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Michael Vick in 2015 for the Steelers started three games, and said he felt "can play one more year, but quarterback 32 teams don't seem to think so, Vic after holding personal freedom for a long period of time. so it seems that the days of VIC as an active player are probably at the end of the day, and he himself recognizes this. Vic recently told reporters that he still wanted to keep in touch with rugby, but it might not be the way to play. "I think it's time," Vic said. "I'm trying to look at life from a different angle. I have a child but I cry piteously for food, and in the 2016 year spell. I was satisfied with my career and achievement, and the consequences were even beyond my expectations. Review the past every game, every single attack, I can say that I won the game for each team engaged in the team, although I am in the New York giants and Pittsburgh Steelers are only three times the first opportunity. I don't cheap nfl jerseys free shipping obliterate all, my occupation career has been very good, it's time to look ahead." Vick finished the last regular season at the Georgia dome of Atlanta falcons. He said he was "excited" for Atlanta and hoped that they could bring back the highest glory in NFL.Pittsburgh Steelers at the end of the 2015 season with injuries, but the core of the attack - Ross Lys Berg (Ben Roethlisberger) has been looking forward to the new season. Ross Lys Berg said in an interview that the 2016 season is expected to be the best season of his career. Ross Lys Berg said, "I think I'm at the top of my career. I really trust my teammates and we're going to have a better season." The Steelers have the most Athletic League wide receiver Antonio Brown (Antonio, Brown), Weiss - Bryant Mata (Martavis Bryant) and Marcus (Markus Wheaton) - Wheaton will continue in the future to help Ross Lys Berg. over the past two seasons, Ross Lys Berg's field was the first to pass the number of passes. This season, his 40 yard passes over the league, all pass to 8.4 yards, second in the league. Unfortunately, with leviant - Baer (Le Veon Bell) and Dean (DeAngelo Williams) - Williams's injury, the Steelers helpless to stop the first round of the NBA playoffs. If you can stay healthy, the Steelers future still can not be underestimated.Beijing Guoan Cohim has been one of the most distinctive character of the Chinese football team, traditional Beijing football is "small, fast, the style of the spirit" technology, and the importance of the ball, not the convergence of competition style. The new challenges facing the 2018 Super League season, the "guards" target a take on an altogether new aspect. Cohim Beijing Guoan New Jersey used a unique green home court, full body before and after the oblique fringe gradient for the overall design brings the modern, and the collar badge appeared in the bright yellow color on the side by side. "National security for the first ever" again in the collar, determined to embody Beijing Guoan Football in Beijing to defend the honor. multi functions of technological innovation both performance and beautyThe official website of NFL | jets fired rookie receiver Saunders | Rugby The New York jets declining made a surprising move in the three game losing streak, Monday afternoon officially announced to cut the four round of this year's rookie wide receiver Jaron Saunders (Jalen Saunders), in order to fill his position the jets signed veteran T.J. Graham (T.J. Graham). Saunders lost the ball six times ago in the match against the Chicago bears in the game. He dropped the ball as a return player, but this week he didn't play in the Detroit lions game. After being cut, he can still get into the jet team's training lineup. The team general manager John Itzik (John Idzik) in the May draft pick three receivers, but until there is no apparent positive effect, the other two are: Shaquille Evans (Saunders in the fourth round of the ten pick), because of a shoulder injury to injured reserve the list of Quincy Ai Nuhua; (Sixth) in September 2nd to be laid off, the signing of the training team and the team in the same week because of family violence was arrested. Saunders was the 4 round of the jets who traded Darrel - Weiss (Darrelle Revis) to the Pirates of Tampa Bay in 2013. When the transaction of ray Weiss for the 2013 first round pick and a 2014 fourth round draft pick, jet with the first round pick in thirteenth overall selection of Sheldon - Richardson (Sheldon Richardson), and to replace Lives Dee milliner's overall pick in the 1 round of ninth. Last year, Richardson, the best rookie of the league, had confirmed his strength, but Milina was still unaware, and Saunders was out.

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