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At the same time, the new season special emblem below the Jersey side also established in 115th anniversary to celebrate the club (1902-2017). The continuation of the traditional white since 1902 classic, life style home court Jersey oblique weave into the subtle, inspired by the Madrid summer sky color, including Adidas three stripes, shoulder victory detail was given the young fashion blue, bring new experience with the past. New away kit for the continuation of the past impressive dark color, black shirt is always accompanied by some of the great victory in the history of the club. The details of the turquoise color stand out from the black shirt, just like the bright star of the night sky.bear's recent poor state, 50% winning record has been in the line ups and downs in the National League North championship has lagged behind rivals packers and lions, this situation, many teams expressed their views on the legend. The team and legendary coach Mike - Dietrich (Mike Ditka) card that the team leaders lack of cohesion, the bears played more cheap nfl jerseys free shipping than 10 years all star linebacker Blaine Elake (Brian Urlacher) is the core team at quarterback to play their own worth. "From the point of view of the amount of the contract, Jay (Cutler, Jay Cutler) is undoubtedly the top ranking alliance, but the actual performance is not enough to match. If you take the salary of the elite quarterback, you will have to play the elite quarterback. " "you look like Brady, Manning, Rodgers, Bracey, every year to win so many games, even in the side without a good catcher or offensive attack case, and Jay Arshin (now Geoffrey, Alshon Jeffery), Brandon (Ma Shaoer, Matt, Forti (Brandon Marshall), Matt Matruh J (Bennet Forte), Martellus, Bennett), there is a good line, he has no reason not to do the best. In fact, every year we are talking about how talented Jay is. It's full of talent, but what we need is the winner. It's our ultimate goal. " for Cutler, what we need to do now is to reduce the morale influence of losing the ball to the team, unite the team and win the game, so that we can give him one hundred and twenty-seven million of the huge contract.The 2014 season has ended, but the NFL will continue, and we'll see what the 2015 season has to pay attention to. 10. Baltimore crow @ San Francisco 49 people After Jim Hargreaves left 49 people, there will be no war Hargreaves brothers. In spite of this, the crow's game with the 49 will be wonderful. Flach and Capet Nick are both the first - class quarterback in the league, and they will prove themselves in the middle 2015 season. In addition, both teams have a very strong defense team. 9. new England patriot @ New York giant this game will be very interesting. If Lives was a patriot, he and Brandon - Blount - Beckham and Odell together against Victor - Ke luzi. This is probably also standard on Tom Brady and Eli Manning. The Arizona Cardinals @ Cincinnati tigers 8. The and tiger wants to prove himself in the 2015 season. They were all the playoffs, but a lot of people didn't look good before the 2014 season. In the new season, they will try to improve their level. 7. Philadelphia Eagle @ Detroit male lion , led by Mark - Sanchez, the Hawks do everything possible to hit the 2014 playoffs. This year, they are likely to face the same problem. The strong offensive front of the Hawks is going to defend the strongest lion, but will sue stay in the lion? 6. Houston Dezhou people @ Panther of Carolina JJ watts is going to be a very interesting game against Newton. Of course, the Panther needs a more powerful attack front, otherwise they can't stop Watt. In any case, the game must be very strong. 5. Pittsburgh Seattle Seahawks Steelers @ the Steelers is expected to bounce back in the 2015 season, they have one of the best passing points in the league. Ben and Antonio - Brown will challenge the explosive detonation Legion seahawks. In addition, two of the best coaches in the league are going to face the front. 4. New Orleans saints @ Indianapolis pony The focus of the game is the duel between LAK and Bracey. The LAK is steadily moving towards the position of the former 5 quarterback, while Bracey is steadily out of the position of the former 5 quarterback. There are many great games in Bracey's career, and this one may be one of them. 3. Seattle Seahawks @ Green Bay Packers looked back on the 2014 season, and the two teams were impressive. The packers defeated the Seahawks in the National League finals, the new season, they have to work harder and to revenge on the SeahawksAfter NFL's official website | Josh Brent two years to return | football after two years and two days, the Dallas cowboy defensive cut-off Josh Brent (Josh Brent) returned to the stadium. according to NFL famous reporter Ian - Labobote (Ian Rapoport) said that Brent in today's Chicago bears on Thursday also are active in the game. The latter had been trained with the team after the 10 match period last month. Brent was accused of involuntary manslaughter because of a traffic accident in 2012. His driving failure resulted in his friend Jerry Brown (Jerry Brown) dying on the spot. The cowboys and Brent had completed a year's renewal not long ago, expecting him to help the team's weak defense.

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