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as the time goes on, the quarterback of the Denver Mustang's quarterback is more interesting. on Thursday U.S. time, the team coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) told reporters, Trevor Ann sago (Trevor Siemian) will be the first preseason game against the San Francisco Broncos on Saturday 49 people. said he hopes Kubiak, Mark - Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) to spend more time with the first team to attack, but he is not sure the third preseason game starter. The substitute quarterback Parkes - Lynch (Paxton Lynch) will be on the stage in the second half to get full performance time. before training Young Sanchez has said he is better than Trevor, but the Broncos obviously know that Sanchez is a mixed player.The official website of NFL | coach Brown: do not respect people who lie | football of the new England patriots release event is still fermenting, quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) is frequently associated with this. Local time Friday, Cleveland coach Brown Mike Pettine (Mike Pettine) on the matter and Brady expressed their views. Pettine in Brady. At the same time, also feel regret about the incident: he is one of the greatest quar cheap nfl jerseys free shipping terbacks in history, but in such a thing really very sorry. I have always been very respectful of him, but what I have to say is that I do not respect the liar. has announced a survey of the matter, but it has not taken the next step. The Patriots expressed dissatisfaction with the report, but said they would not take any further boycott. Biliqieke Brady and Bill bishop (Bill Belichick) the results of the survey did not respond positively to the alliance. The alliance said in a report, more likely than not involved in the possibility of Brady involved. As the other side of the event, the Indianapolis pony said it would only pay attention to the team itself.Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) will be given a statuary courtesy. weeks after Manning's retirement, the Indianapolis pony boss, Jim Irsay, announced on Friday that the team will start building Manning statue outside the Lucas Oil Stadium of the team at. In addition, the team will also retire his No. 18 shirt. "I think I'm on behalf of all the pony fans and I feel he's us," said yel. He also said: "I can't express what he means to the team - the meaning of the city and the state. Just thinking about what he meant to us without saying, so action is the most powerful thing, more powerful than a word. " During the press conference, Manning walked up to the platform and reviewed several stories of his own pony. This shows how close Manning is in connection with the city - and vice versa. Manning choked when he began to look back on his little horse. If the press conference held by Denver Mustang was his official declaration of retirement, the press conference was of the most significant so far. "I can't tell you how honored I heard this news, I really don't know what to say," Manning said. "It is my honor to be able to play for 14 years for this team." "as a NFL fan and an all powerful artiste loved by young people, William Chan has both popularity and strength. His attitude towards life, persistence in art and dedication spirit all highly agree with the connotation of NFL brand." Yang Ruiqi, general manager of NFL China, said. from the age of 18 will debut one gains the best newcomer award to ten years for the road of tepid dilemma, and then to the night bursts of national senior, thirteen years for the road, not Everything is going smoothly. Waiting, hesitation, sharpening, low valley, I am afraid only the most clear. Facing the long wait and precipitation of acting career for more than 10 years, he said, "you never know when opportunities will come. You must prepare for that and keep your passion." Remember, the legendary NFL player Tom · Brady; once because of lack of strength, thin body, to avoid the impact of poor, dependent on the overall tactics, a series of problems, lack of creativity and neglected spot. Until after 532 days of waiting and insistence, only to get the opportunity to start the debut. No one could have foreseen that he could become the most frequent quarterback player in the history of NFL super bowl, and he was one of the most frequent quarterback players in the super bowl. And after a few years in his self, William Chan finally got his first album. Perseverance, diligence, positive, hard work, NFL's DNA seems to have long been in the blood of William Chan. indeed, indeed, in January 31, 1993, Michael · and Jackson boarded the stage of the twenty-seventh Super Bowl midfielder, which is exactly 24 years ago, which strengthened William Chan's entertainers' heart. At that moment, there seemed to be a restless voice telling him, "go and shine like MJ." Now, he's a step closer to his idol, back to the place where his dream started, NFL's most heavyweight game, super bowl. From a silent fan watching the idol's performance in the super bowl and being invited to be the Promotion Ambassador by the sponsor, William Chan is the most inspiring model of fans. whether it is the insistence on his musical style, or the aesthetic of the dress, William Chan always adhered to his own personality. This is the same as that of fans who like American football - do not follow the stream, have its own unique taste, and pursue high quality life. 11 years of silence, in exchange for the popularity of today. This long persistence coincides with the sportsmanship of NFL. The 1993 Super Bowl halftime show on MJ William Chan's art show lit dream, ten years the spirit of NFL and has encouraged him to stick to your own choice, always remind him: only adhere to the dream, "olive" in different to the one and only write their own extraordinary life.

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