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The official website of NFL | Aigo will sign for 2 years | football defensive tackle Blanche according to the NFL official website reporter, the new England patriot has been defending the defensive Alan Blanche (Alan Branch) with a team of 2 years, the maximum value of up to 6 million 600 thousand U.S. dollars in the contract reached an agreement. Last season, Blanche joined the Patriots and signed a 855 thousand - worth contract with the team. In the end, he won the team's trust through his own efforts. In the 2014 season, the patriot's defensive frontline was plagued by injury, and Blanche's arrival has greatly improved the depth of the team's lineup. As a defensive rush, Blanche made 8 appearances, including 2 field first, completed a total of 13 tackles. His excellent performance helped the team to rediscover the defense team and solve the biggest problem in the first half of the season: the frontline loophole. Blanche's renewal also hinted at Vince Wilfork's future to a certain extent. Volfork was cut off by the team before opening the free market, and the Patriots still haven't ruled out the possibility cheap nfl jerseys free shipping of resigning the Big Mac. But does the same place Blanche suggest that the team has given up returning to volflock?The official website of NFL | Eagle strikers: cowboys and hate each other | football this week, the Dallas cowboys and Philadelphia eagles will be quitting on Sunday night game. Eagles defensive striker Logan Byrne (Bennie Logan) said in an interview, the two teams each hate, no one will love each other. Logan said: we hate them, they hate us, too. The fans of both sides also hate each other. It's a pure nuisance. They are always complaining about everything. What I want to say is, shut up and concentrate on playing. I will hit you in every file and stop unnecessary complaints, which will make me more violent. You're a man, it's a rugby, close your mouth, and take the impact like a man. Eagles rookie cornerback Eric Lowe, (Eric Rowe) proposed a similar view: the game, at least on the offensive end, I see they have been crying. They always ask for a foul to the referee, Jason Witten (Jason Witten), whenever he is covered will look to the referee, asking whether there is a yellow, and then complain about the referee. Many of the catchers try to ask the referee for the interference of the ball. Are they the baby crying? gunpowder taste has been filled before the start of the game. As an old opponent of the same division, the game will not be disappointing.last week, Mike (Mike Maccagnan) - based Glam became the new general manager of the New York jets, is the so-called "the new government took office three fire", McCarthy Glam immediately to the management team to make adjustments, he dismissed two college scouts at the weekend, the two were the effect of the team as long as 14 the Terry - Brad Viv (Terry Bladway) with 13 years of Geoff - Bauer (Jeff Bauer), is a household. McCarthy Glam said: "today I told Terry and Geoff, the team and they cannot move forward together, we thank the many contributions of the two people in more than 10 years for the team to make, also wish they could find a good job in the future." In fact, McCarthy Glam would have done innovative preparation, he can then act in office so soon. He has also been interested in Gene Smith, the former general manager of the Jacksonville Jaguar, to try to make it his own assistant. The jet team's draft in recent years is very bad. Only the defensive line guard Mohammed Wilkerson (Muhammad Wilkerson) and Sheldon Richardson (Sheldon Richardson) two people are more colorful.earlier this week, a Southwest League university instructor said that Brown Cleveland Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel) use is not correct: "if you want to develop Manzel's full potential, you need to put him behind the center. He received a short kickoff, let him back." throughout this season first Mansel 2 games, it is not difficult to find that Brown arranged for him to tactical shotgun formation. This provides him with greater space, but to a certain extent he has limited his characteristics. Brown and Manzel did not have any chance to carry on the offense. In more cases, they could not even get a first job. In college, Manzel is very good at shotgun formation. When the pass attack can't be carried out, he can take advantage of the space advantages brought by the formation and run the ball in person. But it is no doubt that it is far from enough to move this model to NFL simply. data show: Manzel for a total of 5 stalls without taking poly attack, appeared in the game and the tiger. although the data sample is small, but in the limited time of play, we can easily find Manzel in the game with the black leopard is more flexible. One of the reasons is that he participates in more short kicks. After kicking back can provide more tactical options for Manzel, he will also get more help from his teammates. The shotgun formation often he will be directly exposed to the opponent's field of vision, for now he also Mansel, not under pressure to find the right way to attack. Manzel has been saying that he wants to play in his own way. He wants to be able to simplify the attack, make a quick decision, make a great effort to pass the ball, rather than work hard. For Brown, they want the rookie quarterback to change as soon as possible. However, they seem to be blind and taken for granted when they make tactics for them. Manzel's ability and mentality are indeed one of the reasons why he struggled in the rookie season, but his team's tactical arrangement and training methods also affected his growth to some extent.

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