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New York giants haven't yet given up the idea of letting Jason - Pierpaolo (Jason Pierre-Paul) return this season. has learned that the giant management team is very optimistic that Pierre and Paul can return to the last 4 games of the season. Pierre Paul I also very much hope that as soon as possible and the team finished the $14 million 80 thousand contract, as long as the team he removed from the non football injury list, and completed the signing in November 17th of this year before this season, he can get economic security. so far this season, the giant is 2 to 2, and the defense team has only contributed 5 quarterback to kill.NFL official website, 2016 regular season games and ninth week @ Raiders, Mustang football nest 2016 season ninth weeks of the regular season of the 2016 season wild horses @ Raiders 〉 〉 live address 〈 〈 The first half of the first half of the season, the two 6-2 negative teams from the United States and the United States of the United States are about to meet. Denver's wild horse came to the Bay Area in the first place (the number of opponents' passing code 183.9 yards). The away court challenged the Oakland Raiders in the first pass (the average pass 285.1 yards). The conflict war is about to happen. Oakland Raiders three grade four points Derek C cheap nfl jerseys free shipping arle has gradually grown into the league's top four points. Last week, in the face of piracy, Carle came out 513 yards, 4 times and failed to be copied. This data has also become the history of the NFL third single game came 500 yards, 4 touchdowns and no steals four points, the top two are the legendary Hall of fame quarterback Y.A. Patel and Hall of fame quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. The Raiders first left Jiefeng Donald Paine in last week also got their own occupation career milepost, in the face of the old master of the game, the offensive players got a touchdown catch, become the history of the NFL weighs more than 300 pounds. The highest number of touchdowns (4) player. although the Denver Broncos in the offseason the team lost many members of the main group, but they still retained the extremely tough defensive backcourt. Last week in San Diego lightning game, cornerback Bradley Robbie completed a 49 yard interception return touchdown. This is the season the Broncos defensive group completed third touchdowns. Last season's Super Bowl MVP von Miller this season remains quite good, as a game last week has won more than 2 of the League 8.5 sacks, although the overall level of the Raiders offensive front in the League second to none, but in the face of occupation career in the peak period of Miller, estimates they will be a bit unable to resist sustain the blows. broadcasting platform: sina sports Tencent video PPTV sports Iqiyi sports NFL Chinese website commentator: Zhang Yun The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL, hall of Fame Game audience can only get the ticket refund cancel, football nest ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????t? In the statement, the cost of the ticket purchase through the credit card will be returned to the card, the check will not be cashed, and the cash payment fans can ask for a refund in person or by mail. The Hall of fame said it was not responsible for any ticket sold by any used ticket website, but the large web site had a full refund for the sold tickets. occupation Football Hall of fame President David - Beck (David Baker) said on Sunday that they will take the value of about 4 million of all ticket revenue dollars back to the non-profit organization of the Ohio coast. but some fans had previously thought they should be able to get more compensation, including accommodation or travel expenses. After all, the competition is due to the human factor - the problem of the site conditions caused by the identification of the paint - and not the force majeure.| bowling website function introduction --CPBA occupation alliance website launched the test. website features and applications of the graphic introduction to the Sina blog: Bowling - Williams's pBA station Hello from Williams pBA station and China bowling alliance development, which lasted 19 months, tailored for Chinese bowling, handmade CpBA occupation League Bowling website, finally on the line, it is now a pure dynamic web site China bowling only, the most professional, the most professional bowling website development potential. Web site: it covers all kinds of bowling events, large events, small events, men's events, women's events, old events, youth events, the Arena Tournament week Saiyue..., but the real event results real-time broadcast, ranking automatic release welcomes all the players from all levels of the country, the organizers of the events, and the operator of the ball hall to come to use in addition to the event, also can get all kinds of information here about bowling, bowling and dynamic China world, also can initiate golfers initiated activities, topics, discovery and understanding of domestic famous players, and can communicate directly with each other, as well as the domestic top professional coach, drilling division, bowling studio, equipment manufacturers and other comprehensive. Resources for you to understand, most can not be ignored, it is rich in fresh bowling video and text.... more exciting, more functional, hurry to occupation alliance website mining right! want to keep up with the pace of the times that bowling, come come on, come on, Chinese bowling occupation alliance website Basic functions of web site introduction organizers: bowling tournament organizers can publish event information through the occupation bowling alliance website, all the events listed in the schedule page at a glance. all the players and bowling enthusiasts can see the whole race as long as they come here. The organizers of the event do not have to publish the rules of association frequently in the group, and do not have to worry about the missing information of the events. at the same time, all the players can through the occupation bowling alliance website online registration entries, before the sponsor can keep abreast of events to the application. scores can be entered into the website in real time in the game. All bowling fans can understand the race process in real time through the network. Like the pBA website, each game can see the result of the game in the next round, and can see the real-time ranking. 〉

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