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Green Bay Packers are more active in the free market than some of the rest of the previous season. however, the team still lost a lot of veterans, including Jules Pepers (Julius Peppers), Dan Jones (Datone Jones), McCarthy - Hyde (Micah Hyde), JC (J.C.Tretter) and Trent TJ Lang (T.J.Long). now it seems that the coaches of the team are not satisfied with the Ted Thompson of the team, especially after the attack line players go to the Detroit lions to play the match. It is reported that the coach team has expressed anger for letting a professional bowl player leave. It is reported that the communication between Lang and coach team is very smooth. Lang's departure is not only dissatisfaction with the coach group, but even some players are very unhappy. Lang's case is a recent case, perhaps it's about the business itself. But Thompson now needs to focus his attention on the draft, because it will affect the team's next season.The official website of NFL | Hai Loti Natta: Trading accident did not enter into a new contract | football Detroit lions defensi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ve tackle Loti Natta (Haloti Ngata) was previously in the Baltimore crow after the transaction received many relatives and friends said an unexpected phone call. he then had to explain why he didn't feel so surprised. when we more close from the free agent market opening day, I think it is possible that Natalie said to the media. It didn't surprise me, but it did surprise a lot of my family and friends. But since we are not close to reaching a consensus on any contract, I understand that a lot of things can happen. I am really beginning to realize that the transaction is possible. now, whether he can get the lion's new contract may also be concerned about -- at the age of 31, it is inevitable for a new team to start before the season. I really didn't think so much, he said. I'm trying to know my teammates, "my position and tactical manual skills and terminology. Mr. will be one of the most notable player of the season. For years, the crow has always seen the defense system more important than the player's talent and has always had excellent defensive coordinators to prove it. But a close - up defense star leaving the crow gives us an opportunity to see whether it is the role of the system or the crow general manager is good at picking defensive talents. at the same time, male lions need to consider both sides carefully before deciding to renew their contract. Defensive tackle well hole before playing for Natabi Dharma lion Su (Ndamukong Suh) to re position and may have different skills.The official website of NFL, Joe - Thomas will not be traded before the trade deadline, football nest is worth a better team than Cleveland Brown for a player who has been in the best position of his own career. Joe Thomas (Joe Thomas) occupation level left Jiefeng bowl, the confirmation will not take the initiative to ask at the trade deadline in November 1st before being asked to leave the Brown deal. has learned that Thomas decided to stay in Brown and end his career here. Brown picked up Thomas in 2007. He has been the highest scoring left wing in the league. He is the only player who has been selected for 9 consecutive career bowls. Thomas is 31 years old this year, I had the opportunity to be traded to the Denver broncos, although Thomas will not demand to be traded, but no one can guarantee whether the deal will take place, but Brown fans at least know Thomas's position, he is in love with Cleveland. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Bowling |2016 Shanghai Baolin commune happy three people Beck bowling match fifth Odense team won (April 12th) 2016 Shanghai Bao Lin happy three Beikesai commune bowling night of April 12th at 7:30, in Dingjie bowling hot warm atmosphere, a total of 11 teams, the game each team won the award. It fully embodies the joy of the bowling movement to us. Happy happy Bowling bowling. The next meeting is in April 26th. You are welcome to sign up and join in. 2016 happy bowling three Beck fifth tournament score (April 12th) 1234567891011 team Odense team Huang Jia Lane Team Dingjie 3 team victory over the team Dingjie 1 team motiv star team Dingjie 2 team king Wu Liang team Pudong people team 8 team A team Ling YONGTUO Bao Zhang Gu Ren Wei A C B Zhiqian Ho B Zhao Xuanping C A B Wu Jia Chen Gangyao C Soviet Jiang Jian A Wang Fei B C A B Wang Jia Li Weijun Ma Ming Xie lawyer C Zhang Zhanhua A Feng Xiaobing B C A, Yang Siqi Huang Kang Meng Jiang Lu B C A Huijun Biaoqi Zhang Wu Jun B Chen Liang C Hu Jianping B A Ziqi Wang Delin C yuan force A Qin Yang Zhizhong B Cao Lindi C A B Xingxue Kuang Yao Yu Zhang Wentao C Wang Jiedi ABC181179217185196139174209199167183 a BC217179160203194213223183181224202 A178156215181191200204143223147153 round of the first round 576514592569581552601535603538538 three score winning 123 total two total 321 individual winners winning 231 BCA200155177169167208174 The 211162214197 round of two CA223211191203203170159170189164161 B203227160199223138222170191135195 second 626593528571593516555551542513553 three round of subtotal two 321 total prize winning score of 1233 individual winners of 123 CAB〉

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