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The official website of NFL | veteran safetys bear cut was 5 degrees in | occupation football bowl Chicago bears have begun the first wave of layoffs. Note: all teams must reduce their team size from 90 to 75 before 4 p.m. Eastern time on Tuesday. There is a noticeable name on the list of layoffs. the "Chicago Tribune" reported safety Adrian (Adrian Wilson) - Werwilson team in the first wave of layoffs list. The former 5 time occupation bowl veteran at the age of 35 is no longer flexible, and the team for another safetys Ryan (Ryan Mundy) Mondi to upgrade the position of Qiang Wei optimistic. Werwilson also played at Arizona Cardinals when safety is one of the best players of his generation, 3 had selected the best line-up for a while, but also the history of the League sixth to 25 career sacks 25 steals safetys. In 2013 after he left the cardinals and the new England patriots signed a 3 year contract, unfortunately he is in training camp with the enthesiopathy (Haglund's deformity) and the season. This offseason cut him after the bears and patriots he signed a 1 year non guaranteed income veteran salary contract, but according to the "Chicago Tribune" reported that he had never entered the starting defensive team. We will remember him in the 2008 season of cheap nfl jerseys free shipping his way into the Cardinals Super Bowl fierce impact and leadership. The layoffs may mean the end of his career.For the past six weeks of the regular season, the people of Dezhou have undergone a "great change" in defense. The team lost a game two of the best defensive second hand rushed pass, in the face of Tom Brady led the Patriots, · Arrakis · Smith led the chiefs, leave a "sieve" impression: The Last Patriot touchdown lore, chief of three frequently successful conversion. However, as the saying goes "a starved camel is bigger than a horse", because the people of Dezhou the seventh week of the season byeweek, let's take a look at last season and six weeks before the season data comparison (2016 vs. 2017): 〉 the average per game released code number: 315.7 yards (the League ranked seventh, the same below) - 310.5 yards (7); ; sacks: 16 - 15; alone from the data point of view, the Dezhou people's defense is not a step back. Last season, Dezhou's defense group carry the team entered the second round of the playoffs. This season, the team's defensive team obviously wants to continue to help the team go further. "At present, our record is 3-3," said Mike, ·, a defensive coordinator of the team. "I think we are doing well now. Of course, there are high defensive moments and poor defense time, of course," said Weibel. Both the coach and the players hope and are trying to make the higher light more time and less time. this is Weibel's first season as a defensive coordinator, and he still follows the former Romeo · Clay Neil's defense system. From the beginning of the 2014 season, the people of Dezhou have made great progress in their defense years. The team became the first defensive team in the League at Clay Neil last season. This season, Clay Neil was promoted to assistant coach of the team, on the one hand he will coach Bill · Obrien analysis of the opponent's defensive routines, on the other hand he weibeier help. "My job is to help him (Obrien), and I'll give my advice." Clay Neil said, "we are talking about tactics every day, studying our opponents, improving the level of both ends of the attack and defense. As long as he needs it, I will help him all the time. " Clay Neil was satisfied with his successor, Weibel's work. "He's smart. He can organize players and defend them effectively. He did great." Clay Neil said, "the team is now ranked seventh in the defense league, which is still in the absence of a number of main players. So our defense team will continue to move in the right and better direction. " The team defense is not a lack of talented defender, which takes Weibel and Keleinei 〉even-even soccer equipment network new season Monaco club will wear new jersey remodeling distinctive traditional blue color to celebrate them away, on the coast and the status of the Duchy of Monaco maritime influence. The New Jersey is made up of two different blue tones to reflect the different shades of color seen on the coast of Monaco overlooking the sea. new badge keep a red and white striped design, red and white from the flag of Monaco, at the top of the crown of pride as their representative, the new badge contour was sharp, and decorated with bright gold. The team abbreviation ASM was also replaced by the full name of AS Monaco FC in order to be more clearly recognized. the new road for the navy blue shorts, iron blue striped socks for the side; iron blue top navy blue stripes and V stripes abaxially.The official website of NFL NFL survey showed three reported in rugby players involved in doping innocent nest in the Al Jazeera reported NFL players use doping investigation, NFL announced the Green Bay Packers linebacker clay Mathews (Clay Matthews) and Julius (Julius Peppers) - peipers and Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison (James Harrison) and do not use or get any drugs. The Alliance said in a statement on Wednesday: to conduct a comprehensive inspection in the production by Al Jazeera USA documentary made after allegations that NFL did not find any credible evidence of drug Pittsburgh Steelers - James Harrison and the Green Bay Packers Craig - Mathews and Julius - to get peipers or used by the NFL-NFL players union set the performance enhancing Drugs Ordinance prohibited. three players participated in an interview last week. The survey, which started this month, was led by the NFL security and legal team, with the support of expert consultants and other athletes. The survey includes interviews with witnesses, review of past records and other materials, electronic search, laboratory analysis and review. reported on Al Jazeera television, the three players, quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) and free agent linebacker Mike Neal (Mike Neal) has been accused of doping. The Alliance announced Manning's innocence in July, but the alliance has yet to announce the details of Neal's investigation. this documentary for all players involved are not well, especially for Manning, Harrison, and Mathews peppers. The four people have never been tested positive for a drug test.

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