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May is the most comfortable time for the NFL team. The regular season still has a few months to come, the newcomers and the old men are full of vigor and vitality, and everything looks full of hope. players are enjoying life, this pleasure will not only produce good training results, will be the birth of heroic utterance. This part from the crazy pony draft and the free market, trying to reinforce the defense in the past few years half-dead, defensive tackle Jonathan Hankins (Johnathan Hankins) recently expressed his confidence. Han Kim said that the value of the money, he believes that the pony is already the best in the United States Defense. "I now feel that our team may have the best defense team of the United States," Hankins said. "It's good on paper. But we still need to prove ourselves. Our quarterback Andrew - LAK is cheap nfl jerseys free shipping very good, as everyone knows, the attack team has a few good weapons. If we unite in the offseason team activities, the start of training camp together, can become a very dominant team." Although it is too early to . But the small immediate season dragging so sorry defense team can achieve 8 to 8 negative, this year after the reinforcement is probably worth looking forward to.NFL official website |JJ w for production and distribution | football fans. Tuesday is Houston Dezhou team this week only rest day, but their number one star J.J. watts (JJ Watt) and kept away from the training field, suddenly came to John watts (Papa John's) best pizza restaurant, for the fans and making pizza delivery. The of philanthropy w in college pizza doing part-time work, this season he will cooperate with rod John, a Dezhou people preferred pizza every Tuesday for 10% of sales donated to the watt foundation, aims to provide more sports in the community the opportunity for children after school. Watt says the most exciting part of his life is to contribute to the growth of the children and to see them succeed. My foundation has been established for more than four years to witness the growth of many young people. They did their best to achieve their dreams in middle school, and eventually received the university admission notice. Now is the time for them to take off. It's incredible. After finished the pizza in the restaurant, Watt went to the home of the lucky fans in the afternoon and sent them a pizza with his own hands. Greeting the fans face to face, looking at them, they are surprised to say that the expression of thanks is really interesting. Watt said that it's great to raise money for charity, help children and change their lives through such trivial things as takeaway. when asked about the perfect day when sending pizza in college, Watt replied humorously, "as long as I didn't steal pizza on the road,"even-even soccer equipment network Adidas Japanese company and the Yokohama mariners (Yokohama F, Ma, Yokohama, leak, F.Marinos) jointly launched the 2016 season a new team jersey, Jersey team continued home court famous traditional color, Jersey is made of subversive innovation. Jersey using Adidas's latest innovative technologies, including ClimaCool technology and new mesh design, to ensure that players have the most advanced equipment and technology support.The official website of NFL | salary differences led to Clubb Terry talks with the Dolphins Football | rupture Miami dolphin recently met with veteran Michael Michael Crabtree, but failed to make a contract for the 2015 season. unable to reach a contract and look in the terms of the contract are willing to Crabtree they want no matter how long to wait before the. It seems that these terms are far more than the salary that dolphins are willing to pay for his performance. Miami local media reports that dolphins are willing to out of the annual salary of nearly $3 million, but in the DARBUT grams hope to get about $4 million 500 thousand in salary. is reported to the Oakland Raiders is a gram in the hope to get this contract from the team, they will meet this week. The Raiders have a salary cap space to Crabtree contract, but the Raiders are not busy outside over the market so that they no need to hit number one sign free agent market over the.

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