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Most of the new Beijing |2015 Bowling bowling twenty-third week race Frisbee players Ma Hongbo winMost of the new in Beijing in 2015 twenty-third bowling week tournament ranking: the number of 45 people, 19 people to participate in the championship, the flying saucer player Ma Hongbo won the championship, arc player He Jun runner up, congratulate the top eight players next week, free registration fee; Lin Dahua, won ten tickets: Qian Dapeng Zhang Youli, bureau, Zongwen meter; the bonus 258 yuan, to 3678 yuan bonus, prize pool accumulated 3936 yuan, not to the corresponding fraction of the extraction period, accumulated to the next!NFL official website, [review] tournament kicker and England Rugby lost new spoiler pirate nest Beijing time on Friday October 6th at 8:30 in the morning, NFL fifth weeks of the regular season race kicks off Thursday night. 2 - 2 - negative defending champion new England patriots visited Florida and challenged 2 - 1 Tampa Bay pirates. The two teams across the league team in the regular season last met in 2013, when the Patriots home court 23:3 in the pirates. Interestingly, the last time the Patriot challenged the pirates on the road was in the 1997 season twenty years ago, because the two teams' regular season match in 2009 was held in London, England. The of the game, the Patriots starting tight end rob Gelon '(Rob Gronkowski) due to injury; piracy, their line of Sergio Wundtian David (Lavonte, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping David) - based Alexander (Kwon Alexander) and Ward TJ- (T.J. safetys Ward) the same injury was not included in the list of games. the first stage of the Patriot offensive group started badly: Tom Brady (Tom Brady) - Hogan Chris long look for (Chris Hogan), but some of the high ball, pirates rookie safety Justin Evans (Justin Evans) steals the ball! This is the first time this season, Tom Brady pass was intercepted. Since then both teams have not found the rhythm of passing and abandoned kicks in succession. first day at 8:31, the Patriots offensive group got the ball on the 2 yard line, with a Brady have 12 yards and a 17 yard pass to lead the team out of the 20 yard line. Although Brady after defensive tackle Clinton Macdonald (Clinton McDonald) captured and killed - this is the first time this season, the pirates made sacks - Patriot or by pirates safety Chris Conti (Chris Conte) a holding made the first attack. Enter the half of the pirate, run guard Duhem - Lewis (Dion Lewis) on the right side of the ball push 31 yards. The Patriots kicker Stephen guest '(Stephen Gostkowski) hit a 27 yard free kick, the Patriots made the first 3:0 lead. quarterback Winston (Jameis Winston) - demis pirate attack under the command of the group is still useless, third out again. In the second quarter of the competition, the Patriots also failed to advance the half court, so the pirate offensive team came on the stage again. This time they chose to hand the ball to Doug Martin, the Doug Martin. He runs the ball in a row, pushing 11 yards and 17 yards. Enter the red zone, he was 11 yards into the end zone after the leap, 1 yards rushing touchdown, helping the pirates 7:3〉The most noteworthy new season | star NFL official website - Le Sean - Mccoy | Rugby Le Sean Mccoy (LeSean McCoy) was born in December 12, 1988. He is 180 centimeters tall and weighs 94 kilograms. He plays for the boss and is now in NFL Philadelphia hawk. Mccoy is one of the strongest runner in the league today. He is the largest runner in the League last season, and the NFC's best offensive player. Mccoy was a famous young superstar in high school. In the year of the high school, Mccoy had a single run of 406 yards. In the third season, Mccoy was even more unstoppable. He ran 2828 yards of the ball in a single season, got 35 and selected the best line-up in the The Associated Press state. In order to show respect for his outstanding achievements, Mccoy's high school shirt was officially retired in 2012. Before graduating from high school, McCall Ibn has received the invitation of the University of Miami, but because of his poor academic performance and had to transfer to matriculation. When Mccoy learned that University of Miami had replaced the team coach, he switched to the University of Pittsburgh. Mccoy won the coach's trust in the first week of the University of Pittsburgh, and his ability to kill in the middle is stunning. Because of the injury of the team's main runner, Mccoy won the first chance in the first season. He ran 120 yards in the first match of his first season. It is widely believed that he will become the most successful runner in the history of University of Pittsburgh. Mccoy ran 148 yards in the last match against West Virginia University in the first season of the season, and completed a 28 point super reversal with the team. Finally, Mccoy ended his season with 1328 yards. The sophomore season Mccoy more to 1488 yards and a trend which cannot be halted, he scored 21 touchdowns and ended his college career data. In January 7, 2009, Mccoy formally announced his participation in the NFL draft of the year. at the 2009 draft conference, the Philadelphia hawks selected Mccoy in the second round of fifty-third, and Mccoy began his career. Because of the injury to the team's main runner Blaine Westbrook (Brian Westbrook), Mccoy had the opportunity to start the start of the season at the start of the season. In that game, Mccoy came up and finished a battle. ?????????????????????????????|2????????20?|???????99???????????? In this national broadcast, Mccoy's name began to be known to more fans. At the end of the season, Mccoy broke the number of running ball yards in the rookie of the hawk history with 606 yards of running ball. In addition, he was also selected as the ten biggest rookie of the year. Before the start of the 2010 season, mckao 〉The official website of NFL | Pittsburgh Steelers kicker Kobe cut | football The disastrous performance of in overtime to Baltimore crow Thursday night game after the Pittsburgh Steelers replacement kicker. According to the official website NFL reported that the Steelers signed Chris - Bos Weil (Chris Boswell), and in order to vacate the space they cut off the lineup, Josh - Kobe (Josh Scobee). Kobe lost a free kick two times in the last three minutes of the game, causing the final team to suffer a terrible loss. Coach Mike Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) in overtime twice face four offensive when apparently don't trust his playing hand. Kobe in four games for the Steelers played in 10 free kick just finished 6, also missed the 1 additional points shot. steel with a sixth round draft pick Kobe, he got the contract and $3 million 425 thousand from the Jacksonville Jaguars in August. 24 year old boss, spent training camp at the New York giants. From the Rice University he as an undrafted in 2014 to participate in the Houston trial in Dezhou. Never in the regular season had shot the Bosch, has strong legs, he will now be in the League to play one of the most detrimental to the football hand. He is the 2015 season of fourth as the Steelers played kicker, Sean - souilly (Shaun Suisham) and Sharm Garrett Hartley (Garrett Hartley) have been put in the injured reserve list.

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