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The official website of NFL | tiger Bernard 89 yards touchdown refresh this record | football the Cincinnati Tigers had not scored 1 more than 20 yards in the season before they played against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, but thanks to the appearance of Giovanni Bernard (Gio Bernard), they helped them clear the record. game to section second, 12 minutes, 5 feet 9 inches of Bernard, in the 11 yards from quarterback Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton) took the ball from the right side of C, through the rift, dodging defensive tackle Panthers, and made a change to get rid of. Linebacker Luke Kuchili (Luke Kuechly), accelerated away safetys grapple, then ran 89 yards to get a touchdown. Bernard's hit ball is the longest i cheap nfl jerseys free shipping n this season's League. It looks pretty beautiful, but it doesn't seem necessary. Everyone played a role in the attack. While the Panther captain last month, they have created twice in recent 20 years, the longest washed ball record: another Pittsburgh Steelers Baer for 81 yards. and his tiger in Bernard, this season the longest record was only 16 yards rushing. In this game, the tigers and Panthers after after extra time at 37 to 37 draw, Bernard rushed for 137 yards and 1 touchdowns, while the Panthers number one running back is still their four quarterback Newton Kamm (Cam Newton), 17 times for 107 yards rushing and 12 yards rushing to get the ball 1 times the touchdown.San Francisco 49 made a new contract for their best performance. 49 said Jeremy Cole (Jeremy Kerley) has agreed to a contract with the team for 3 years. The contract is worth 10 million 500 thousand dollars. After serving 5 seasons for the New York jet, joined the Detroit lions in 2016, but he was traded to 49 people in the male lions just after training camp. was the most reliable passing target for the 49 people who did not take over. Last season he finished 64 ball 667 yards and 3 touchdowns. The quarterback passes him 115 times, 52 times more than the second - ranked Quinton - Parton (Quinton Patton). as the team's top catcher and chief punt returner, Cole is of course in the 49 people live comfortably. He once said that playing 49 people made him feel like he was at home. will soon have no quarterback in the lineup, and Kell Shanahan Kyle and general manager John Lynch (John Lynch) have to retain a few key offensive players. They kept Cole before the free agent market opened.The green shirt famous bar design, a total of four green stripes, and each of the upper and lower are also accompanied by very fine green stripes. Traditionally, the green stripe continues on and behind the sleeves of the New Jersey. The Celtic slogan, "a A club like no other", was printed on the inside of the collar.Bowling |2016 Xiamen Taiwan pine Cup Bowling open Hongkong Gan Zhaolin won the championship rankings: top eight staircase challenges: 876 Taiwan Wu Shengchu; 654 Wang Zhiyong wins... final ranking: Hongkong Gan Zhaolin won a championship, Pan Peilong won the Nanjing championship in group B, group C champion Chen Linyi from Taiwan players lucky award pBS bowling a The champion Hongkong Gan Lun runner up Cai Xiaotian runner up Wang Zhiyong of group B champion Nanjing Pan Peilong preliminaries total ranked sixth, ranked eighth after a challenge and the second group ranked first Taiwan group C champion Chen Linyi ranked fifty-fourth in the group world champion Wang Hongbo received an interview with The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.

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