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me football equipment network 25th anniversary, to mark the establishment of the Premier League from Classic Football Shirts (Classic Shirt) Gary Burton (· Gary Burton) selected his favorite Premier League best 10 jersey. In the past 25 years, the Premier League has sprung up a lot of good-looking and representative shirts, and then come with us. note: the selected Jersey represents only the personal views. 10, Chelsea 2005-06 season Jersey home court this shirt is one of United's home court believe many Reds fans love the shirt, the iconic red shirt, collar, sleeve zipper on the classic black series Umbro trademark, and the classic Han Qiaosheng teacher in SHARP advertising. 7, 2009-10 season second Away Jersey City this white color of the shirt is UMBRO works, minimalist design style shirt plus diagonally black ribbon, is destined to become a classic. 5, West Ham 1999-01 season Jersey home court Jersey is still the continuation of the classic elements of red wine and blue collar design, have a unique style at the time seems very fashionable.The official website of NFL | Dezhou quarterback: we | football to win relies on cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the outbreak of J.J. J.J. (J.J. Watt). Houston and Dezhou people nearly got the score close in the Thursday night match and almost got the chance to turn it around. But in the end, it was 28-33 to the Indianapolis pony. Dezhou quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) off the ball in the key moment of the match, the team hopes to reverse the ruin. After the game, Fitzpatrick said: we can't always lose, and let the news headlines write this: 'Dezhou people are close to victory'. This is not the purpose of our coming here. We are here to win. The people of Dezhou for their slow dig pit, at the end of the first quarter to 0-24 behind the team has. Although after three day Dezhou hit 28-9, but has been powerless, eventually to lose fruit. , it's hard for us to describe Watt's performance in this match. But after the match, he said that he had no chance to play ball, because the team lost the game. Watt said: I did a good job at that time, but it wasn't enough for the result. I have to find ways to do more for the team. Perhaps for the people of Dezhou, there is a real need for more people to do more.The number of money action player instead of Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel) but the Jacksonville Jaguars defensive spike Sendelike - Marx (Sen'Derrick Marks), he made this celebration at the completion of a quarterback sack, then the hand is the Tennessee titans. This sack after Marx was fined $600 thousand, because his sacks hung to the quarterback's neck which is considered to be a dangerous action and after the celebration of exaggeration, the game of the season he is captured and killed in 8.5, but this time the end of the game eventually captured and killed the end, Titan even hope that he is a considerable threat to attack across the line of players. Marx signed a contract with Jaguar last December for 4 years and 27 million dollars, which was the level of his sixth year career bowl.In the base of | love softball | in the summer and never give up spirit in August 4th, the air temperature reached 36 degrees Celsius. The hot sun roasted the earth, and the summer cicadas kept singing on the trees, as if they were releasing their dissatisfaction to the hot weather. However, on the court, children can still see the running figure, or match, or training, perseverance, and the strong willpower and endurance they send out, so that all the audiences present are moved. today is the third day of the game, in fact, lower age most children take part in the game, but also the largest at the age of 17, round robin continuous and uninterrupted training for children's physical fitness for itself is a huge challenge, but not a child complaining called tired, they run back and forth, repeated practice, in order to overcome in the field of tension, reduce errors, play the most stable level. For young children, they may not know what the real purpose of the game is, but they understand that they are fighting for the collective honor. How rare it is. If it was not a firm belief and a strong will, how could it be done? high temperature, hot day, hot weather are the most difficult events in this competition. It is half past three in the afternoon, in the heat of the day, the game has not started, many of the staff inside can not stand the feeling, have hid a cool place to rest, but the children still braved the sun warming up on the pitch, do receive training. A dripping sweat dripped from their cheeks, and the school name's jersey was already wet through. They still insisted on overcoming all difficulties, so that they could get more points and lose a ball on the field. They believe that the front of persistence is victory. when the two teams with great strength are confronted with great differences, the pressure of children can be imagined. Facing a strong opponent, they will not shrink back, never fear and meet difficulties. For the sake of collective honor, they will never give up even if they are very far away from their rivals. Some children say that participating in the competition is actually a learning process, in the competition to see their own shortcomings, to the excellent team to learn to improve. Even if we are not as good as others, we can not give up, this is the principle, this is the belief! maybe kids are really passionate about the sport of softball just let them in the face of so many difficulties and continue to adhere to, they will remember in the future, remember this summer, remember the game, remember the harvest, they have been happy, happy and know how to find happiness. As stated in the sentence: since the choice of the distance, they only trials and hardships. (Paul)

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