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Day before , NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) said in the "NFL" game show, this year's show champion Jed viand (Jadeveon Clowney) - clowney injury is still recovering, he will have to hope in the seventh week of Dezhou people in the face of the Monday night race in the steelers. Klauni is injured in the first week of the Houston people in Dezhou and Washington Redskins game, in the game he played 23 defense on the face of the lateral meniscus tear, since then has been in a state of rest. The Dezhou whole team is looking forward to his return. this season, Dezhou defensive back once, defensive front particularly good, last week's game at Buffalo Bill, J.J. watt (J.J.Watt) led the defense line to complete a total of 16 times on the quarterback hit, Klauni believe that after the reunification, Dezhou people in front of the defense will be more terrible.San Francisco 49 team at the Levi's stadium debut by the Denver Broncos and zero seal, their new stadium also suffered criticism. The 49 - man team was forced to end their open training at the Levi's Stadium on Wednesday in the United States due to a cheap nfl jerseys free shipping bad stadium. The 49 team then issued an official statement, apologize for the inconvenience brought to all the fans, and before that court will host San Diego lightning team on Sunday home court resolved. Although the team can not immediately adapt to the new stadium that is not uncommon, but the 49 coach thinks the Levi's stadium can not guarantee the safety of the players. Steve and Johnson (Stevie Johnson) and Bruce Alington (Bruce Ellington) both fall down while training, and the grass on the court is even more numerous. Levi's stadium in July this year to use, can accommodate 75000 people, the cost of $1 billion 300 million. news: the old stadium hondis San Francisco fans say goodbye to Candlestick Park Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carle (Derek Carr) was absent from the team's training on Tuesday local time due to injury. The official team has not yet made a clear statement about its location and injury. There are media that Carle's injury is not optimistic, there is also a media disclosure that Carle is not serious, after a proper rest, they can return to the team. coach Jack Del - Rio (Jack Del Rio) did not disclose more information in an interview: "the injury in May was better than the injury in September. We all know when to be the key and the different times have their own meaning. " According to the lover, Carle will be injured at least 1 weeks, but he will continue to stay in the camp in order to be familiar with his teammates and experience the new attack tactics. 's current training camps are volunteered and the team will not ask Carle any request. The team will continue to train for 3 weeks in this way. Compulsory training camps will be opened in June 9th.Water polo | Beijing city intends to apply for the winter swimming games in 2022 2016 Beijing Swimming Association annual meeting held in March 15th at the National Swimming Center, the meeting chaired by the Association executive vice president Du Wei, chairman of the association Li Jinkang report on the work of the Beijing municipal swimming association report, Li Jinkang said, the Beijing municipal swimming association will put forward proposals to the Beijing Olympic organizing committee and the International Olympic Committee, will be included in the 2022 Beijing winter swimming for games. chairman of the association of Beijing Swimming Association, Li Jinkang, first made a report on the work of the Beijing Swimming Association. The report reviewed the work in 2015 and 2016 working arrangements, report pointed out that the Beijing Swimming Association will strive to become a solid force in the development of sports, fitness activities, held various sports events, training team, close to the masses, serve the masses, and actively promote the popularization and improvement of sports among the masses. on the upcoming winter Olympics in 2022, Li Jinkang said, in order to better show the Chinese nation fitness and support to participate in the Winter Olympics and the enthusiasm of the masses in the winter warm, 2016 Beijing City Swimming Association and winter swimming club to Beijing 2022 Olympic Organizing Committee and the International Olympic Committee submitted proposals on the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing in winter the performance of the project. If the proposal is passed, during the Winter Olympics in 2020, the city of Beijing Swimming Association Association will be combined with other provinces and cities of winter swimming team organization to participate in a series of performances, competitions and other activities, for the Beijing Winter Olympics chelseagreat. Li Jinkang said. In the next month, the Beijing Swimming Association will submit the proposal to the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau, and then send it to the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee. , vice chairman of Beijing Swimming Association winter swimming club president Meng Zhaocheng in an interview also confirms this statement, the Winter Olympics is the rise of the Scandinavian countries, so far only two categories of ice and snow, no water project. In previous meetings, we have called a very meaningful slogan, "water, a mother of ice and snow! China's Winter Olympics should have its own characteristics." According to Meng Zhaocheng, the idea of a Beijing Winter Swimming Association has been the National Swimming Association and China Swimming Association support, the Chinese nation should make its own contribution for the Olympic games. Once successful, it will also fill a gap in the Winter Olympics.

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