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even-even soccer equipment network Adidas company in Holland Ajax club team officially launched the 2016-17 season new home court Jersey, classic red and white shirt to the people most familiar with the form, the continuation of the international football team become an independent school as one of the. Above the club badgeDallas cowboy has been having problems with Toni Romo (Tony Romo) recently, and the veteran quarterback seems to be ready for next week's match. beat Pittsburgh Steelers in Cowboys after the game, the team boss Jerry - Jones (Jerry Jones) said he will debut eleventh weeks as the backup quarterback. is so cautious by the cowboy by two reasons, first, they did not want him to return soon because of his back injury is old. The second reason is that the more you get him to stay in the edge of the quarterback, the more competitive cheap nfl jerseys free shipping it will be, and that's what the cowboy wants to see. and rookie quarterback Darko Preiss (Dak Prescott) who is currently leading the team finished 8 wins and 1 losses, obviously the team management group there was no reason for him to sit on the bench. High optical performance and against the Steelers game he again finished 319 yards 2 touchdowns in the advance. before the start of the game a lot of people think that the Cowboys would lose the game, so it seems that there is no problem to replace the Cowboys quarterback, because this team is now Preiss court. ? Baltimore crow ran Wei Justin Forsythe (Justin Forsett) this week, when the back of Santa Claus, he gave his own line and near end each team sent a 55 inch flat-panel TV for their help his breakthrough season thanks. "I've been in a lot of attacking teams, and I always want to hit 1000 yards," he said to the local media on Wednesday. "I know how important the attacking frontline is, and I want to tell them how much I thank them. I put the TV in the dressing room last night, so they could see the TV when they came to training. " It's not some of the high - paid quarterback to get a little money to buy gifts for the attacking players. This offseason and Forsythe crow 1 year contract signed a $730 thousand, this is the fourth teams he stayed for 4 years. , who has 7 years of occupation career veteran became offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) the offensive system highlights, 15 games to punch the ball made occupation career high of 1147 yards. Forsythe's number of punches ranked sixth in the league, and he got 5.3 yards for each shot that was the highest of all players who had more than 75 shots. forsett's success this season is largely due to the offensive front line. That's why the runner wants to give them a gift at Christmas.??????|???????????????????? The Crystal Cup Bowling Tournament 1. Competition time: Sunday, July 7th, 15:30 p.m. and 18:30 p.m. two. Host: Shanghai Jing Zhong bowling Museum three. Competition fee: 220 yuan per person four. Qualifying: all bowling enthusiasts five. The place of the competition: Shanghai Jing Zhong Bao bowling hall, No. 002, No. 002, Jinshan District Wei two, Shanghai six. Competition rules: take the form of exchange, the whole to the right to move a group of fairways, according to the total score of three sets, without the foul. the same division of the award: the non - added person before the list, such as the same score, the sub - difference is before the list. seven, bonus rule: at the age of 55 years old, less than 18 years old and women players add 6 points to each game. They get 8 points at the age of 60, and no more points (plus 200 points). eight, scoring and oil dropping standard: computer scoring and actual inverted bottle; heavy oil thirty-five feet to forty feet. nine. Bonus setting: first place: 2200 (coupons) + champion trophy second: 1600 (coupons) + runner up cup third: 1000 (coupons) + fourth season trophy: 700 (coupon) fifth: 500 (coupons) sixth: 300 (coupons) seventh: 200 (coupons) Eighth: 200 (coupons) single office highest score: 200 yuan (gift certificate) The above awards are not allowed to repeat the award contestants practice 10 yuan per game ten, contact: Hu Xiaoping phone: a ball hall phone: eleven, note: no matter, notice. The sponsor reserves the right of the final interpretation of this activity.

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