams and defensive teams. Real professionals also include the performance of special service teams on the field to consider the overall strength of teams. A good special team performance can provide a better starting position for the team, and sometimes it can be the key to deciding the winner of a game. For the fans, the excellent return to the attack will make the atmosphere a climax. As a retrospective series of the 2014 season, we look at the 5 great back attacks of the season. 2014 season 5 return fifth rams SWAT collective return touchdown lead do one thing under cover of another last week our 5 trick first will include the punt return touchdowns in the ingenious design of Secret Service Coordinator John Fassel, ram is almost from the Seahawks who gain victory with unstained swords scored 7 points. Let's look back: The 2014 season for seventh weeks, the Seattle Seahawks at Saint Louis rams, second and 7:24 seconds at the end of the ram 14 to 3 lead the Seahawks, the Seahawks in his own half blocked the attack, had to punt. Punter Jon Ryan kicked the ball out, the Seahawks special teams player crazy to ram half ran. The rams usually punt return of Tavon Austin in his court left hand made "sketch safety ball", special teams player ram to Austin direction together to do the cover, this also let the unit "Sea Hawk gun" (responsible for the fast approaching back to attack the player, a speed of take over or play cornerback) immediately to the missile to Austin. The missile is just rushed to the bait, and the true target - ram another return Stedman Bailey in the right hand to catch the ball in his court, and then his teammates to help solve two near the Seahawks secret service, breaking through to the boundless plain Seahawk backcourt, raid 90 yard touchdown return. The second day just half 21 to 3 lead the Seahawks rams. the game eventually to 28 to 26 victory over the Seahawks end of ram. Return without this game in the first half of the return touchdown, the Seahawks later gradually fierce offensive momentum, he is really hard to win this game. The back attack of the special service team played a very important role in the game. 2014 season 5 return fourth Darren Sproles over 49 people flying, 82 yard punt return touchdown In the fourth week of the 14 season, the eagle was a guest in San Francisco and challenged 49 people. After the departure from the saints joined the eagles veteran running back Darren Sproles with a 82 yard long occupation career return touchdown surprise four, proved that he is not the media and fans in the mouth has humbled "old squirrel". game to the second section there are 9 minutes and 13 seconds, 49 third conversion failed, only to send the ace abandoned "a NFL team moved to Losangeles to be more feasible, but also a step towards becoming a reality. The Losangeles Times reported on Thursday that NFL began to contact a number of stadiums in the city. The goal is clear: the league is trying to find a temporary home for a team that may be relocated to Losangeles as early as next year. earlier this month, it was reported that NFL would start looking for a temporary home in NFL. Now, NFL is responsible for the development of the institutions of vice president Chris - Hadat (Chris Hardart) confirmed the news: "if a team or teams want to move, this is part of the process, in order to understand all our choices, but also to develop a comprehensive plan." hardattolgoi confirmed Losangeles Memorial Stadium and the rose bowl is one of the two sites are in contact with the alliance, but he refused to explain any other venues are in contact with NFL. According to the Losangeles times, both the University of California at Los Angeles and the University of Southern California have the right to refuse the NFL team to use their stadiums. Although hardattolgoi refused to provide other venue information, NFL website has other venues in the talks include the Dodgers Stadium according to insider news, angel stadium and History Center (StubHub Center) (uncle of Losangeles and the Milky Way America Chivas home court). Although the since 1995 Losangeles has no NFL team, the Saint Louis rams or Oakland Raiders and San Diego lightning may be the earliest in 2016 relocated to. Stan Kroenke, the ram owner, plans to build a new stadium in Wood, while the Raiders and lightning have planned to build a new stadium in Carson. The two stadiums are unlikely to be completed before the 2018 season, which is why a temporary home is needed.the Minnesota Vikings coach Mike - Zimmer (Mike Zimmer) said Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) of the back injury will not affect his participation in the playoffs Sunday. Peterson missed the game last week against the Green Bay Packers. But he returned to the match again, but he did not participate in the training on Wednesday. But Zimmer said his super guard was ready. obviously this is good news for the Vikings. Because of the weather, the next game is likely to be a running ball war, so Peterson's role will be very important.

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