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Oakland Raiders will take over Michael Clubb Terry (Michael Crabtree) contract after the end of the season, but the team is obviously not going to let him test the water free market. Local time Wednesday, the official website of NFL reporter, and the Raiders have Crabtree a 4 year, $35 million contract agreement. Kelabuteliben for the Raiders to usher in the new season, he had played for San Francisco in 49 when the 2013 season injuries and 2014 season and mediocre. This season, he has shown the features of the new team again: the high success rate, the high performance in the red area, and good at playing after the ball. According to the current performance, he is expected to be at the end of the season when the ball 88 times for 1013 yards, 9 touchdowns. for the quarterback Derek Carle (Derek Carr), this is also a go cheap nfl jerseys free shipping od news. He will continue to partner with the ball in the next few years, the 28 year old rookie Cooper Crabtree and Amari (Amari Cooper) will continue to escort him.safetys Roman Harper (Roman Harper) signed a contract with the New Orleans saints, which he and his old master reunion. In the saints he chose the professional bowl twice and won a Super Bowl champion. Harper has been taking part in the team training on Tuesday with the saints. Running Tim - Heltava (Tim Hightower) posted a picture of him and Harper in the dressing room on twitter. fought for 10 years in the League for the Carolina panther in the last two seasons. He signed a contract with the Panther for 2 years worth $4 million 500 thousand, including a $1 million 500 thousand signature bonus, to start all 32 regular games for the Panther. He has made 4 copies of his most career in the 2014 season, but he did not get a copy last season. Before joined the Panther, Harper played for the saints for the first eight seasons. He was the two round of the saints in 2006. He started in the super bowl of the saints' 31-17 victory over the Indianapolis pony and selected the professional bowl in 2009 and 2010. Harper got 17 kills during the time of the saints, which was the most defensive defender at that stage, and he also made 14 attempts to drop the ball, which ranked seventh in the defensive defenders.Denver wild horse announced on Tuesday that the team has reached a deal with the New York giants. The wild horse will get the winner of the giants, Brandon Brandon (Brandon McManus). Then, the Broncos renounced kicker Mitch Ewald (Mitch Ewald). Macmanus was supposed to be given up by the giant. Don't want to lose his waiver wire for his wild horse and get the player from Temple university with a conditional seven - round sign. Mustang is now in urgent need of help in the position of the veteran kicker Matt Platt (Matt Prater) in the 4 game ban after the start of the game. Macmanus lost to the Josh Brown (Josh Brown) in the competition of the giant kicker, but the rookie impressed the giant in the pre season by hitting 46 yards and 47 yards of free kick. According to the New York Times, he had hit 75 yards in training. Macmanus also made some achievements in kick-off. There were 10 touches (touchback) in the 11 kick-off of the pre-season, and they also had experience in the discard position. Such a versatility is a reason why many eagles who may need to play kickball may pursue him, and the management of wild horses may have known about this situation. Then he felt that the players who needed the transaction urgently needed to replace Platt.recently said the Dallas Cowboys hope Eliot (Ezekiel Elliott) - Ezekiel, but they do not want to use the No. 4 pick him, cowboy may choose to obtain a low ranking trading down to sign him. currently Jacksonville Jaguars and Baltimore crow are demanding higher sign up, but the United States Monday cowboy boss Jerry - Jones (Jerry Jones) said the team will retain 4 no.. , in fact, if we trade down, it means that there will be other teams to win Eliot. Maybe there are Miami dolphins in the team so that they will probably lock Eliot in thirteenth place. If you can not get the same Eliot may is the Ohio State University defender Joey Bosa (Joey Bosa) will also be a good choice.

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