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, since last month's Doug Doug (Doug Martin) launched a transfer rumor in the training field, the runner has cast a shadow over the future of the Tampa Bay pirates. Moreover, after the rookie season, Martin's average distance of the ball is only 3.25 yards, which is not satisfactory. now Charles Sims (Charles Sims) the main task of the injury and bear the backcourt, Martin's position gradually seem somewhat redundant and awkward. As Chris Johnson (Chris Johnson) did in the last days of the Tennessee Titan team, Martin also lacked enough vision and patience, so it was hard for him to throw away the defensive players. news said the pirates will use more Sims and Bobby Rainey (Bobby Rainey) after the combination, and Mike - James (Mike James) will continue to bear the short code number of tasks, it is clear that Martin has lost the team in a space for one person in the summer, went to another team to become their own style the best choice.NFL official website, NFL announced the Occupation Skills Challenge Project in the football bowl nest has been a good day when the voices of the people are met. NFL announced that this season's career bowl schedule will include the return of the skill challenge. These skills challenges include the super cheap nfl jerseys free shipping professional bowl, the challenge of the strong relay, the precision of the pass and the best challenge. generally is the most concerned to avoid the challenge of the ball. Avoiding the ball challenge is a great idea. Dodge ball is one of the most underrated childhood fun, and it will make you think of brain hole wide open, such as when Atkins Bracey at Drew genaux threw a fastball he would react to such a problem. honestly said that it was a little miracle to have such a activity. Such activities could certainly be held 20 years ago. But today's NFL is more serious when it comes to physical maintenance. We may see a lot of audience choosing to watch the challenge of dodging. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Cincinnati tiger is losing an important player on the way to the playoffs. Andre Smith Smith will confirm the arm surgery, which means that his season has already been finished ahead of schedule. This is also the reason why the Cincinnati season is over. Earlier this season, NBC expert Chris - Collins Voss (Cris Collinsworth) named him the best right - cut front in the league. As the season went in, Smith's performance declined, but he still made a great contribution to the team in the open and pass protection. Smith has been in the League for 6 years, and the tigers have taken him off in the first round of sixth in 2009. In the 6 season, Smith had 66 appearances, of which 57 had been the first, and became an essential player of the team. At present, the Tigers had to use the former Green Bay Packers tackle Marshall Newhouse (Marshall Newhouse) - instead of the season Smith. In the past 3 weeks, his performance is not satisfactory, the team can arrange a tight end or running back to help against the opponent side rushed from newhouse.| handball at home and abroad more than 150 detachment July | Jinhu to build competitive handball event model | hand Association June 17th afternoon, 2016, the International Youth handball summer camp and the national student handball tournament press conference were held in Olympic Sports Center of Beijing National Olympic Games. The news conference was hosted by the National Sports Administration's hand cramp Baseball Softball management center, and the Jinhu people's Government hosted the Beijing Valley culture and Art Co. The conference announced that the 2016 International Youth handball summer camp and national primary and secondary school handball championships will be held in Jinhu County, Jiangsu province from July 20th to July 27th. first announced the CCTV directed by Chinese first team handball handball world MV "happy time", to all the organizers and co direction of the leaders, guests and media friends introduced to explain the general situation of this tournament, and the preparations for the tournament and promotion. It is reported that , the International Youth Summer Camp and the national handball Handball Championship in primary and middle school students to create a domestic "three first": the first event will make a county government contractors, breaking the previous single event is organized by the Handball Association Convention, Jinhu County, the county government will strive to create events into a national and even global brand let the International Handball, summer camp and students nationwide Handball Championship permanently settled in Jinhu; the first middle school, pupils play together hold, scale, level, the number of participating teams were the previous record of the event, at the same time there will be a small European country China small athletes and players, to communicate with each other, this event has become a large-scale event with regional and international influence; the first time the introduction of commercial marketing in the promotion. The mode of operation, the tournament China Handball Association for the first time to hire a professional organization (co organizer vale of Beijing culture and Arts Co., Ltd.) according to the operation mode of sports industry development and promotion of business development, market operation experience for handball more easily into the ordinary citizen groups, is of epoch-making significance in the history of domestic handball. State General Administration of physical education, director of the thunder army of the center of baseball and baseball, deputy county chief, Jinhu County, speaking vale of Beijing culture and Arts Co. company director Sun left full speech Jinhu has invested huge manpower, material resources and financial resources to undertake the 2016 International Youth handball summer camp and the national handball tournament, and is determined to make this tournament the best one in all previous competitions. The county and county governments also hope that, through this event, the "three vision" is realized: first is to set up a handball game model, to build Chinese handball games.

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