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The Indianapolis pony has been stagnant in the past 4 games after the first 12 games of the season to score and push the number of storms in the first 12 games. "we did not perform well in December," the near end Dwayne Alan (Dwayne Allen) told ESPN before the Cincinnati tigers' playoffs on Sunday. "It's time to cheer up and play the best performance of the year." After scored 31.8 points in the first 12 games, Alan and his teammates had only scored 19 points since fourteenth weeks. The 7-42 disastrous defeat to Dallas Cowboys 4 days before Christmas was a typical performance of their stage, and the pony did not perform well in all aspects. quarterback Andrew Luck (Andrew Luck) has set up an attack team in the past 6 games, there are 5 games, 2 times or more turnovers per season, leading to the conversion of ball weights, and in December, they only scored 67 yards. Star Hilton (T.Y. Hilton) took over the T.Y. unable to keep healthy and veteran Reggie Wayne (Reggie Wayne) lost in the past state is one disaster after another but all teams, the problems encountered at the end of the season. "the result of a single game can't be explai cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ned," Alan said. "The embarrassed defeat to the cowboy. ????????????????? We don't play the performance we want. " "Our slogan is to ravage them and get 50 points," he said. We haven't done it so far. It is time to regroup, is a success in the playoffs." played better when the pony has proven itself to be supported with explosive force of the team, but they also showed a peak condition at the early playoff team's weakness. We will find out in the next game whether the long December's experience still bothers them.31 year old cornerback Leon Holzer (Leon Hall) is currently the biggest free player market cornerback, but puzzling is that the free agent market has opened more than a month, Holzer has not been able to find a new club, visit the Dallas cowboys and the Arizona Cardinals have failed to reach an agreement, this can not help but let people guess the reason. The day before the media Dave Lafamu (Dave Lapham) said that at the end of the season, Holzer soon after receiving back surgery to repair his injured intervertebral disc, which may be the main reason for other teams on the sidelines of the. in addition to the back injury, Holzer has also been twice suffering from a rupture of the Achilles tendon, combined with the age of 31, will inevitably be in the free market. But Holzer last season in Cincinnati tigers well, in the case of combat injuries proved that he is still a good angle of groove guard, can still occupy a space for one person in the league. It is reported that in addition to the cowboy and the cardinals, also intends to present in the dolphin, dolphin former tiger defense second tier coach, he is likely to play a key role in the recruitment process, also have the intention to provide the contract. At present, the reason why dolphins haven't made substantial progress is that Holzer's asking price is relatively high. Holzer hopes to win the last big contract for his career.Arsenal announced the signing of the 5 year 200 million year extension contract with the Jersey, advertising sponsor and Emirates, which is known as the largest transaction in the history of the club. United Arab Emirates with stadium naming rights will continue to sponsor Arsenal's shirts and training kit until the end of the 2023-24 season. The annual contract value of $40 million, and the Emirates to Arsenal Stadium is named, gunmen in 2006 from Highbury moved to a new place. , which continues to be the longest sponsorship partner in the Premier League, Ivan Gazidis, chief executive of Arsenal, told the club website that it will provide the investment needed to help the team continue to compete for the championship. Gazidis said: "our shirt sponsors are the longest in the Premier League and one of the longest - working relationships in world sports. "This mutual commitment proves the strength and depth of our unique relationship. "Emirates once again shows their belief in our methods and ambitions. Their huge investment will help us continue to compete for the trophy and bring more success and pleasure to the fans of the club and the world." Arsenal has been looking for a new shirt sponsorship since June 2017 because it has been revealed that UAE is only interested in continuing the naming court. The Gunners are considered interested in separating their shirt sponsorship from the home title to gain the greatest benefit. Arsenal now and the team of the United Arab Emirates agreed a new contract, the team of the United Arab Emirates also sponsored, Paris Saint Germain, AC Milan, Benfica, Olympia and Hamburg Coase jersey. Compared with London's rival Chelsea, Arsenal's previous Jersey contract costs 30 million pounds per year, while Chelsea receives 40 million pounds annually from the shirt sponsor's Yokohama tire. Since the summer of 2013, Arsenal have won 117 million pounds from the field, and Manchester United have got 280 million.|2015 Shanghai high Bowling bowling alley June "golden bottle cup" bowling Fan Chunping win last weekend is the Shanghai bowlers Festival, bowling tournament intensive, after national events scale posed cup, Shanghai high bowling ushered in the peak of June "golden bottle cup" bowling, flying saucer player Fan Chunping with 606 points has won the championship! June gold bottle champion Fan Chunping (606 points) high June gold bottle runner up Wang Guangyao (600) June high gold bottle third Shen Daiman (582) June high gold bottle runner up Chen Jianhua (577) high spot June gold bottle lucky award Jiang Zhicheng (506 points) high point June gold bottle single Bureau top land Xinchang (223 points)

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