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The official website of NFL | veteran defensive striker Cory Redding retired | Rugby veteran defensive front player Cory Redding (Cory Redding) announced his retirement decision on Wednesday at tweet. he said: I will leave me for 23 years of sports. Thanks to the teams I have played, the coaches, the teammates, the fans and my family. ????35???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????3???????????????1??13???????? Since the second round of the 2003 draft was selected by the lion, he started 147 games and got 35.5 escapement. in the last season due to an ankle injury and was put in the injured reserve list, Redding was laid off and the Cardinals No one shows any interest in in the free agent market in April this year. It was a big difference in 2007, when the lion used a 7 - year - 49 million - dollar contract to make Redding the league's highest paid defense. he never played the performance of the contract, but reed certainly made a career that cheap nfl jerseys free shipping many colleagues would feel satisfied.NFL recently widely believed that the referee from all walks of life in Atlanta and Arizona Cardinals Falcon games last week were Falcon back to attack the German - hand Hester (Devin Hester) in the end zone before the Hand-Pulled Noodle cover foul is wrong, Hester after touchdown cancelled. was about to Hester touchdowns, finally a defender and cardinals punter Drew Butler (Drew Butler) was forced through the way of trying to cover Hand-Pulled Noodle and Hester Hayes, entanglement, open arms to push the mask of Butler trying to get rid of, unfortunately at the same time the referee found two people Hand-Pulled Noodle cover foul, foul offset this file again. After the game, the League to be fined $8268 for Butler, and they were not punished because of Hester, union officials believe that this is just an ordinary pushing action. This Hester reluctantly said: "this is all too late, I can not forget the touchdown in any case."Seattle Seahawks and ensure that one of their young star in the future to stay in the team defense. The team announced a contract renewal on Thursday with the weak side guard K.J. Wright (K.J. Wright). Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), a NFL official, said the new contract was worth $27 million, according to people familiar with the news. "in the offseason, we think that K.J. is one of the key players in the future, our goal is to let him stay a long time in the sea." General manager John - Schneider (John Schneider) said in a statement. "The time of this renewal allows us to leave as many of our core players as possible. Since the first day of the team, K.J has been a real occupation player every day in training, so that we can let him stay in the team for K.J. and his family and our fans are excited." Wright started 54 games in 58 games in 4 years, and he grew up to be the best line guard against NFL. He is also in a defensive ball show impressive speed deep close, according to the field conditions for blitz quarterback. From the Mississippi State University, Wright was selected in 2011 fourth round draft, the Seahawks in recognition of the high level players and the training of middle ranking players into the draft at the end of the Super Bowl champion team in higher than average players show outstanding ability, and he is one of the outstanding representatives. only in the last nine months, the Seahawks had locked Wright, Michael - Bennet star ball impact (Michael Bennett), both selected the best lineup of safety Earl Thomas (Earl Thomas) and cornerback Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman), which is a key player for NFL defensive group. Since the Wright will stay in the Seahawks in the next few years, they then have to do is Wilson and quarterback Russell (Russell Wilson) and middle linebacker Wagner Bo than (Bobby Wagner) to negotiate a lucrative contract.The official website of NFL | jets defensive leader Wilkerson Hussein quit football training | New York jet's star defense Muhammad Muhammad Wilkerson was injured in the training on Sunday, but it seems that the injury is not serious. The jet fans can not worry too much. jet commander Todd Bowers (Todd Bowles) later told reporters that Wilson just sprained her leg, and said he thought there was nothing serious about Wilson's injury. Then the jet announced the whole team for a day off on Monday. During the period of Wilkerson in this offseason has been to jet for a new contract, jet management has not responded, and was interested in the draft period to be traded, which makes Wilkerson very dissatisfied. However, the league's top 3-4 defensive fronts didn't choose to stop training, but rather devoted themselves to training, trying to adapt to the new boss Bowers's defense system. On the other hand, because of the team another defender Sheldon Richardson (Sheldon Richardson) for OTC trouble caused likely to miss the 2015 season part or all of the game, Wilkerson is expected to further show the value in the new season.

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